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Day Before Iowa: Sanders, Clinton in Virtual Tie, as Bernie Touts Campaign's Momentum


Day Before Iowa: Sanders, Clinton in Virtual Tie, as Bernie Touts Campaign's Momentum

Andrea Germanos, staff writer


Sanders isn’t being very candid about his healthcare proposal. The British do pay a third for healthcare but their physicians are employed by the government and they ration healthcare. Certainly he would not propose that. Therefore, the cost of healthcare would not be reduced that much by going to a single payer system which the British don’t have since they have a government healthcare system. Ending the fee for service system in hospitals which O’Malley said he did in Maryland would be one way to reduce costs. If Bernie does win the nomination he needs to get the specifics of his plan out before the Republicans scare everyone about things he may not be proposing. More details please Bernie.


Surprise surprise here you are pimping for the corporations. Ask any Brit, Canadian, Swede, Norwegian, Finn, Austrian, etc if they would trade their healthcare system for the brutal US corporate run model.

Of course you know the answer, but you ejaculate memes for the benefit of the corporate ruling class and don’t give a flying cluck about truth, much less those in the US suffering under this brutal health care system.

Healthcare is rationed in this country by greedy bastards turning a fucking profit, and you suck up to them for exactly what?


This is truly the first and only exciting presidential race in my lifetime. The one time that I didn’t feel like holding my nose as a leftie about voting for someone.

There he is Bernie Sanders - one of us - a progressive human being running for president with a very good chance at winning.

History will be made if he wins. They didn’t know how much they would like FDR when they elected him but history tells us all how much they came to love him. Was FDR perfect? Nope… not by a whole lot, he wasn’t. Did he do good and become loved by the public? He sure as hell did and brought us through the depression and the war.

America fights a two front battle now too. Corporate coup oligarchy subverting democracy and climate change. Is he perfect? Yeah right. Is he a good man who will do his best and accomplish far more than would the repubs or Hillary against oligarchy and climate change?

You know he will. This is exciting stuff and can you believe it… He wants to give people healthcare. It is amazing at how many people act like even asking for such a thing is impossible. This country needs to free itself from the control by oligarchy mindset.

I most appreciate Bernie for making that change of mindset possible… it has been a long time coming.


Well said!


The specifics of “his plan” have been public information for more than a half century. Medicare started in 1965 and Bernie’s plan simply expands it from serving the disabled and Murkins over age 65 to serving all Murkins.

Were you expecting Bernie to come up with a 2000 plus page package of weasel clauses that characterizes Obama’s ACA and will never be read by any member of Congress ?


Calling out the fox.

I wonder if people paid to shape opinions in open website threads are given a list of particular memes and related Talking Points?

The right wing pundits love to say that in Canada, health care is rationed. This gives Americans the image of waiting on line to get help.

In another thread, LRX pushed the idea of extra taxes. In one comment, he used the term TAX or TAXES 8 times.

This guy is being paid to POISON the discourse with Industry Talking Points. Since Hillary is part of the entire corporate nemesis that controls so much of this nation, LRX could be on her payroll although it’s difficult to say.

The thing that IS obvioius is that he does his best to slander Sanders.

I have a file of his posts… and can back up my assertion by merely reposting say 8 of them. They show a UNIFORM set of talking points which reveal his purpose here.


I wonder if there is a bookie that would take my bet the Clinton campaign pulls some dirty stunt? I’m not much of a gambler but I’d put some money down on that one, yessiree.


I concur about this being an exciting race - it has been a long time coming. Please don’t forget the other half of the FDR Dynamic Duo, Eleanor Roosevelt. Bernie will also have, I must believe, a woman as running mate, and together they will build a (real) Democratic majority coalition for the future, something neither Bill Clinton nor Obama did, quite the opposite for both squandering (or intentionally wasting) the support they garnered, then betrayed…


I think the dirty stunt has just happened with them getting the issue of the emails postponed until after the four primaries are over. That was a helluva important move considering that the FBI may indict Hillary. Were the issue opened up on Friday then tomorrow would be a disaster for Hillary public relations wise. What surprises me is that repubs seem willing to let her get the nod rather than have Bernie gain even further in the polls.

