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'Day of Rage' in Occupied Territories Amid Global Outcry Against Trump's Jerusalem Move


'Day of Rage' in Occupied Territories Amid Global Outcry Against Trump's Jerusalem Move

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets worldwide to denounce the White House's "dangerous escalation"


May 14, 1948: a date that will live in infamy.

(one of many in a fucking long list…)


I’m quite interested in Turkey’s position.

I get the sense that they’re considering leaving NATO and aligning even more closely with Russia.

That makes for an even more confusing dynamic across the Shia Crescent. While Turkey is 85% Sunni, they might take their marching orders from Putin, or sit just meddle from the sidelines per usual.

Meanwhile, it’s hard not to notice how Shia militias kicked ISIS’s ass and preserved the Assad regime with lots of help from Putin. And it’s hard not to notice this bad ass Iranian crew called the PMF. At 100,000 strong, they’re an army in themselves. Lots of Iraqis love them. Which is ironic, considering the US spent trillions in Iraq only to see them align with Iran. Then again, does the US ever win hearts and minds?

My final thought: If all-out war broke out in the Mideast, I’m not so sure the Israel/KSA/US alliance would prevail.


I forgot this: Israel is pushing the Palestinians into a “nothing left to lose” position.

And, while support for the Palestinians isn’t exactly high across the Mideast, Israel should brace for major casualties. Hamas is pretty weak militarily, but Hezbollah is battled-hardened and well-stocked with conventional weapons, including lots of missiles:


The Israeli “problem” is deliberately made over-complicated by the Zionists who pushed white westerners to help them steal Palestine from it’s rightful owners. In a supposed age of reason, using 2500 year old myths and theology to justify white people stealing the land of people of color should not fly. But it does through the complicity of corporate media. Simply put, this is a case of land theft, and the Israelis are the thieves. This is why it won’t go away - the Palestinians are rightfully pissed, have history and legal precedent on their side, and are truly the victims of a massive white western conspiracy to permanently drive them from their land. Anyone who believes in property rights should be upset for them, and support them over the thieving Zionists and their supporters. The Palestinians have every right to try and drive them into the sea by just about any means necessary. U. S. political policy towards the region needs to do a 180 to do what is right by them. We need to end all military and economic aid to Israel (as well as Egypt and Saudi Arabia) and allow the Palestinians and their neighbors to right this long-term wrong. I don’t care where the Israelis go, but they can’t stay in Palestine - they are thieves, and the trouble will continue as long as this imbalance exists.


It’s all about the NUKES. Israel wanted them, JFK said no, result…11/22/63. To achieve Eretz Israel, no other Middle east countries will be allowed nukes. The butchers of Tel Aviv who control our press, congress and president steer America into the abyss.


Aside from trumps ignorance and stupidity, and his lap-dog status to Israeli extremism…

.yesterday was the “Day of Infamy” re the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that is remembered annually in america.

The 1967 Israeli sneak attack (attempted false-flag op) on the USS Liberty in international waters off Egypt killed 34 American sailors and wounded 178 others during the Six Day War when Israel took control of Jerusalem should be seen as Pearl Harbot II…instead it was covered-up and witnesses silenced to this very day!

Where is the remembrance for those US service members killed and wounded by Israeli extremism/terrorism?! These killers are now our “special ally”??!! BS! This cover-up is evidence of the extreme subversion and influence Israel has had on our politics, elections, Congress, and especially now the WH & trump regime!!

http://www.gtr5.com/ USS Liberty attack record

http://www.ussliberty.org/moorerfindings.htm Admiral Thomas Moorer commission findings of fact on Israeli sneak attack


No doubt about it in my mind!


Hitler and Mussolini, Netanyahu and Trump…
*The dream to control the world or destroy it always seem to resurface, no matter how hard the world tries to put it to rest.
*World War I, “The War to end all wars,” many millions died, both military and civilian.
*World War II, many more millions died, thinking in the end that, with the atomic bomb, all war must end.
*How many millions have died ever since? Korea, Vietnam, many Middle East wars, now wars around the world and the Nazi dream arises again.
*How many millions must die this time, to bury once more that recurrent dream of the wannabe world dictators?
*Is it so impossible to work for peace? Is it so impossible to live with enough to be comfortable, to have work to do, to be able to raise and educate your children, to have medical care when needed?
*Why must a small number of wealthy plunge the world into misery and want and war, just to add more billions to the billions they already have?
*Why the need to disempower We the People of the World?


Trump has NO RIGHT to do what he did!! What a jerk! Pompous you-know-what.


Thank you for sharing and enlightening me about this horrific massacre . I searched for additional information and found this Al Jazeera article that includes a Richard Belfield film.


Europe is condeming to prevent millions of Muslims from rampaging through the streets of Paris and Berlin. Arabs are rampaging through the streets of Ramallah but sooner or later they have to face the fact that their claims are fraudulent. This is a good time, Israel being stronger than ever and Palestinians weaker than ever.
Palestinians cite UN Sec Council resolutions – which they fail to understand – but ignore the only relevant law: the League of Nations Palestine Mandate confirmed by UN Charter Article 80 obliging all UN member states to facilitate nd support a Jewish state from the River to the Sea.
One the ruckus is over we can all get back to normal, supporting Israel as the only effective countervail against Iranian regional expansionism. Even Israel’s Sunni Arab neighbors are onside for that and the Palestinian cause is dead.
Palestinians will be thrown a bone: demilitarize semi-autonomy around Ramallah and in Gaza. Their relationship to Israel will be like Puerto Rico’s to the U.S. More than they deserve.


There is no reality in which your preferences will transpire.


If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.


I don’t recall expressing any wishes.


The Zionists arrived as legal immigrants and bought land from Arabs happy to sell.

Evidence that after 65 years the Zionists had stolen even one square inch of land?


Why not?




Thank you for sharing One_World for the link - I’m having trouble viewing the video/film but hopefully will figure it out. Keep the faith!

The attempted false-flag op by Israeli forces to sink the USS Liberty and blame others has been done again and again by the Israelis. The motto of the Israeli Mossad is “By Way of Deception Thou shall Do War”. the Zionist MO is by deceit, racist atrocities and subversion we shall steal the land of Palestine from the indigenous inhabitants to be for Jews only…

Here is another avenue to access the must-see film of the Israeli war criminals sneak attack on the Liberty!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx72tAWVcoM This MUST see film will open your eyes to who “our special ally”, the war criminal Israel, actually is! Just imagine what the Palestinians have endured for over half a century! Never Forget!


What the Hell do you people smoke? I want none of it!