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Dawn of the Resistance


Dawn of the Resistance

Mark T. Harris

As someone once said, a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth puts its boots on. In the 2016 presidential election, right-wing billionaire Donald Trump’s lies may have carried him as far as the White House, but with this past weekend’s global Women’s March on Washington the truth put its marching boots on.


What Harris alludes to, here, is what Hedges had the courage to label as a revolt, yesterday. The R word. Revolution. Not resistance, not reform, not re-organize. Nope. It's going to take a revolution, as in a new government with a new constitution with protections that specifically refute that money is speech and corporations are people. A constitution that guarantees living wages and health care. A constitution that outlaws war without the full consent and vote of the people. And so much more. If this country is to survive and make this planet more live able, now and in the future, it will take more than resistance to Trump and the Democrats and Republicans that opened the door for him. It will take a complete overhaul of this country's rotting political system. The R word. Start using it.


Mark Harris eloquently and succinctly says it all better than anyone else I've read. Inspriting me to action beyond letters, phone calls, and petitions.
Thank You, Sir.


Here is an interesting bit by Robert Reich. I wonder if it could be true?




I agree, but the followers of Ron Paul also believed themselves part of an incipient revolution, even though they were essentially just demanding a stripped-down, more toxic version of the same government with fewer safeguards and less influence from the citizens. So did the Tea Party, and so did Trump's supporters.

There is a whole culture on the internet of anti-feminists and other reactionaries who believe that they are "revolutionary" for advocating a return to the past. It is a word that has nearly lost meaning.


Po, it surely could be true. That has been my nightmare scenario since the night of 11/08/16. Trump's ability to sell
himself, as well as his mastery of media manipulation, have given the Radical Right of the GOP what they could not
get on their own, namely, control of the whole government. Think they'll lose the House in 2018? Think again! It can't
happen with the gerrymandered districts that they've created since 2010. They will have their wish list signed, sealed, and
inflicted upon us before 2018 elections, anyway. Should Big Daddy T get in their way, or threaten to impede their
intentions of creating a Christian Fascism, they will take the car keys from Daddy's small hands and finish driving the
car off the cliff themselves, with Pence as navigator!


Climate change and weather manipulation are not two mutually exclusive concerns, yet discussion and public information is locked down in every way possible. Think about the consequences and implications for societal functionality. Add to that what is NEVER discussed, the toxicity of the oil industry based markets, to soil, waterways AND the stunningly fragile industrial agrochemical agribusiness monoculture

Question the pattern of devastating flash floods all over the world. Here is one submission:


Also, thank you, Mr. Harris, for such an excellent, well-written piece. I especially appreciate your including
the excerpt of MLK's 4/04/67 Riverside Speech, which still rings true! I consider it to be among the best
speeches in our history, right up there with Lincoln, Robert Ingersoll, and Eugene Debs.


Thanks Mark and fellow Oregonian. What if's! Obama really failed us the top money men in dem party have not learned a thing from their loss.

What is going on in Portland grassroots to make a difference besides the wonderful turn out for the march on Saturday? Unlike my guru Thom Hartmann who believes we can change the dnc from within, I do not. Where do we go to get involved? city hall meetings, working family meetings.

We need to consolidate? How?


Thank you, oldgoat! I just watched it. It is a timely reminder of the Real Big Threat to everything/everyone!


Here is Naomi Klein reminding us who Mike Pence really is-just another thief.




"It will take independent social and political action, rooted in popular mass struggles, to ever decisively defeat Wall Street capitalism....Utopian? Maybe. But is it less utopian to imagine Sanders and his progressive supporters taking over a thoroughly corporatized Democratic Party, revamping the party along the lines of the Senator’s more or less social democratic platform? More to the point: Is it less utopian to imagine a just, democratic society under a reformed, kinder and gentler version of capitalism, as Sanders envisions?"

Three utopias...1) mass movements to "defeat Wall Street capitalism"... 2) progressives taking over the corporatist Democratic Party...and 3) a more just and democratic society under a "reformed" capitalism.

Is any one of these utopian visions less utopian than the others? If the answer is "no"...then - no reason to choose one over the other...

But I would say...yes - some are less utopian than others.

Let's start with #2. The proto-insurgency of the progressive wing of Democrats that supported Sanders in the primary was forced back into the harness of lesser of two evil-ism.

But the fact of the proto-insurgency, and the inchoate progressive politics of "Our Revolution" makes it possible to imagine a Democratic Party reform movement.

Likewise #3, imagining a different capitalism - not "reformed" but politically curbed by the actions of a more progressive Democratic party - is less utopian. Why? Because undoing gerrymandering, increasing regulatory oversight, strengthening alternative energy, LBJ-style 1960s anti-poverty initiatives, and moving towards single payer, for example, are all POLITICAL initiatives that can - and, in some cases, have been - developed politically without the consent or cooperation of capitalism...

...leaving #1 as the most utopian.

No, not all utopianisms are created equal...


Excellent piece. Socialism is indeed the only hope for humanity.


Thanks, Uncle Po. I agree! I catch the scent of Pence behind the Cabinet picks. DJT is an egomaniac, as
well as being a total jerk, but the Pence-Ryan crowd is far more dangerous. They have had an agenda-in-waiting
for these last several years, as the very smart
Naomi Klein, God bless her, points out. They know the levers of government power. They will have no
problem with DJT taking credit for it, as long as they can realize their dreams come true. Their dreams, needless
to say, will be a nightmare for most Americans and others, too!


Absolutely agree. I've been predicting that Trump won't last four years ever since he was elected. He's a loose canon. Just a matter of time before he trips over his feet or his mouth. Pence is going to be much harder to restrain. He knows the system and how to work it.


Most importantly, the people of America are tired of seeing their government overtaken by the financial powers since the 1970s. Before 1970, there was more of the American people's say in our government, and now we have seen our country's decisions being made by a select few (the 0.001%, the billionaires, powerful corporations, etc.), substituting America's best interests, for their own, thereby shrinking our democracy and biasing the republic in this country (through their pouring of millions into funding elections).

With the increase of military under Trump, and the continuation of our government's 'crony capitalism', we are shifting to the hard right on the political spectrum and have the potential for a Fascist government, completely against the will of the people. With Trump acting 'fast' to help pass their agenda - the wall, the departure from the United Nations, the continuation of billionaire profits in the oil/gas industry with climate change ignored, we need to act fast.

We need to stand in unity and fight against this. The time is now. We must not bypass this administration's decision making and go about our daily lives. That's exactly what they want us to do.

We must act and we must act now.

I hope to see some of my fellow Americans at the protest marches, because when the middle class is shrinking and getting stripped away of their opportunity, at no fault of their own, something needs to be changed. Let's start more plans of action so the power of the American people can be restored.