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Day of Reckoning for DuPont Over Teflon Chemical

Day of Reckoning for DuPont Over Teflon Chemical

Bill Walker

More than 15 years after an attorney investigating mysterious cattle deaths in Parkersburg, W. Va., discovered that DuPont had polluted the area’s drinking water with a carcinogenic chemical used to make Teflon, the company is finally facing trial.

Given the fact that the Teflon Chemical(s) kill birds at the drop of a hat, it’s not surprising that it does so much harm to humans and other animals, as well.

As somebody who has owned (and still owns) a born-in-captivity exotic pet bird (A Congo African Grey Parrot, and previously, a Noble Macaw.), I began eliminating all teflon-coated cookware from my house. My mom and dad still had teflon-coated frying pans, and, when my father balked at the idea of not using a teflon-coated frying pan for his morning omelette, my mom said “If teflon’s not good for birds, why would it be any better for humans? It’s not really worth using.”


Does anyone actually think that DuPont really gives a damn? What possible punishment could affect the corporation? A fine? The damage has been done. No one will be punished and business will go on as usual. The only punishment that might make a difference is if the CEO of the offending corporation does a few years in Federal Prison. That will happen when pigs fly.


Teflon-coated cookware is also a classic example of how supposed “free markets” foist on us “new and improved” crap that people who never wanted or asked for - but within a few years, people are brainwashed into believing that their lives utterly depend on the crap which does not even work as well the things it replaced. Then a couple more years, one cannot even find the perfectly satisfactory thing it replaced for sale anywhere.

A properly seasoned cast iron skillet or pan (don’t scrub it! - the “germs” wont hurt you!) is superior in every way in nonstick properties and imparted flavor to a Teflon-coated pan.


I have had and use the same cast iron frying pan ever since I turned 19 and moved out on my own. Nothing better.


The other big crime is Depleted Uranium bottomed cookware. I am not making this up. The nuke mob is dumping hot nuke waste into consumer products like smoke detectors and cookware. We had a maid forget the stove and the fire put the nastiest metal smoke in the air. Even though I aired out the house, we have all been coughing ever since.

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Hey, no problem, just ask the “Justice” Dept to make a deal - a pennies on the dollar fine paid by the corporation and no actual person prosecuted or charged or even admonished, and no laws changed to make damn sure this or anything like it ever happens again! The reality of corporate deals with zero actual accountability is over the moon people! Unless the actual people who make the decisions to pollute or design deadly products, or create some new pharmaceutical scam crap, or those who create “financial instruments” to defraud the citizens, there will be no JUSTICE! Corpoarte personhood is as much a scam as the TPP and TTIP that will lock-in the ability for corporations to evade even more and when caught committing crimes will go to the super-secret corporate tribunal to sue the nation or state that they have polluted or defrauded or citizens they have stolen from! ENOUGH!