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Day After Shooting Dead at Least 15, Israeli Forces Open Fire on Gaza Protesters Again

It’s amazing the atrocities a state can commit when that state is in good favor with the global economic powers…


Like Trump announcing our intent to move the embassy to Jerusalem and Schmuck Chewmore supporting said announcement?

US pols have always done this.

That’s why they are our elected terrorists

You said what I was thinking, but in a much more polite way …

Congratulations to the brave freedom fighters trapped in the world’s largest outdoor prison. It takes great courage to stand up to the nuclear armed, uber-military of Israel. Perhaps the world’s most elite shock troops (the IDF) are standing guard over a million citizens, primarily women and children, in a tiny, bombed out desert. Denied the most basic essentials of life ranging from food and medicine to tools and machinery, Palestinians have had to endure this hell hole for decades for the simple crime of democratically electing a government that the Israelis didn’t approve of. The comparison between a prison and Gaza is a little bit unfair though because most prisons have toilets that flush, good medical care and an eventual release date, luxuries the Palestinians don’t have. Armed with nothing but self determination, sticks and stones, they have faced their cruel occupiers face to face along the prison wall yet again. Their executioners will slaughter as many as they’re ordered to and obey reflexively as the IDF are overwhelmingly attached to a prevalent Israeli narrative. The narrative has been around since Israel’s inception in 1948 and follows that all Palestinians are guilty, manipulative savages that are wholly responsible for their own incarceration. And because of the evil actions of these local ‘arabs’, jews can never live side by side with ‘them’.
Enter the “Two-State solution”. This is a concept that can only materialize when one State considers itself superior and therefore seeks a homogenous society. All other tribes as viewed as potential threats to their existence both figuratively and physically. The concept of “living together as equals” is immediately dismissed by Israelis by grouping all of their neighbours, but especially the indigenous Palestinians, as hell bent on killing every Jew in the world. No “serious discussions are possible” therefore as we are constantly reminded that “they” can’t be trusted.
Discussions about Israeli attitudes towards Palestinians with a majority of Israelis produce quick and predictable arguments. For example, when comparisons are made between the gestapos’ behaviour towards jews and Israeli behaviour towards Palestinians, the typical defender of the status quo will reply that “it’s different” because “the jews did nothing wrong”, but the Palestinians “chose” to take up arms against the rightful owners of Palestine, the European Jewry (Ashkenazi’s) that immigrated to Palestine after the atrocities of WW11. Against this back drop, racism is then cloaked as “the security of Israel to survive in a hostile environment” (millions of European Jews suddenly migrating to the Middle East) depends on a united front against the hostile forces that surround them. The media follows suit as every violent act committed by Israel is framed as retaliation for a Palestinian act of violence while every violent act by a Palestinian is framed as an unprovoked terrorist attack against innocent Israelis by “religious fanatics”.
Nevertheless the Palestinians have shown incredible compromise over the years as their very existence depends on it, however Israel has always been inflexible and unreasonable to hide the fact that the entire Israeli government would happily duplicate the ‘final solution’ to the citizens of Gaza, if it only were acceptable to the rest of the world. Most Palestinians have known for decades that to live as equals amongst the new European arrivals will never materialize, yet false hope has been generated from time to time by outside powers, always failing and always blaming the Palestinians for the inability to find common ground.
As many Palestinians realize now the futility of their struggle to live as equals in their homeland, some have contemplated armed struggle and imminent death over what appears to be eternal incarceration for the crime of being a non-jew. This latest development raises the possibility that an Israeli soldier may get injured or even killed by some Palestine protester in the next few days thereby giving Israel its ‘raison d’etre’ to begin another indiscriminate slaughter of its prisoners. It won’t be the ‘final solution’, but it will bring comfort to many Israelis that their armed forces can handle any prison uprising.
As Americans we need to have a government that is accountable to human rights and obeys an international higher court. We need to make Constitutional amendments that prohibit government lobbyists, eliminates unfair voting practices and curtails the power of corporations to influence the government or the media. We need to balance red rights (the right to food, the right to clothing, the right to shelter, etc.) against blue rights (the right to free speech, the right to assemble, the right to address grievances, etc.) so that any company or individual understands that a benefit to the public interest must prevail from every business decision made.
Until we are able to get a government that is truly responsive to the public interest, Palestinians will never get any help from us in their struggle to survive. It is not only “We the People” of the United States that will benefit from a functioning democracy, but such a progressive revolution would also inspire the rest of the world to duplicate or reinforce a progressive revolution in their own countries.


