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Day After GOP Senator Blocked Direct Payments Twice, Poll Shows 88% of Likely Voters Support More $1,200 Checks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/20/day-after-gop-senator-blocked-direct-payments-twice-poll-shows-88-likely-voters


Good for the people! I like the sign that reads: How many more must die for your bottom line?

My answer is that it is up to us and we can make it permanent by walking away from this system that has commodified every form of Life. We start with rent strikes all across the nation in cities not just in Pandemic times, then tie up the system in courts and allies from outside the cities bring in food for us, we withdraw all money from commercial banks (never should have been placed there in the first place) refuse to serve on jury duty, pay taxes, go to school or work. We make alliances with surrounding small farmers volunteer on their farms or barter any other skills we might have. It can be done even if difficult.

A moratorium is absolutely required. Stop business as usual as it is destroying Life as we know it as everyday we witness ecological collapse. Then we use this time to collectively imagine and work to realize the type of world we want–small human scaled communities. Everything needs reimagining.


At this point, we should all wonder what it would take for members of Congress to listen to their constituents and support this

That’s an easy one, a lifetime appointment, and no ethics rules to stop them from grifting.

Note: I know there is a small percentage of congress critters that would not fit this, but on the whole IMO this is just the way it is now.

And ……here we sit twiddling our thumbs sipping tea and crumpets and telling each other how bad it is and how bad it is going to be. Just say it already.

Do we not as a united peoples, have the right to do what we must to make this world a right and better place for all? Why do we hesitate at the gates when we know to do so will be this nation and its peoples undoing?

It is good to have laws and seek justice. However, as we watch from the sidelines these qualities and virtues of a once great nation are not enforced and if spoken at all are whispered in darken places.

Why do we hesitate and embrace our own extinction. There is no champion waiting in the wings to save us. It is only US who can save us. WE must stand at the gates! It is WE who must demand justice! It is WE for whom this country was built and if not taken back now, we will never ever have her again.

The rich and the foolish will claim all is theirs when it was our blood, sweat, tears and our resources that were appropriated and put into the pockets of the greedy and all without a care of rebuilding and the steadily renewing of the people’s resources. Are you all blind?

Why all the SUPER HERO movies lately? We need super heroes! We are our own super heroes. We must be our own super heroes, many super heroes who hold each other up in the darkest hours on the darkest days. We go forward no matter who is or was elected.

There will always be that hill to climb and together we take an oath of allegiance of justice for all and if we do not do it now then all shall be lost forever. Nothing comes back from nothing.


both “teams” have a strong incentive to manipulate our suffering for the sake of political power. Neither shows particular care for us peasants, but I’d still prefer the Dems eek out a Senate win if anything to taunt this place some more for thinking full institutional control of the political system will mean anything other than more of the same imperial gruel.

these should be the only ads running around the clock in GA right now–GOP keeping desperately needed cash out of your pockets. It’s the only thing Mitch fears. So exploit it. Lord knows you’re not going to do it for the right reasons.


i’m loathe to admit that revolutions begin inside middle classes as a general rule. and our middle class sucks. they’re half the size they were 30 years ago, yet hearing the footsteps of the rich pounding after them has still not motivated the louts from casting their lot in with my people for a better world. It appears that more must fall into our ranks before the word “risk” is even mentionable in genteel company.

As for us at the bottom, we have to do a much better job of taking care of each other, although there are lots of signs of improvement on that front. Got along ways to go to build the structures we need to survive a larger uprising.

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As we argue over crumbs and half-crumbs, in civilized nations, the direct monthly payments to every adult citizen which began in Spring continue, with no end in sight.

We have no idea how oppressed we are, by both wings of the utterly corrupt duopoly.


Here’s how you get to $1200 democrats. You start at $2000 every month (which is what it should be) and if you can’t get that for some corrupt reason, you negotiate down to $1200. You don’t do what Pelosi and Schumer did and start at $0 and begrudgingly get forced up to $600 one time payments by pressure from your own base, you spineless, corrupt aholes.


No disconnect between so many of that 88% serially voting for Republicans, is there ?


PASSING a bill with THIS level of popular support… is what we call DEMOCRACY !!

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Ever since the Raygun Revolution launch 40 years ago bills with 95% popular support frequently fail. Don’t ever forget that its the 1% who determine what passes and what fails…this is NOT democracy, it IS a fascist oligarchy.

In 2011 Occupy Wall Street (OWS) popularized the concept of the 1% controlling the gubmit at the expense of the 99%. That is why Obama tasked his DOJ to make everything OWS did illegal to prevent their re-emergence in Spring 2012.


What has to be clarified to Congress in one big and very loud voice is…this “money” that they are forever haggling over is NOT theirs to bargain away. This “money” is legally and by rights the property of the people. It is not to be brokered away and to be disappeared into the ether.

We have already paid for our needs and all we need now is to receive its benefits and be presented with the things that makes and keeps civilized populations civilized.


I have a bad feeling that there is another democratic collapse coming in 4…3…2…

Good point. Back in the 1970’s it was estimated that some 65-70% of American households were middle class. As of last year, just over 50% of America’s households were living either below the poverty mark or only about 15% above it.
Poor people have now supplanted the “middle class” as America’s largest demographic. A glaring sign that we are quickly becoming a third world country.


What deficit Mr. Johnson? You know that the phrase “deficit spending” has been used by the GOP to as mask shovel trillions of taxpayer dollars to the riches of the rich, you also know that the FED can print money from here to the milky way and back which wouldn’t make any difference at this point. What will make a difference is for the government to infuse cash into the dying economy and go fast forward with the Green New Deal. It is the most intelligent approach to both economic recovery and a sensible plan to countering the dangerously rapid global warming trend.


Let’s forget these “it ain’t gonna happen” self defeating attitudes and move forward with the progressive agenda unburdened by the neoco/neoliberal, etc…elite vulture capitalist’s bootleg maneuvers and ploys.


Very,very true. Supported by a fascist miltary that supports the oligarchy.

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Bravo! Thank you for that.
So much easier to throw ones hands up and endlessly speak to how hard progress is, how unachievable, excuses to do nothing, or rather to make progress even more difficult.
We need more possitivity and certainly more involved.

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Well said my progressive friend!

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This phony fear of the deficit is never an obstacle when it comes to as Sanders has said many times trillions in handouts to the rich and the bloated and corrupt military. We ought to lead the world in innovation, let us build flying electric cars, efficient lightweight biodegradable batteries, anti-gravity vessels, efficient space rockets, electric jumbo jets and trains, the ideas and challenges are endless and we in the United States of America are uniquely gifted with world’s greatest talents. Let us use these resources and opportunities before the smartest brains decide to leave this country because there is too much violence and disparity.