Lol… helluva race ain’t it? I don’t know how the younglings see it but us old coots and cootessas are amazed. Bernie has virtually united the oligarchy if not the two parties. lol


Zero percent to nail biting percent is a lot of long-term momentum.

Polling reports are that when the occasional Martin O’Malley caucusers feel obligated to break to the Bernie and Hillary camps, most will head for the Bernie side.

Just a reminder: Iowa Republican polls and New Hampshire polls for both primaries are suspect. Four years ago the real Iowa Republican results were announced days after the Iowa Republican Party gratuitously announced that another candidate won.

Then New Hampshire engaged in black box voting. The consensus polls were wrong about the Republican winner in New Hampshire – or more probably the voting in New Hampshire was rigged from the inside. Nobody went to prison because the FBI has its head stuck in the ground. Curiously, the Democratic NH vote seems to also have been rigged. Best guess, the Republicans who rigged the vote wanted the loser in the Democratic race to win in New Hampshire, because that would prolong the Democratic race so the Dems wouldn’t have as much campaign money left for the general election. In other words, Obama was leading in the polls but Hillary just won.

The stupid media blamed New Hampshire on the fact that Hillary cried about something, which made her look more human. Yes, she did cry just before the election, but show me even one New Hampshire voter who thought that a tear made a difference. P.S. when Glenn Beck wants to get all teary for the camera he uses a little bottle of Visene.


Bernie really likes his wife as a political partner. She gets a desk right next to his desk. I think that she’d make a great Eleanor Roosevelt.

As for Elizabeth Warren running for VP, maybe. On the other hand, Bernie really needs to nail down some swing state or region. Who do we have from California, for example?


How about Barbara Lee or Cynthia McKinney or Cindy Sheehan?



A sure way to get Bernie nominated could be an endorsement by Elizabeth Warren.


I guess I’m the one that has to break the news to you that US healthcare is rationed based on the ability to pay. Capitalism’s logic dictates that the exchange value (price) of the commodity is more important than its use value usefulness (use value). One implication of this is that if you don’t have the money to purchase healthcare (the commodity), then you don’t receive it.

One problem is that approximately 26,000 working age people die prematurely according to Families USA because they lack access to health care, i.e., it’s rationed on the basis of the ability to pay.

If 26,000 US residents died per year because of terrorism, you can bet that the ruling class would lavish trillions for making war, i.e., killing people to keep the American people safe.

Give me a GD break!


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As bad and divisive as Team Clinton & Pelosi are to the chances for a reboot of the House and Senate progressives in 2016; their cynicism is really baring all of the nation to a greater truth, here. The Democratic Party will lose 25 million voters, or more, in 2018 and beyond with this pathetic line of attack towards Sanders and his supporters. And, the DNC is showing it values Corporate $$$ over real voters turning out in real elections. WTF is that about? When they’ll need the grass roots to end gerrymandering at the state level, the various possible SCOTUS nominations coming into play and the whole ball of wax; this " NO, NO, NO " ploy is a disaster in the making. Pelosi and Clinton can walk away loaded to the gills with dough, win or lose, but their Orwellian Speak, could be devastating to 50-60% of the population. This is truly a very funny way to run a railroad unless your real goal is " railroading " the very people you need to vote. Something is going on here and it is really " wack " regarding this DNC/DSCC/CCC 2016 strategy. It’s nutzo!


i’m scared of the voting machines. iirc, they are owned by right wingers, or, at the least, oligarchs.

and yes, they can be hacked. truth-out has an article right now on it.


I’m with Susan Sarandon and most of the women here on CD. And we’re for Bernie. :O)


The decline of middle America over the last 15 years has been distressing to watch. Not a single politician had the courage to tell the truth and to highlight why the decline was happening. Then Bernie fell into our laps and all of a sudden, the issues become visible. Recognizing the truth is the first step to recovery. Bravo to Bernie, it is a pleasure to watch him and all the young people he is inspiring. I know he may not win, given how the deck is stack against him, but the revolution has started. If the rich think Bernie is their only problem, they better think again. The masses are rising and there is far more to come.