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David Friedman the Crusader


David Friedman the Crusader

Neve Gordon

David Friedman, the newly appointed United States Ambassador to Israel, is on a crusade. Two weeks before the elections, he wrote an oped in the Jerusalem Post that reveals his unflinching fervor: “As American Jews numbering some six million souls… we have been given an opportunity that our ancestors could not have dreamed of….


Terrible appointment. Only the right wing Israelis and the American Jews who support them which is largely the Jewish Orthodox and Ultraorthodox communities could be pleased. The 90% of American Jews who are not Orthodox or Ultraorthodox probably mostly strongly disagree with this action by Trump. The only hope for peace in Middle East would seem to very big compromises by both sides. Friedman appears to be completely uncompromising. He seems almost certain be on course to cause the next Intifada. LIkely there will be more warfare in Gaza and the West Bank sometime during the next several years.


'Friedman depicts Iran in the document “as the leading state sponsor of terrorism — putting the Middle East particularly, but the whole world at risk by financing, arming, and training terrorist groups operating
around the world.” '

Completely without foundation, like all the fake news we hear about Russia. Luckily he is SO bad that even most of Israel, plus reasonable US Jews, are horrified. A US embassy in Jerusalem would be all alone- all other countries, and the US up to now, keep to Tel Aviv as a large pat of Arab Jerusalem is illegally annexed by Israel.


People like Friedman never think whether Moses would approve of their beliefs/actions? Moses had ethics! he would expect the same from his followers.

And if they really cared about Israel would be concerned about the poor quality of its leadership. It takes some doing to have more poverty than Mexico! He should listen also to Miko Peled.

Israel so dependent on friends like US and aging Western countries that will become bereft when they cannot provide handouts. Bad leadership like it has is actually reducing the lifespan of Israel as it exists in current form.

Israel's intelligence agencies not good enough to understand what happens when incompetence in Saudi Arabia ends petrodollar. Will happen sooner than later. The warning bells are ringing.


Imagine 20 years ago if the US nominated the IRA-loving Peter King to be US ambassador to Britain and he started out by demanding that the American embassy be moved to Belfast. This character Friedman is on the same level of idiocy except that because the Holocaust is more recent than the 1840s Irish Famine, he can count on very few questioning the legitimacy of his fundamental argument, i.e. that Jews, unlike Irish, Italians, Ukrainians, Mexicans and other components of American life, have the right to exclusively dictate US foreign policy regarding a nation associated with their ethnic identification.