Flagged by the community? Nonsense. Flagged by Zionists, or Israelis or whatever hate filled, genocidal allies of Israel keep trying to shut up honest (sometimes a bit more naked, such as here with “nuke …”) responses to monsters.
As someone else here said, the Nazis won WWII. Israel is their child in more ways than one. Probably the only reason the Israelis haven’t shoved Palestinians into ovens is the optics. More than a few of their leaders have expressed the idea that Palestinians should be wiped out totally. Israel is the main child of the monstrous Nazi Germany. They just draw out “the final solution” in smaller, piece meal, less visible ways.

Not to worry, Zionists----America will back you up in any atrocity you wish for. Just try reversing the ethnicities here: the world would not stand for it 5 minutes, because Holocaust, and America cares so much about human life.

Not to condone or excuse the racist, colonial-settler Israel, But perhaps you have forgotten the history of the USA in which all of the above, and more, have been standard operating procedure for hundreds of years. Then there were the Nazis. The Israelis follow well-trodden pathways.

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Thanks Joy, I might have been more clear - clarified by adding “ongoing” and even that is not accurate. The Native American Genocide was of course similar and many consequences still remain for today’s tribal peoples in NA and the Amazon - we must not forget, condone, or ignore in any sense.
There are others a well, throughout history and ongoing as in Yemen. I guess I place the Palestinian genocide by Israel (and against the Negev Bedouin) in a category that is especially depraved and unconscionable as we are witnessing it today - the reflection of the Native American genocide in the Palestinian is very much on my mind - the wholesale destruction/extermination of one people by another claiming the god-given right to do so and pointing to a mythology thousands of years gone. It is especially depraved that on their holiday that “remembers the Hebrew escape from slavery”, Jews are killing Palestinians with impunity and destroying/enslaving their culture/peoples the very same day!

A racist exceptionalism supported by powerful nations especially the US, perpetrator of the NA genocide, funded by global “religious” supporters who are complicit to the crimes in Palestine but ignore their responsibility (mostly), brazenly ignoring all calls to end the forced ethnic cleansing, mass murders, thefts of resources and massive destruction, largely tolerated by the world community as a recult of the nazi atrocities - that history does NOT condone or justify a premeditated obscenity and atrocities that the Israeli perpetrators claim is in some bizarro world justified.

Peace. BDS!


May the world rise up and demand the return of Dr. Mads Gilbert and his Norwegian team to Gaza. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-30054556


Our state, Israel, allows itself to do atrocities in the name of the atrocity of the holocaust.



Yes, first the U. S. media ignored the Palestinian protests, then when they could not ignore the killings they lie that they are “riots” totally the fault of the Palestinians, instead of Israel’s ongoing efforts to eject all Palestinians from all of Israel/Palestine. This is what the f-ing evil Zionists truly want - all the land for themselves. They deserve nothing. They deserve to be the ones kicked off the land - by any means necessary. It behooves every righteous progressive to scream for an end to ALL U. S. financial and military aid to this most evil and illegitimate state. Our government also must lead the effort to cut off and isolate Israel by prohibiting all trade and travel to this disgusting place, until they no longer exist!


I am against the existence of the state of Israel. But I don’t want the people of Israel harmed or kicked out of their land. I think the occupiers in the illegal settlements should be kicked out of them, though.

