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Days After Endorsing Cuomo, NYT Calls His Party's Anti-Semitism Smear Against Cynthia Nixon 'Nearly as Sleazy as It Gets'






Hi fascist Fokker-------oh sorry I missed that. I think of tress disappearing for giant cattle farms, or for palm oil farms, or for nations lie America using defoliants…That’s why using the $2 Hillary book as a back up for toilet papekr would make sense. TWO uses in ONE! : )


Actually, for me, it would only be ONE use: I would rather wrestle an alligator in a closet than read that book!


Let’s stroll back down memory lane…not too far back…February 2008…" “the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we’ve seen from either party in this election.”


Folks are tiring of this “anti-Semite” fraud.Enough already.


A blast from the past…you must be of an age to remember. Peace.


Hemp for Victory! Save the Planet! Save the Wild! Legalize it now! End the Corrupt Prohibition!

https://www.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/ncnu02/v5-284.html This is a damn-near diffinitive treatise on Industrial Hemp, its history, its myriad uses and much else - a very good read!



Corporations running scared.


I wish “folks” would tire of it, but like old-time red-baiting it remains successful. This is the problem of contemporary progressive leftism. But not clarifying what capitalism is, what socialism is and by over-emphasizing identity politics and personality politics, opposition smears work quite well among a confused and/or apathetic populace,


And what have to got to say about the Arab lobby? I wonder if you even know or care that there is one, with plenty of influence and money.


I do not support BDS, which was devised by the Arab countries to delegitimize Israel. The aim of BDS and the Palestinians is the destruction of Israel and the expulsion or death of all the Jews. Just read the charters of Hamas, the PLO, and the various groups.


Not a voter in NY, I listened to an interview of Cynthia Nixon this week on PBS radio here in Alabama. I was very impressed with her poise and open answers to any and all questions. I would vote for her if I could. I hope she does not resign from politics because of this defeat.