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Day of the Demagogue: Trumpian Deportation Fantasies and American Realities


Day of the Demagogue: Trumpian Deportation Fantasies and American Realities

Tanya Golash-Boza

In 2006, when I first began researching deportations, George W. Bush was president and quietly building a deportation machine in the Department of Homeland Security. Outside of small activist circles, few Americans knew that deportations had been rising since 1996 due to legislation signed by President Bill Clinton. Nor could anyone then have imagined that the next President would be a Democrat, the son of a Kenyan immigrant, and would make Bush look like a piker when it came to record-high deportations.


Lets hope more primary voters start voting for Bernie and stop voting for Hillary, who is likely to lose a contest with Cruz or especially Trump.


Let’s dig deeper into what these quoted positions mean:

"As again would have been unimaginable a mere decade ago, Republican front-runners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have both promised to deport every last one of the estimated 11 million undocumented migrants in the United States, the whole lot of them, while as a bonus banning Muslims from the country. Trump gave his particular proposals a special twist by labeling Mexicans coming across the border as “rapists,” and immigrants more generally as “snakes.”

U.S. MIC and NATO forces bludgeoned the Middle East. All of the horrors in Syria come from stirring up a hornet’s nest based on old tribal biases, Anglo-European imperialism, filling this inflamed region with incredible amounts of weaponry, and playing one tyrant off another.

Result (a/k/a what Chalmers Johnson rightly described as “Blowback”): a massive refugee crisis generating parallel responses of jingoism across Europe as depicted in the call–and goal–to build walls.

There are 4 kinds of wars:

  1. The first is the evident use of bombs and direct weaponry
  2. The second is the use of economic means to drive a country’s leadership (and people) to heel
  3. The third form of war is to control what a population is allowed to know, made to believe, and conditioned to think of as possible
  4. The fourth form of war is absolutely covert and undermines a nation (or entity) from within. Part of this process involves demoralizing the spirit of a people

Where the Middle East was mostly the recipient of numbers 1 & 2, NAFTA presented war by the 2nd major means: economic.

Its blowback is seen in the 11 million Hispanics who had no choice BUT to head north in search of work. In addition, U.S. covert forces–primarily in the form of the CIA made life miserable for workers, unions, and peasant farmers in much of Central America. Plus, the blowback from the Honduras coup is seen in the PLIGHT of orphaned children and those who face all sorts of horrors in attempting to also make it to the U.S. border.

So rich clowns who don’t have a bone of empathy in their bodies, insist that the “solution” is to build a wall.

These empathy-deficient sociopaths present only HALF of a given narrative:

“They are here!”
“They are coming!”
“They will take your jobs, rape your women, ruin your neighborhoods!”

But they never mention WHY they come; or why people feel forced to give up the lives and lands they love in search of food and the necessities of basic survival.

There must be a special place in HELL for rich white men who work to spread misery to others and do so with a sense of absolute righteousness. Trump falls into that bracket, but so do despicable moral misfits like the Koch Brothers. These bastards are behind the financial campaigns that have sent people like Paul Ryan and Scott Walker into office.

The world would be very different if the Feminine Principle were given as much expression in decision making and culture shaping as all these strutting macho peacocks who think bombing people or winning wars is a show of leadership.

No wonder the Hopis see a Sixth Extinction as imminent… as do scientists ranging from Hansen to MacPherson.


There a long history of deportations in the United States of America. The Indian removal acts were forcible deportations with entire peoples forced to move at gunpoint.

After the Mexican American war, Hispanics living in that region were guaranteed their title to the lands they held and becoming full American citizens. No sooner was the treaty signed , than its provisions ignored with Anglo’s flooding the area and lynching Mexican landowners. The violence against the Hispanics was unchecked and many fled to Mexico for their own safety.

In the first year under “operation wetback” during the Eisenhower years over 1 million were arrested . It estimated that some 500000 from Texas alone “self deported” to escape arrest.