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'Dark Moment of Shame': With Explicit US Backing, Saudi Attack on Yemen's Humanitarian Lifeline Begins


'Dark Moment of Shame': With Explicit US Backing, Saudi Attack on Yemen's Humanitarian Lifeline Begins

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With a "green light" from the Trump administration and essential military support from the U.S.


Mr. Trump, have you no shame?

(Rhetorical, yes I know.)

Department of Defense my fucking ass. It’s the Department of Death and has been for quite some time–ever since I can remember and surely before that.


How do you spell … more war crimes in your name?


The Sunni Saudis are our 'allies", the Shia Houthi are dirt…in the eyes of the “coalition”, and our war-crime prez. This entire war is multi-faceted with political, religious, ethnic, and for profit aspects…as well as the wider regional Arab Saudi/Israeli/trump regime alliance against Shia/Persian Iran in this so-called proxy “war”, or slaughter of lightly-armed Houthi against the Saudi air-war-machine

The areas of Yemen al-Qaida control are not being attacked by the US/Saudi “coalition” with US supplied arms, only the Shia Houthi.


In any sane or moral world, such war crimes and attacks on civilians would not be tolerated, but today’s world is clearly dominated by other factors than morality!


Actually it’s not “US Backing,” but Saudis acting as mercenaries on behalf of US/UK/Euro capitalist imperialism.


The very first targets by the Saudi military in their war against Yemen were the food warehouses and water treatment plants. There can be NO DOUBT that this was a war crime against the civilian population which has continued to this day. The ensuing largest Cholera outbreak in the history of the world was a direct result. Yesterdays target of Doctors Without Borders facility was surely deliberate. Today’s target is the last remaining lifeline of food and medical supplies to the country. This is nothing but a war crime. The Saudis, the U.S. and Britain are WAR CRIMINALS pure and simple. They need to be called war criminals and treated like war criminals, and made to pay a heavy price for their crimes. And it is up to us to make them pay. Time to get angry and creative.


So much for any suspicions that Trump underwent a miraculously conversion to pacifism in his meeting with dictator Kim…


Bloody Trump and Bloody Pompeo have made history, as mass murderers.

How long will God allow these Monsters to murder through the use of our Military?

Just drag them to Hell now!


Not really. Wahhabist Saudi Arabia and the UAE hate Shia Iran and the Shia Houthis they support - and these interests coincide with the US/Israel’s over-the-top hatred of Iran. So they are helping the Saudis. No spooky cabalist conspiracy thinking, emitting a faint whiff of fascism, that “everything bad in the world being due to a western cabal” is needed.

The world is complicated, and here on the left, our fights need to be two-way and even three-way fights. Learn to deal with it.


God has no interest in saving us. Either we do it, or perish. Expecting someone, God or anyone else, to save us is perhaps the greatest failing of our time.


‘The Universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent.’ (Carl Sagan quote)


So true, but I recall that Hitler supported Mussolini’s taking Ethiopia in 1936 over much of the world’s objections. So, again, history seems to be repeating itself. The original Axis, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan just laughed at the League of Nations, which didn’t have as much power as the currently weak UN.
*We the People of the World are apparently to be nothing but cheap labor, serfs and targets for the World Oligarchy, and the new Axis, US Fourth Reich, Fascist Israel and the Saudi Kingdom, which seems to be influenced by that Oligarchy that seems to control much of the rest of the world today.
*If We the People of the World just accept that power and don’t stand up to it, they will accomplish that goal, and those who are not members of the Oligarchy and their camp followers will live lives that are “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” [Thomas Hobbes]
*I’m in my eighties, so won’t have to put up with it for long, but my heart goes out to the people of the world, their children and grand-children who may have to live in this misery for generations.
*In Biblical times, an heir is supposed to have given up his inheritance for a “mess of pottage.” Apparently, We the People of the World have been conned into giving up our future for the latest cell phone, wall sized TV, and other toys the Oligarchy cons them into thinking they need to go further in debt for.
WAKE UP! People around the world are dying while we watch, then change channels.


‘ever since I can remember and surely before that’:



That is what happens when you are owned by the terrorist Israeli Zionists.


You’re just plain wrong and ignore the history of the West (especially the UK and US) in the region slaughtering local peoples for oil and control of the region. And you’re oblivious to the recent history of Obama’s funding for the Saudi military to do this shit while it is directed by US Special Forces, etc.

Of course you know all of this and just take pot-shots, attempting to slime me as a “conspiracy theorist” because whether you are paid (as a government employee) or are just trolling, that’s what you do. You really don’t know how transparent your garbage is.