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#DayAgainstDenial Calls on Senate to Reject Trump's Anti-Science Cabinet


#DayAgainstDenial Calls on Senate to Reject Trump's Anti-Science Cabinet

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Environmental groups are launching a nationwide campaign on Monday to highlight the climate denialism rampant among President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet picks and demand lawmakers reject their nominations.


One thing I've noticed about climate deniers is the lack of education in science. One don't have to be a scientist, but should at least read something that has to do with science. I think at this point, the people in those positions should be asked if they had taken any science while in primary schooling. It would be nice if actual scientists where in those positions. Kinda like it would be nice to have an actual educater in the Department of Education instead of some form of a secret service agent or some jackassy CEO of a corporation. Bit thats another story i guess.


With reports of a huge piece of ice, some say as large as the state of Delaware, ready to break off in Antarctica, what will it take to stop Trump and his fellow cabinet, climate deniers. Perhaps we need to change the narrative from climate deniers....to climate terrorists!


People living on the east coast need to march against lamestreet media in NYC and Washington DC. The headquarters of NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN et al. We need to demand that we get all the news, that they have journalist integrity. That we the people own the airwaves and we've had enough of them just saying he said, she said and no analysis.

All these marches and protests will never be covered by them until we the people march and protest against them.


Climate change shall be inhibited, and the worldwide fossil fuel industry shall be flattened forever, only when hundreds of ordinary people agree to support bleeding edge solar and wind inventors and product developers. Previous generations supported parsons this way.

I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your children may live. This might be a quote, but in this particular case I mean it straight up. Too much apathy is the road to death.


Climate science at its most basic level is on par with a Junior High science class. The problem is not a lack of education or level of intelligence but rather a purposeful denial and unwillingness to bother to learn.


Yes, and with Kelly Ann Conway defending a bigoted female abuser all the way- what a dopette.


You are right- then again the flat earthers from the South ( mostly) are more than willing to get sick or be flooded out because it is g-d's will.


And one does not even have to do much research- just listen to the weather reports.


Notice how the anti choice activists are also climate deniers and believe the Earth is flat?


I don't really believe that applies when it comes to their own home though.


Their home is on Earth period. Until they move to Mars.


Science deniers are usually idiots or liars. Eventually science will bite their conservative ass and they will blame liberals for it.


"The CEO of the world's largest oil company should not run our foreign policy."

But, in fact, ever since the ascendency of oil, the US Senate has been "owned" by the oil industry, and in fact, much of our foreign policy over many decades has been shaped by the needs and desires of the oil industry. As with the election of a real estate speculator as POTUS, so too the selection of the CEO of the largest US oil company as SoS is just the logical progression of Americanized capitalism. A last ditch effort to stave off reality.