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Davos Man Is a Neanderthal Protectionist


Davos Man Is a Neanderthal Protectionist

Dean Baker

The NYT had an article on the annual meeting of the world's super-rich at Davos, Switzerland. It refers to Davos Man as "an economic elite who built unheard-of fortunes on the seemingly high-minded notions of free trade, low taxes and low regulation that they championed." While "Davos Man" may like to be described this way, it is not an accurate description.


Everyone should just shut up and go along with Davos Man (and women). ha


Excellent takes in this article.


Davos Man is like Piltdown Man, a fraud.


Dean Baker for Treasury Secretary!


Aye. I thought the article's headline was a bit harsh toward the Neanderthal.


The Neanderthals were the most successful high-culture humans in the history of the genus -- using the standard of longevity. They accomplished this by maintaining a sustainable living style in their environment. There are no pre-sapiens metaphors that are useful in describing Davos Man and his relations.


Davos Man in the form of Donald Trump is a fraud. Trump is just the waterboy for Davos Man because the financial backers of Trump aren't Americans, for the most part. They are a colony of wealthy, highly leveraged bloodsuckers, coming to America to get at our ( the 99s ) tax dollars. And, to destroy unions and stifle discussion about living wages, single-payer healthcare, retirement with dignity, etc. The Davos Man and Trump the Waterboy have their hands out demanding further bailouts for their grand schemes, gone awry. The next financial collapse will expose The Davos Man and Trump the Waterboy are merely well-dressed land speculators and flim-flaming hustlers for failing enterprises the world over. " Socialism and bailouts for the elites and free enterprise for the least of us " , sums up these plutocrats and kleptocrats of the One World Order, rather nicely. International Mafia Capitalists would also work, as well. And, they all feel quite at home in America, under UniParty rule, currently.


I read this article yesterday and upon reading your comment went back to see what I may have glossed over. I don't believe his example of doctors and dentists intimated the direction your comment took. But instead merely was meant as a set-up for:

"Davos Man is only bothered by protectionist barriers that raise the incomes of autoworkers, textile workers, or other non-college educated workers."

I agree with the sentiment you expressed, but think it was non sequitor.


Oh, I don't know. There were lots of pre-sapien creepy and crawly life forms slithering around before the sapiens -- many of which are our direct ancestors.


I mean this without guile; such a comparison would do them a disservice. Even the most virulent parasite is adapted and functioning in its ecosystem.


Fair enough. But it eliminates so many useful metaphors!