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Dark Threads of Immigration in America


Dark Threads of Immigration in America

Peter Van Buren

For those who say “This is not who we are,” well, look again. It all seems to be exactly who we are and have been.

President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travelers, immigrants and refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries is only the latest twist of dark threads that have always been present in America and its immigration policy. The executive order is not unprecedented. It is evolutionary, predictable, nearly an inevitable step.

The Seven Targeted Countries


I think the seven nations banned would stay home if they could ban American and its allies from bombing invading and destroying their nations. I bet if they could ban us they would be ecstatic about being banned fro America.


Thank you, Mr. Van Buren, for highlighting the obvious, which has by now become accepted as normal: The Unrelenting Use of FEAR, to control
dissent, suppress opposition, erode basic freedoms, and justify a never-ending expansion of "security" measures. Most Americans are now so
conditioned to be fearful, that they cannot even think clearly and critically!


Great point!


I agree. This irrational thinking is a bow down to the white male as a patriarch, and accepting of Wall Street banksters as "good" because they have money. Period. Stupid stupid people.


I have said it before elsewhere, americans are a scared little people, easily led by fear. Our history shows that. We like to pretend we are brave, but we are cowards. Bush easily scared 70% of americans to support a war in Iraq with the foolish mushroom cloud. Now we are to believe that hordes of terrorists are arriving in the country and they will slaughter us all.

I have a better chance of being killed by a christian terrorist or by one of the 300 million guns in this country that my countrymen own than some muslim radical. If I am going to be scared, they are the ones to fear.