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Day After Voting Down 10% Pentagon Cut, 37 Senate Dems Join GOP to Approve $740 Billion War Budget

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/23/day-after-voting-down-10-pentagon-cut-37-senate-dems-join-gop-approve-740-billion


What a huge waste of money.


Yep this is what Americans have been voting for since forever. It’s what they want. The recent rejection of Bernie Sanders only further confirms that.


Thank you for the “roll call.” Exactly the needed information.


oh yeah the damn dems at it again voting with the trumpers - party of the people my ass!


Dems are enablers of the GOP and this will always be the case.


Ah, Americans didn’t reject Bernie, nor did they reject Tulsi. The entire manipulation was a media-oligarchy propaganda stunt and something to be avoided. (
By thoughtful people, that is.)


A theatrical performance in Washington, to give us the false impression that we have a democracy, when we no longer do.

When its done to promote endless war for profit or oil, or to hide rigged healthcare that cant be fixed without leaving treaties nobody knows about, its quite arguably murder. And this special kind of murder has NO statute of limitations because its against all humanity. When will rich people learn? How do you sleep at night knowing your wealth was amassed by killing innocent people, or depriving them of life saving drugs that cost pennies to make, as it turned out with the antiviral drugs in the incredible story depicted in Fire in the Blood. (a must-see film)


Accurate in deed.

Yeah that is why I can’t fully believe in the “we get the government we deserve” line because it is not as simple as people willingly voting against their best interests. They are suffering against all sorts of forms of propaganda and lies, systems that have been entrenched for decades. It is not as simple as “don’t vote against your best interests”.


Well said indeed.


Hi JREwing:
The PeopIe didn’t reject Berne-----it was the DNC—again.


And men still keep on marching off to war…

And the beat goes on, the beat goes on
Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain
La de da de de, la de da de da


Its fake. They are fake, both parties are playing good cop bad cop while they steal the future with treaties that lock in like traps we cant get out of. You cant have an election when the outcome was alreadty decided 25 years ago. So, we need to face the ugly truth, even Bernie was fake, part of a cover up.

The truth is ugly, they already signed our future away to buy off the millionaires in the developing world and prop up dictatorships. I suppose it could be worse, but there are all sorts of red flags ointing in that direction. A country that can look the other way while 30 million poor people die because they cant pay an incredible $15,000 a year (around 47 dollars a day) for a drug cocktail that it turned out cost less than $0.27 - 27 cents a day, to not just make, to make and market and sell profitably.

Thats what we do, we make money on the most evil things.

Instead of $15000 a year for life, to stay alive, how about $100 a year? Keep in mind that it may turn out coronavirus cannot be cured by a vaccine, turning any drug to manage the symptoms for anybody who comes up with a cure much like the situation with AIDS today.

CIPLA sold a functionally identical 3 drug cocktail for 27 cents a day.

Saving millions of lives. But the US and other countries got incredibly angry at them for breaking the rules we had invested so much into setting up. The final outcome was a 10 year exception for the poorest countries only, who got to make or buy drugs in emergency situations, temporarily.

Anything else would be breaking a WTO agreement. For this story see Fire in the Blood. Keeping in mind that they cited the lowest possible number of deaths to get somebody, one of the most responsible people for this mess, to actually appear in the film. ~http://billhaddad.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-aids-story-you-may-not-have-heard.html?view=mosaic <<<<Here is the real figure.


Still, it has to be Biden because Trump is nothing more than a neocon shill.

In a case like this, it is all about the African American knows best. (Lots of years of training for them.)

Did you know they plan to trade Americans’ jobs (including African Americans) away so rich Africans, Indians, etc can make a killing brokering them to recent grads in the developing world? So is the plan. We’re so gullible, we’re completely unaware of it. It seems we’re literally the last people in the world to know. We can thank the cover up for that.

This plan is literally 30 years old. Its been the subject of decades of negotiations on a global scale.

Instead of bringing back indentured servitude, we should be trying to raise the leval of decent employment, not undermine work and the value of all labor.

Thats why war spending is so pupular, we’ve tradedaway the rest of the economy to lower wages, so all that tax money we spend on infrastructure and education and healthcare, it will be money that will increasingly be creating jobs overseas, not here. As the new procurement rules expand in scope (their goal is progressive liberalization, a one way privatization of everything that cant be reversed except at tremendous costs).

Jobs involving surveillance and secrecy - whichkeep people on a very short leash, jobs will be the only decent paying jobs left. Allthe others will be globalized and farmed out but by bit, everybody who does one will live in fear that within a few years theirs will be next. Since these deals basically force the rest of the world to privatize too (if they want to trade with us) its pretty difficult to say no. Slick huh?



Please remember that our war dept is 50% waste.
Plenty of sifted hard earned dollars paid in taxes and massive bond sales If West Point had a military curriculum instead of teaching economics - we might actually win a war. We might actually become frugal. We might have the three years of genuine peace we need to rebuild army morale, train, and yes - a draft lottery to serve.

The republicans in gated communities WILL serve if their number called.
This time.

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Why so little? Come on, this is WAR, the ultimate money waster, cant they do better than that?



Biden is more hawkish than Trump. He criticizes Trump for being insufficiently aggressive. Biden helped lie us into Iraq. He wants us to go back to Syria, Venezuela. Biden is more a corporate shill than is Trump. Once upon a time Trump expressed support for Medicare 4 All. Biden has always been unalterably opposed.

Other than not being Trump, there’s nothing to recommend Biden.

We’re told as kids that it’s our patriotic duty to vote.

In 2020, our patriotic duty is to not vote. The only voice we the people have that will be heard is our silence.


The Democrats are worse than the Republicans because they pretend to care about the citizens when they only care about their corporate masters of war and money changers.