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Day or Rage: London Marchers Denounce 'Corporate Manslaughter' of Grenfell Tower Victims


Day or Rage: London Marchers Denounce 'Corporate Manslaughter' of Grenfell Tower Victims

Jon Queally, staff writer

Outraged Londoners took to the streets of their city on Wednesday to express solidarity with the victims of the recent Grenfell Tower fire and voice anger at the government policies they argue led to the disaster.


So much for the usefulness of Twitter…


Time has come to Grease the Guillotines!

Establishment politicians will never relinquish power.



I recommend Russell Brand’s statement on Grenfell.

It is a short video, the most recent of his “Trews” series on YouTube, which is on my regular must see list.


Glad to see “corporate” being used. The core systemic rot that has infested democracies worldwide is THE CORPORATE MACHINE. Bernie and Mrs. Warren - Don’t be afraid of the “c”-word! This "genie"must be driven outa “Dodge” - back into its dim, dark, gloomy bottle - sunken into the Mariana Trench, entombed in concrete.


Very good of you to present this Russell Brand Trews News video! Thank you. The transcript is here - http://www.russellbrand.com/grenfell-tragedy-reveal/


It became useless as soon as the president blocked dissent from his account


Corporate/oligarchical GREED caused this unthinkable and preventable tragedy. I join you in solidarity and grief. I lived in UK during the Thatcher years. Thatcher/Reagan’s “love affair” devastated our two imperialistic, brutal countries. #NOT IN MY NAME.
Rita Marie Kelley, US, formerly West Sussex


If only the Twitter CEO had the courage to close Don’s account.


This article expressed outrage at what happened, and cast blame for it on the Conservative national government. The only statements about how it happened were passive ones: things done to the inhabitants of the towers, not much detail provided.

Some of the statements in the article are true, and the response I have to some of them is “so what?” There is inequality in the neighborhood. Yes, some people earn enough to pay taxes and buy the places where they live, and some people do not, and demand to be provided, and complain about what they get. Old proverb: “Beggars can’t be choosers”.

Elsewhere I’ve heard of government policy to reduce energy consumption, and hence CO2 generation. Greenies and people here at Common Dreams think that is good. Whoever responsible for the tower chose to put a sleeve of insulation around the tower. Stingy once, and stingy twice. And they, like the owners of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, deserve to get sued, charged, and to lose their cases.
– Now, what would have happened if no such sleeve had been put on the tower?

In the comments are a lot of talk of organizing. Hmm, good. For what? Organizing to tear down or to build something new? Organizing to tear down or overthrow could lead to something like Venezuela or Zimbabwe, where there is such a passion for poor folk that they have all become poor, and tearing down has torn down the ability to grow their own food and they starve.


News update, Saturday’s news. Five towers in north London have been ordered evacuated as fire risks. More likely soon. The housing authority is asking them to stay with friends and family while the fire hazard is mitigated/fixed. Emergency provisions will also be made. I saw no official statements referencing Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion that empty luxury flats be identified and the displaced people put there. And certainly all the better-off people in London who voted for Labour have a moral duty to either put up the displaced in their own flats, or to snitch on their Tory neighbors and try to forcibly place the displaced people over there. (with a bit of sarcasm)

Tidbit of news. The origin point of the Grenfell Towers fire has been identified as a refrigerator/freezer. I haven’t seen reports on how it spread from there.