What I want is one democratic state where all citizens are equal with full rights and the Palestinians refugees can return and be citizens. Their land should be restored or they should be compensated.

This is the position those who oppose Israel hold. But Zionists warp it into a straw man that we want to slaughter the Jews in Palestine. We don’t. We just want an end to a racist, illegitimate regime that is based on an idea that was rejected in the late 17th Century as unworkable and always leading to war in Europe after nearly 2 centuries of continued bloodshed, oppression, and torture - that the solution to diversity is homogeneous states of one religion.

Israel always was based on antisemitism: that Jews cannot live among Gentiles as equal and full citizens with full rights and opportunity in the West but should be emigrated to their own ghetto state. Is it any wonder that such a rationale led to racist attitudes towards Palestinians?

The irony is that the United States proved that antisemitic rationale wrong, yet the most vehement Neo-Con Zionists in the U.S., who happen to be Jewish, are extremely successful in the U.S. context.

The other group of vehement Zionists in the U.S. are conservative, dispensational Fundamentalists who support Israel absolutely while at the same time holding this view that they are all going to hell and the reason for the existence of Israel is so they can be the target of the Anti-Christ. This would seem ironic unless one realizes it is totally consistent with the antisemitic rationale for Israel in the first place.


Hamas is to blame for most of the problems in Gaza. Hamas is into the 11th year of its four-year elected term of governance and has spent most of the money on itself or on continually attacking Israel. It also has eliminated many of its political opponents and it has been feuding with the Palestinian Authority, thus keeping the inhabitants from receiving more aid or having constant electricity.

The reason areas near the border remain damaged is that, instead of using construction material to fix buildings, Hamas would rather build underground tunnels to send in terrorists to kill Israeli citizens. It’s been estimated that hundreds of Palestinian children died digging the tunnels but I don’t see anyone caring about them.

You are wrong. Palestinians do not want a two-state solution. They want a one-state solution where both Israel and the Jews are eliminated. It’s in their written charters and it’s what they tell their people on a daily basis.

And they have every right to want to eject the thieves who stole their land and want to eject all of them!

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Absolutely correct - you are THE lone voice in this sea of anti-Israel sentiment !

I see Erdogan using the language of Israeli-eradication when he speaks of the Israeli-“occupiers” of Israel, and I will post three links depicting the extreme seriousness of the next six weeks.

The state of Palestine would be celebrating their 70th anniversary along with Israel this coming May 14th, but the powers that be on the Arab side went for broke, disclaiming any right of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland - a claim which far and away antedates the sword of Islam which occupied the Levant in the seventh century.

Mostly, I am afraid, I wonder at the rock-bottom hatred I see everywhere on Common Dreams against the Jewish people. Perhaps I am naive in this, much of the world has demonstrated time and again their antipathy towards this people.

Finally, after two thousand years, they have a home again - and still the hatred - here in the Americas, in Iran and Lebanon, in Syria and Turkey, and on and on.

Despicable - the holocaust was no accident - rather a mirror few want to look into.


How Gaza clashes could ignite flashpoints all over the Middle East Simon Tisdall Simon Tisdall

The shame of antisemitism on the left has a long, malign history The origins of today’s crisis in Labour date back to the 19th century, and ever since Jews have been seen as a problem by a strain of socialist thought Philip Spencer

I used to defend the Jewish people and the state of Israel, that is over. You’re govt. has proven time and time again they deserve no such defense, nor do they deserve friendship from this country. You’re country has stolen secrets from us, attacked our ship for hours, subverted our political process, all the while taking our money and using it to subvert human rights. With friends like you’re country who needs enemies ? Now you’re defense minister wants to give medals to the soldiers who committed these murders this weekend, and you want to defend these actions. You’re disgusting and I wish all the ill will you’re country deserves. I for one will be fighting in this country to have us divest in Israel, and force them to fight their own battles without the US or it’s money.