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Darth Trump: Pushing to Turn Space Into a War Zone


Darth Trump: Pushing to Turn Space Into a War Zone

Karl Grossman

Beginning to fill in his declaration of last year about turning space into a war zone and establishing a U.S. Space Force, President Trump was at the Pentagon last week promoting a plan titled “Missile Defense Review.”

As The New York Times said in its headline on the scheme:: “Plans Evoke 1983 ‘Star Wars’ Program.”

Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, called it “provocative and destabilizing and basically insane.”



Well a Space Farce is a great way to pull a fast one on the American taxpayer. Can you imagine the difficulty in performing an audit/inventory in space?

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Trump hit a grand slam with US military contractors (https://www.investors.com/news/space-force-boeing-spacex-northrop-raytheon-to-gain/) and egomanics hoping to profit from the war machine such as Elon Musk (http://fortune.com/2018/11/02/elon-musk-donald-trump-space-force/). Space Force is already presented as a done deal among many engineering professionals. Private plutocrats and the war industry have already invested so much into Trump’s Star Wars, no mainstream Republican or Democrat will dare put the dampers on this.

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It is only about offense. Imagine if the “brain” power behind this madness were diverted to stopping the ecological calamity we are facing! What sheer madness but one that is deeply rooted in the collective subconscious of a people who cannot rest too easily on a land that they know was ill gotten.

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Yep–these sick fellow beings don’t mind going into debt for this but never for human and planetary welfare.

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It is fascinating how a culture that utterly despises science and knowledge can be so enthralled by science and knowledge when it is applied to evil or for their personal benefit.
The great majority of all Americans, including “educated” people, believe God created the universe. If you ask them why, they’ll say because someone had to do it, the universe can’t come out of nothing.
Those same Americans use their car GPS all the time. The GPS uses quantum mechanics to function. Quantum mechanics is “based” on the verified principle that you don’t need to have a cause for something to happen. Things can happen for no reason - no need for a God.
The great majority of the ignorant White Working Trash (over half the white population) do not believe in evolution, but are more than happy to receive medical treatment that would not be possible if evolution weren’t true.
Extending warfare into space will enthuse the ignorant White Trash even more than building a wall and will give the military reasons to celebrate, both will result in votes for Trump.
What the illiterate White Trumpian Trash can never imagine, however, is that a good proportion of the scientists involved in such a project are non-white foreigners, who Americans tend to despise.

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One thing about Trump is crystal clear. When he was enrolled in college, he took up one thing:




Imagine how proud his professors must be now. I’m convinced daddy paid for his diploma under the table.



Peace seems unobtainable, but a wild paranoia about Space War might at least spur us to develop the technology to escape the charred remnants of Earth. So there’s an upside.



If “peace seems unobtainable” here on earth today, peace is not going to be any more obtainable in space.

The US was a rogue nation in 1983 when Saint Ron violated the Outer Space treaty of 1967 and the US is an even more dangerous rogue nation with the current organized crime syndicate disguised as a gubmit.

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“It would take an hour-and-a-half to learn everything there is to learn about missiles,” he said. “I think I know most of it anyway.”

Donald Trump, 1984



Never forget that with Trump it’s all about the money. Much has been made about retired SCOTUS Justice Kennedy’s son Justin on the real estate financial side. Very little about his other son Gregory on the space side. Gregory Kennedy was a member of Trump’s NASA transition team as a senior financial advisor. Here he is in a talk entitled " “NASA and the Aerospace Industry – An Investment Banker’s Perspective”



Unless you are pulling in 10+ mill a year, “us” does not include you.

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Indeed. If our species can’t live in peace on their world of their birth then we deserve to go extinct before we can ever have the chance to pollute more of the universe with our hatred.

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Defense News sez:
"… questions are emerging over whether these systems will be funded by the Democratic House of Representatives that is looking to cut defense spending.”

I’m not familiar with the Defense News, but quoting this obviously satirical publication is like turning to The Onion or Mad Magazine for scholarly sources.



Pure grift.



This just another way to transfer trillions of dollars to war profiteers.

Russia spends 60 billion a year on its Military. In order to “counter” the alleged Russian threat the USA will spend trillions trying to build a space based defense system. This trillion dollar system can be countered for a fraction of the costs.

If you want an example of this look to the US Aircraft carriers. They were built at the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars and are countered EVEN before they are launched by technologies developed in the meantime. This had lead to defense lobbyists claiming they need to spend hundreds of billions more on new technologies because the current technologies are compromised.

I am reminded of a Science fiction book called “The Forever War”. Some war was launched against some Alien species in the depths of space. New ships would be built but it took so long for those ships to be built and then get to the scene of the action new technologies made them obsolete.

It stupidity to the extreme and a waste of resources. Peace is not only safer for everyone but cheaper but these guys do not want a world that is safe and they do not want to impact the revenues of the war profiteers.

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I cannot understand why anyone would sign a treaty with the United States?



They typically receive an offer they can not refuse.

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I’ve been to an I.G.inspection in a war zone. I can only speak for this one. Crooked as hell.