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Day After Ditching International Deal, Trump Threatens 'Very Severe Consequence' If Iran Restarts Nuclear Program


Day After Ditching International Deal, Trump Threatens 'Very Severe Consequence' If Iran Restarts Nuclear Program

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Less than 24 hours after ditching the international agreement that guaranteed Iran would not develop nuclear weapons, President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened Iran with a "very severe consequence" if it attempts to pursue a nuke, which it has repeatedly vowed not to do whether the accord remains intact or not.


It’s time for all adult international leaders to ignore Trump and his administration! Let him eat humble pie, and especially let other world leaders humiliate him and his immoral cabinet. Trump has made a mockery of democracy. If he attempts some sort of retaliation then now is the time for the International Community to set limits to this overgrown baby’s tantrums!


This is just rank insanity, hypocrisy and recklessness. There was no real evidence that Iran did anything but conform to the nuclear deal. Now, because of this colossal asshole, Trump, we are back to square one. Iran sees themselves as being betrayed by this Orange Anus and they are looking at an increasingly belligerent Israel which has an unacknowledged arsenal of hundreds of nukes and considers Iran a mortal enemy. As usual, Trumpo, feeding his massive ego and listening to extremist warmongers like Bolton and Miller, has made the region much more dangerous. There are other consequences. Boeing will now lose a $9.5 billion dollar deal with the Iranis, oil prices will go up and raise already higher gas prices at the pump, and Trumpo seems to be saying that he is speaking for the whole country like the strutting authoritarian he wants to be. His claim that he always keeps his word is laughable. Trump is well known as being the most crooked of “businessmen” and has a long history of fucking up his deals and then leaving others to clean up the mess. This putrid POS is a national disgrace and a worldwide threat. I am deeply ashamed that we have imposed this
monster on the rest of the world.


So, do I have this right? Trumps message is:

I’m rescinding the agreement between us, but if you violate its terms there will be severe consequences! (picture Trump pounding his spoon on his high chair at this point)…


Iran will keep the deal with Europe. What does that mean for Trump’s NK deal if the US can’t be trusted to keep a deal?


I can see a false flag attack in our future. Blamed on the Iranians.


Translation: of “very severe consequence”.
Once we have fake news of Iran pursuing nukes, it will give us a bogus reason for regime change in Iran. The same scenario as the fake news of WMD’s in Iraq was used for regime change there.


Led by the same clown troop of neo-nutsies starting with Bolton and his gang of tin-foil-hat thugs.


Just when you think it can’t get worse…

Trump is the poster child for Dunning-Kruger anyway, but now he has Bolton & Pompeo to reward him with HJs. Will no one relieve us of this stupid, cruel, incompetent, willfully distructive psychopath?



Beautiful and the kind of reminder we all need–one earth, one Life, one people, one cosmos.

Thanks for posting.


It would be lovely if we could count on the Europeans to stay in the deal and completely ignore the commands of the orange buffoon to cease trade with Iran. It would even be more lovely if the rest of the world would band together to get rid of the dollar as the reserve currency despite the hardships that would cause many of them. It would be loveliest if they could censure the US at the UN and go on to make us a pariah state. Humble pie is definitely something the US needs to eat heartily from.


I completely agree.


And I was correct…and it didn’t take very long. Israel committed a false flag attack last night.


Threaten all you want, Trump. There is NOTHING you can do to Iran if they restart their nuclear program, which would also be your fault, btw. What are ya gonna do, Trumpy? Send a few missiles from the Med into Iran? Pfft. Unlike every other nation the US has invaded in the last 50 years, Iran actually HAS an air force. And a navy. And a large army. And extremely high-tech weapons and defense systems. You go fucking with Iran and they WILL respond. Think Viet-Nam, only a lot bigger. Think tens or hundreds of thousands of US soldiers being required to put boots on the ground INSIDE of Iran, followed by tens of thousands of them being killed. Then you might want to consider the fact that Russia and probably a few other big players WILL back up Iran. So think “more bigly.” Like World War III. And if that is your ultimate objective, then you are truly a much bigger dumbfuck than most people thought you were, and you can then count on even some of your hard-core fascist supporters in Congress turning against you.

Enough of the bloviating paper threats, Trump. Short of a nuclear strike, the U.S. couldn’t handle Iran in their wettest dreams.


That is EXACTLY what the rest of the world needs to do, pronto. Grow a pair and stand up against the big paper tiger U.S., which is nothing but hot air anyway. Every war we have been in since WW2 we have gotten our asses handed to us (and we needed to use nukes and a lot of help from our friends to win WW2), except perhaps Desert Storm, and even that one required a lot of help from allies. Yank our endless financing (stop buying US Treasury bonds, stop using the US dollar as reserve currency/petrodollars to buy oil) and stand together, the US would fold like a wet paper towel. Comeuppance is long overdue.


The ass hats representing you, me, and even our children and grandkids want a war with Iran. This is not what most Americans want, but what we want doesn’t matter to these megalomaniacs. They have been itching for a confr0ontation for 4 decades, since the hostages were taken in 1979. In their view we’ve never gotten paybacks for that.

Ghengis Khan was right in rounding up and killing all idle rich in newly conquered regions. They don’t to be a part of nor do they contribute to society in productive ways. Rather they want to remain apart ftom it, which their money seemingly allows them to do. If our political system wasn’t for sale to the highest bidder, then they would not have their current largesse, and be getting more and more with each new repuglican administration. That there has been lityle difference between R & D admins in the last 30 years speaks of the need for a new Ghengis Khan.

Governments that fairly represent their societies should start taxing the movements of the rich, progressively, until they care about the same things as their fellow regular citizens. Not going into wars of choice is a good place to. start. Start with the orange monster!


I liked your post all the way up to the last sentence. It wouldn’t be US vs. Iran, but a much broader conflict. Only this time, the US plays the role of Nazi Germany. I suspect our allies would sit this one out, or help the opposition.

We need the rest of the world to act like adults and come together, and then speak up, in unison, to REBUKE the US for this president('s unilateral action).


To this and yesterday I wrote to Tom O’Halloran my congressional representative, and both senators, who right now have absolutely nothing to lose by going against this jerk wad Trump. I beseeched them to come up with any way to censure this president. He needs to be put in a rubber room, and not have access to any Bully pulpit or microphone.

Y’all need to do the same! Now!!


War creates more of the same, pain inflicted always perpetuates the cycle. Never the less it is time for a united stand against the rogue state. Time to be fearless in the face of a bully who may go ballistic. A strong brief bout of trade sanctions from as much of the world as possible may perk up the deep state deaf ears and open their blind eyes. What do you expect US citizens to do -stop paying taxes and go to jail? Many have and it has not been effective. World we need your help!