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'Day of Rage': Palestinians and Global Allies Rise Up Against Annexation Plan and Israeli Apartheid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/01/day-rage-palestinians-and-global-allies-rise-against-annexation-plan-and-israeli


Worldwide BDS Follows Zionist Annexation.

Hate And Oppression Must Never Again Be Rewarded By The United States Of America.

(That’s Right, That Includes You-United States Armed Forces And Law Enforcement Agencies.)


If Nutty goes ahead with his annexation plan the repercussions will create a great opportunity for the Palestinians to use this misstep to oust Israel from all of their land occupied since 1967. Palestinians have been dying under a brutal occupation for decades and since they have nothing to look forward to i hope they risk their all in the fight to free their country.


glad to see people (finally) calling Israel an apartheid state, been wondering for years how (or why) it was escaping that label. BDS em


It is sad, but Israelis want to “wipe the map clean of Palestine.” Palestinians would like a ‘one State solution’, but that doesn’t work for a people who believe that they are a separate and superior race. When in Israel, it is common place to find Jews who despise Palestinians and are seething with racial hatred of all Arabs in general. Multiculturalism can only be successful in advanced democracies that respect human rights and have abandoned silly notions of race and ethnicity.
Though the American people cannot stand these type of apartheid societies, corporate America demands that we continue to arm the nuclear power of Israel and support their ethnic cleansing of the region so that American’s “strategic resources” are protected. The rest of the world must stand united against the racist agenda of Israel and support the BDS movement designed to thwart Israel’s evil policies. But until the American people can rid our own society of our biased MSM, our insatiable MIC and our corporate allied Congress, we will continue to stand on the wrong side of history.


Many Zionist Jews are racists. While in Israel-Palestine they enforce fundamental preferences for those that are Jews, simply because they are Jews, they condemn as anti-Semites those that oppose or criticize that racism (as in BDS and more). They see no problem with preferences for Jews, they welcome it.

Zionists Jews deliberately conflate criticism of something Jewish with anti-Semitism, bigotry against Jews per se. It’s rhetorical sleight-of-hand, a convenient cudgel to intimidate and silence legitimate criticism.


An excellent comprehensive and accurate commentary; thank you! Bravo!

Isn’t it the height of irony–not all Jews are Semites, but Palestinians are? So support of a group of Semitic people is denounced as anti-Semitism??