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'Dark Moment for Press Freedom': Snowden Leads Global Chorus in Condemning Assange Arrest as Grave Assault on Journalism

I agree. Frankly, I thought I would get away with beginning with Bush 2.

Folks at CD don’t let much slip by. peace

K suffers from an acute case of authoritarian brain syndrome.
On CD he fancies himself a one-man stormtrooper platoon and there is no point is debating principles with a stormtrooper.

Yup. Not so much debating, more trying to make their dishonesty stand out.

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Read this article on Veblin and the evolution of the predatory class. Note that it ends with the word “fascism”:

Typo: Veblen.

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Be quiet, toe the line, otherwise there will be consequences.”

I feel this everyday … I guess Trump’s “thing” is not a free press.

So many Democrats running - you have tweeked my interest in Gabbard. This election will be frustrating to watch … lots of nuances.

What are you stupid?! YOU dont know how Assange got all his BS, Not just Manning people, geesus speaking of false!