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Davos Attendees Must Accept That They Have Too Much Money

Davos Attendees Must Accept That They Have Too Much Money

Sonali Kolhatkar

A global gathering of world elites is taking place in Davos, Switzerland, this week, claiming—as it does every year—to “define priorities and shape global, industry and regional agendas.” The World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting, held in the rarified elite space of the snow-capped Swiss Alps, consists, in its own words, of “leaders of global society.” In reality, it represents no formal body. There is no public mandate, no accountability for crafting goals or achieving them.

While I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment expressed in this article, I am anchored in the reality of the American (western) class structure as best espoused by the Late Great George Carlin:


The poor super-rich just can’t help themselves. They’re trapped in a system where all they can do is take, and take more, and take more and more. Addicts. Sick.

We’re going to have to help them. For their own good. Cut them off.


Headline change - “Davos Attendees Must Accept That They Have Too Much Undemocratic Power”

Is there a train that goes by their meeting place? Where’s Guy Fawkes?

They don’t.

They won’t.

Let’s move to Plan B or C. We take it from them. Or we find another way to distribute goods and services, even if that only amounts to a second currency or a second accounting of some sort.


“Cut them off”
Right around the neck area.


It’s not just about what the rich have

It’s about how they got it.

End exploitation, and you end wealth at the expense of others.

Taxing greed still leaves its incentives extant.


We need to de-colonize the economy at the root of wealth, with reparations for colonization, genocide, enslavement, capitalism and neoliberalism, including land reform, wealth reform, and legal reform.

Among legal reforms, abolish the “investor-owned, limited-liability corporation,” invented to carry out depredation and colonization, and which does a great job at these intended purposes today (with greater sophistication than the original corporations; Dutch East India Company was the very first limited-liability, investor-owned “joint-stock” company.)


LOL Delra: I was thinking about Guy Fawkes the other day too. Instead, it might be more fun to lock them into their meeting room------and see as Edmundo said----“too much Undemocratic Power–”----if they were all locked in there together-------who would be the top dog---- and when all the top dogs are together-----everyone won’t be a top dog----so they would have to dog out this bottom of the top dogs. That would be an intriguing experiment —I wonder if this would end up like that old novel with kids all stuck on that island----whoa. a real life, " Lord of the Flies."…I wonder how long they would have to be locked in that room together before , "things ,"would happen.
It might improve some of them. : )

Interesting observations, Serpent.

We will have to release a lot of things that we do not need, but these have mostly been a curse to us. We may also reach for things that we do not have. My home grown produce is as good as anything I have paid to transport, yet people think of the better as poverty and work and the other as luxury, for all I must finagle for it.

I heartily agree with 2 and 3. Death, I suppose, will find its time.

Yes, we should take care of ourselves and each other, supplant this whole system by pieces, and let it disassemble in whatever way might be found. I think we have a shot at something of the sort. Whatever else might be said about our chances, success will be less tough than failure, partial success better than none.

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Great, your spot on…take resposibility for Life is Prime Value ,need nothing, this was precisely the message that was articulated in the book …Tomorrows God .The chapter Throwing Out The Money Changers Again.
It gives us hope if We Wake Up in time.

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They have two choices - they can either get with the program and become heroes who light the way to a better way of ordering society, or they can hope their bodyguards in their walled off castles never blink, never fall asleep, or are never paid more by ‘the other guy…’