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David Koch’s Monstrous Legacy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/27/david-kochs-monstrous-legacy

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From the article:

“… APF’s CEO said the group would now consider backing Democrats.”

The Kochtopus has reached its tentacles into Brand D leadership, and is quietly proving us right who have maintained all along that the difference between D and R are largely cosmetic.

Charles and David Koch poisoned everything they touched, from our planet to our politics to our precious bodily fluids. They represent the starkest illustration possible of what wealth inequality means to us living in the real world.


Being a rich man gave Koch the option of being the kind of person he WANTED to be. Unfortunately for us he chose the low road.
And no, it’s not too soon to shit on him.


Burn you reptilian!


The heirs of the Ford motor company have not done a good job with evolving their product, but may have joined a cult of peace. Perhaps their lack of competitiveness causing their product to sink faster than an anchor for a cruise ship. But it is an about face from Henry, who wanted to cultivate Fordlandia.

The Koch family had every opportunity to turn their lines of investment around and so the planet in their lifetimes. Instead they have pillaged the planet and bred the rapacious mentality in everyone they have taken under their money umbrella.

The planet is dying because of a handful of people. Please provide David’s coffin to the homeless in Sand Francisco for their inability to relieve themselves in a sanitary fashion.

And that is not harsh enough.


The article, damning* as it is, missed a few punches. The Koch’s are big supporters of ALEC, which has worked at the state level to cripple public employee unions, push for privatization of schools and prisons, lower taxes for the rich, and gut environmental regulations. It writes bills that are carried by right-wing state legislators across the country.

The Kochs even oppose public transit.

These brothers are poster children for the absolute necessity to cap wealth and income. Clearly, a healthy democracy is impossible otherwise.

*It’s interesting how people who are damned are thought to go to hell. But in David Koch’s case he’s damned our children to hell.


Not sure why anybody would care if he kicked the bucket. Hopefully his brother isn’t far behind. The only problem is 20 more, worse, people are waiting to take their place.

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In case folks don’t know about the narrow minded heavy handed hubris travesty of Fordlandia


Yeah, I read thru comments before saying anything. I hope he was in intolerable pain as he morphine away…his f’n gods, Money and Power didn’t help him one damn bit, did they! I agree…hopefully Chs and the son Chase, mostly in the same mold, are right behind and their pod people inherit a huge asteroid on their heads.

There’s a lot this article got wrong and more than a few stretches with facts:

The Koch’s were part of the original group of libertarians supporting LGBT rights far before the two mainstream parties were.

Much of what Donald Trump has espoused is anti-Koch philosophy, including protectionism, war-mongering, nationalism and anti-immigration. To put them alongside Trump is terribly disingenuous.

Supporting the growth of charter schools and school choice is pretty mainstream except for this website.

Fighting for right-to-work laws is also pretty mainstream except for this website. And it isn’t even anti-union. It’s pro-worker choice.

I can also believe climate change exists and vehemently disagree with the leftist logic that we need a communist-style Green New Deal to completely shackle the entire economy in a massive mobilization. That’s a key distinction here. I vehemently oppose the GND and all of its insane lack of logic and basic understanding of economics. But that doesn’t mean I deny the existence of climate change.

In short, the Koch’s were libertarians, not conservatives. Don’t loop them in with neo-cons and other mainstream conservatives. That’s sloppy logic.

Crazy to let sociopaths control humanity’s resources and make them billionaires in the process ,what are they to think ?

The world’s natural resources ultimately belong to all the world’s people to be shared equally .
Responsible society’s make different decisions regarding the evolution of their species .
We are primitive ,the toddlers of the universe if you will,but we are being given a chance to consciously evolve .

Let’s see, is 1 billion or 2 billion years before that first break from shoveling coal into a furnace in Hell. Well, I guess David Koch will find out, huh?

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I am going to do what the beautiful and sane people on this web site will not.

Respond to you.
I encourage you continue to post your pain killer laced mumbling on our pages.
Just so we can see what those have been sucking Koch for so long are thinking.
Since David is gone, I hope you have enough of his white stuff stored in jars to continue your gas lighting.

You can be indicted for crimes against humanity some day.


ZPG, thanks for another sry smile. I’m neither beautiful nor sane, after three years of Dump’s Orange Cabal, and you’re right, I wouldn’t write back to trft… but I’m glad you did…and so ummm…eloquently.

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Here’s what I don’t get–The Kochs have funded anti-science movements, the most ignorant constituency, namely the Republican party’s Tea Partiers and Trump voters–And yet David (I think, or the other one) donated the money for a new hospital at MIT in Boston!–How do you figure? (They didn’t come up with a cure for cancer or old age or whatever he died of in time!)

That ad hominem attack is not much of a response. Noam Chomsky supported actual human rights violators in socialist/communist countries and I won’t spit on his grave. You on the other hand…

BS. That was no response. Just cheap shots. He didn’t refute anything I wrote. Disagree with Koch all you want. That’s fine. I do on many things too. But to claim he was just like all the other neocons and standard conservatives is disingenuous and sloppy reporting.

In your narrow mind the only response I should offer is the one you are expecting.
Please continue.

I don’t even know what that means.