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Dark Money Group Tells the Government it Won’t Spend on Elections While Bragging to Donors it Will 'Win Senate Seats' with 'No Donor Disclosure'


Dark Money Group Tells the Government it Won’t Spend on Elections While Bragging to Donors it Will 'Win Senate Seats' with 'No Donor Disclosure'

Brendan Fischer

Newly-released documents expose how shadowy political operatives flaunt campaign finance law to keep donors secret – and that federal regulators are asleep at the switch.

The Commission on Hope Growth and Opportunity (CHGO) formed in February 2010 – just weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC –told the Internal Revenue Service it would not “spend any money attempting to influence” any “election.”


If there were a majority of human beings on the Supreme Court... well, the phony "arguments" that they used to "support" the Citizens United decision would have been laughed out of court in the first place.

But this "nonprofit" organization, and other similar cases, are so straightforwardly blatant in trampling the flimsy basis upon which the false humans on SCOTUS balanced their "reasoning" for Citizens United, that it seems like even those abiotic and absurdist SCOTUS androids would have to reverse their decision.

Or perhaps we are into the most blatant and arrogant corruption and impunity imaginable, with no need at all to cover for the absurdist "reasoning" that "justifies" such outrage.


In the beginning is the word.
Words matter. The greatest designs and loves of all start and end with words, as do the worst and most harmful.
Those who use words badly do not only retard their potential. They can even destroy it along with that of all others, for mankind is one family.
This is the problem with the USA. Its language is clearly retarded. US 'Americans' are now a retarded subset of the human race and rapidly becoming depraved simply because they will use the word American badly. It is not complicated. All who live in the Americas are American. Most are good people because people are good, that is all those other than those who choose to just love The 'American' Way. On the clear evidence of this, 'Americans' have chosen depravity over morality.
'America' is clearly depraved folks!
See the evidence. It is beyond doubt. Get used to it for it is now a done deed.
There are no excuses!
By the way, money does not corrupt. Americans are depraved on the evidence (amongst other) of what they have done to their and other people's money. i.e. 'Americans' have corrupted their money, the dollar, and with this much of the world's money. It is undeniable that money is what we make of it.
In the spirit of 'Mission Accomplished' they have gleefully accepted their role as the suckered face of a devilish Israeli/'American' Janus.
So do not blame money. The 'American' people, however innocent they feel they are, are demonically corrupt and corrupting agents that threaten to destroy our planet because they support their 'American' dollar.