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'Dark Money': New Documentary Offers Up-Close and 'Harrowing Portrait' of How Secret Corporate Cash Is Destroying American Democracy


'Dark Money': New Documentary Offers Up-Close and 'Harrowing Portrait' of How Secret Corporate Cash Is Destroying American Democracy

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The PBS documentary Dark Money, which paints "a rather harrowing portrait of democracy under threat" in the years that have followed the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, opens in New York City on Friday night following its festival premiere at Sundance earlier this year.


From the trailer: “The FEC won’t enforce the law”, exactly, the whole dam system is bought and paid for.
I suggest, if we wrestle the system back from the dark side, we exclude ALL money. Candidates get a determined amount of public money, free TV and radio time. Anyone injecting any other money into a race goes to jail for bribery, for a long time. It would be amazing how fast we would get our government back.


YES, ReconFire!
The airwaves used to belong to the people, and since we the taxpayers always seem to be paying---------------it’s only right to make the corporate ones who control the information, share that free press with" free" being used in more than 1 meaning.
Besides that CBS guy said Trump might not be good for America, but he was good for CBS. That kind of free publicity needs to end.


Looking forward to seeing the documentary but from the trailer it looks like infotainment lite.


One more “Citizen’s United” obscenity from the right-wing corporate-whore SCOTUS, or defending polluters from responsibility will be the end of our “free” republic!

The Ginger Pigs new SCOTUS fraud right-wing corporate candidate will do it.

When a new progressive/radical/American Socialist Congress and Prez are elected, all the “roll-backs”, regulatory agency destruction, tax cuts for the wealthiest - all the rot and filth trump did to America (and the world) must be reversed and fixed. the SCOTUS is not locked-in at 9 justices by the Constitution, and trumps travesty will have to be reversed/fixed by the addition of two more justices to overcome the trump R’Con court obscenity !


All well and good BUT…We can NOT beat the bastards…PERIOD!
Not only is “follow the money” a truth but so is “Those with the money RULE”…PERIOD!!!
No REAL revolution…no changes…3rd PERIOD!!!

We can talk, write, post, piss, bitch, and moan but nothing , NOTHING will change until “We the People” are in control of the country. WHEN will that happen? (crickets)


The Supreme Court has taken sides in the largely one-dided battle between the ruling class that want to rule and the mass of people that wants democracy. There is an alternative to judicial tyranny!


Jane Mayer’s book, Dark Money (2016), is an excellent work. I was disappointed to not find her name somehow connected to this film and for now must keep my Skepticism Meter charged for this matter.


Here is what I see in the future, in my personal crystal ball:

  1. Peace is coming to the Koreas. Good.
  2. The western border of Russia will be demilitarized. Hallelujah if this can happen.
  3. Peace is coming to Syria. Sort of. Sort of good.
    These things are to Trumps credit if they happen.

Looking at the US, :(,

  1. Environment is more rapidly being eviscerated
  2. Public funding for all public welfare of any sort is being more rapidly depleted.
  3. Brutalization of individuals in all categories is increasing. Funding to military has increased despite less war abroad.
  4. Government is being redesigned to be less accesible to individuals.

My conclusion is that the United States is being dismantled and will be separated into smaller units by corporate powers.

My question, is this happening wordwide.? My answer: This has been going on in several areas, for instance, the Balkans, Africa.


Excellent book.