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Days After Calling on DOJ to Kill Mueller Probe, Trump Personal Attorney John Dowd Quits

Days After Calling on DOJ to Kill Mueller Probe, Trump Personal Attorney John Dowd Quits

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just days after calling on the Justice Department to kill special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, John Dowd—President Donald Trump's personal attorney and the lead lawyer handling Mueller's probe—resigned on Thursday after reportedly concluding that the president "was increasingly ignoring his advice."

Better be careful when you say you love Donald Trump. You never know how the right will take it.

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The rats are leaving the sinking ship.


Another rodent leaves (or is forced-out of) the sinking trump R’Con ship of state - the inability of trump to firstly appoint people of moral compass, integrity and dedication to he Common Good, and then to listen even to the shills and sycophants he did appoint clearly makes trump mentally, morally, intellectually, educationally and experientially unfit to be anything but what he has been throughout life - his life-long hideous sociopath self - devoid of all moral compass and wisdom…when a human rodent like trump is cornered it lashes-out and commits acts of mass destruction; to society, people, other nations, and our Mother Earth - any filth, regardless the consequences, to distract the deaf, dumb and blind from his serious destructive pathology…


Great minds think alike EdsNote…

But unlike a real sinking ship, in this case there are numerous other rats eager to scurry aboard.

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The rats that are steering the ship.



We are too long into this succession of American presidents/administrations ignoring the
will of the people – and in this case, the outright bullying abuse of the American public –
to think that this ONE administration may be the end of it all.

There are very powerful forces behind Trump and they feel confident that the American
public will stand for bullying because we have done so before.

We are without an American free press to confirm for us that fascists have taken control
of our government.

We are without an American free press to form visions of how to combat and act against
these forces.

We have all seen revolution enough to know that violence will not bring freedom/democracy.

Banging on doors is a beginning – National Health Care for all citizens could be a battering ram.

The Vietnam Era Youth Movement/Anti-War Movement continues to be a model for resistance
in standing against Elitism and Capitalism . . .

"I realized that in this country we had a revolution–of housing, food, hair style, clothing, cosmetics, transportation, value systems, religion–it was an economic revolution, affecting the cosmetics industry, canned foods, the use of land; people were delivering their own babies, recycling old clothes, withdrawing from spectator sports. They were breaking the barriers where white and black could rap in 1967. This was the year of the Beatles, the summer of Sergeant Pepper, the Monterey Pop Festival, Haight-Ashbury, make your own candle and turn off the electricity, turn on with your friends and laugh–that’s what life was all about."


Violence was used to overturn the movement, beginning with the violence and lying propaganda
of the Sharon Tate murders which look more like a military operation.
Tate’s father was high up in the CIA and others have now begun to cover the likelihood of
“The Manson Murders” as a false flag operation to destroy the Anti-War movement.

And the violence continued on - from Kent State to murders of musicians and anti-war candidates.


Damn! You are so right! And the ones scurrying aboard are bigger and uglier than the ones that are leaving, aren’t they?


Not so sure about that. Reports are that Trump associates have been having trouble finding legal counsel willing to take them on. No lawyer wants to take a case that is a sure loser.


Bravo! I could not have said it any better!

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“And the ones scurrying aboard are bigger and uglier than the ones that are leaving, aren’t they?”

No, they aren’t. They are small, ineffective flies looking for a place to land even if on a turd. All the competent big guns don’t want anything to do with this bunch.


I try not to underestimate what depths the promise of a paycheck can drive people to. Of course, I’d be pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong.

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He wants the Mueller Probe killed, so you have to know Trump will be vulnerable if the Mueller probe continues to its finished report. How would that surprise anyone? Trump is corrupt to the hard core. He is a multi billionaire with a cabinet full of multi millionaires to billionaires. A government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. What is there to like about this administration? Trump is corrupt to the hard core and I just don’t see Trump surviving past 2020, the next presidential election. What Republicans need to start doing is distancing themselves from Trump and the predictable downfall of Trump. The ultimate question in all of this is whether or not he will bring down the entire Republican Party.

So very, very well said.

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Who is paying for all of these lawyers … citizens?

Or does Trump have some kind of a legal fund which I guess has become
common for government criminals?

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Don’t let the door hit you on your way out Dowd.

I see the Donald agreed to let you say that you were resigning.

We all know the truth of the matter.

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Goddess, I hope so! If the reps had any self-respect they would ‘go along to get along’ and not pass one miniscule bit of legislation as long as he is in office – since they have not done that it is my considered opinion that they a-l-l-l-l need to go!

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Dowd thought he was a predator lawyer with client (his score). But his “client” was really a shark-tank owner and Dowd was just one more dime-a-dozen guppy in the tank. Throw 'em in. Throw 'em out. Rinse and repeat, repeat, repeat. Dumps doesn’t really care.
Dumps & Dowd. Sounds like a haberdashery - or maybe Dumps, Dowd & Donuts.
: - 0)


The biggest sellouts come from the '60’s generation!