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Days After Hypothermia Fiasco, Add Heat Stroke to 'Things You Can Get at a Trump Rally': Supporters Hospitalized During Event in Florida

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/30/days-after-hypothermia-fiasco-add-heat-stroke-things-you-can-get-trump-rally


Let’s not forget drowning as one of the things that happens at Trump rallies. The Battle of Lake Travis is one example(and created lots of cool memes!). And We The People are footing the bill by supporting EMT’s, fire and police departments. All the costs should be paid by Trump and his campaign, just as local rescue agencies now bill people caught out on lakes while ice fishing and need to be rescued. Except…he has no assets or ready cash. …


Not that concerned about Trumpistas, it’s natural consequences for stupidity, but they are burden on the health system, fire departments, police etc. who have to scrape them up when they collapse, and later treat their Covid. And before they realize it they have infected a bunch of others.

How many of them are enjoying the joys of Obamacare; which Trump wants to shitcan. I see a lot of oldsters in the rallies; they must be enjoying that horribly socialist Medicare, which he also wants to get rid of.

No wonder the UFO’s don’t come anymore; they couldn’t find intelligent life.


No zombies in america either. They all starved.


And these were Floridians folks. They know better. That means they were willfully stupid, therefore not worthy of an ounce of sympathy.

“And the Darwin Award for this election season goes to…”


Highly advanced life forms are sitting at home and laughing at a sitcom called “Earth”.


“Trump campaign goes into home stretch by infecting, freezing, and burning its own supporters.”

Which only makes me that much more cynical that the entire election is a charade & that on Tues, Nov 3rd tptb won’t even bother pretending to count our votes.


I’m getting all worn out from strenuously withdrawing my sympathies. It’s getting to be too much work distinguishing the way-too-willfully stupid from the US American traditionally stupid, not to mention the self-loathing ecofascist stupid and other exotic strains prowling about. I have to give up on distinguishing the worthy from the unworthy and apportion my ounces of sympathy indiscriminately, like the rain.

(Just kidding. Not.)

This is interesting: Have you heard?



Trump supporters are people who will literally die for their master. They fail to realize Trump’s little secret: He treats them badly because he really detests them. If they are incapable of watching out for their own safety and health because they fall for this conman, then they are undeserving of taking up space in hospitals that needs to go to those innocent people infected by them.


‘Hey, let’s all go to a psychopath’s rally!’ Americans are losing the mind they never had.


He just doesn’t care, he’s incapable.



Yeah, I read that about Greenwald yesterday, and am not sure what to think of it. While I’ve always been a fan of his work and his activism, it seems that he has spent all of his energies the last few years on some quixotic crusade against all things America in general, and all things Clinton and Obama specifically. And while the Obama administration and the Clinton run state dept deserve to be held up to the democratic faithful as an example of what not to do, he seems to willfully want to avoid any and all critique of the malfeasance of the Trump administration, especially in regards to Trumps financial connections with Russian oligarchs that also control Putin and the Russian government (unlike the rest of the Democratic intelligencia I don’t believe for a second that trump is some sort of traitor the likes of Benedict Arnold. He’s not smart enough for espionage. He’s just in hock up to his eyeballs to some very bad people, especially Russian oil men)
But for some reason, Glen now seems hell bent on going down the smear Joe Biden road by pushing this ridiculous story about Hunter Biden. And while I’m sure that there were sleazy goings on between Hunter and Ukrainian oil barons (Hunter always was the dumb Biden) especially knowing what we know about Hillary’s right hand woman and PNAC darling Victoria Nulan and Obama’s overthrow of the Ukrainian government, I just don’t know why Greenwald would be so invested in publishing what looks like a hit job to benefit the Trump campaign a week before the election. It just looks like a revenge trip, and those never end well.
I hope Glen finds peace in his new endeavor.


Thanks much for your well-considered comments on this journalistic imbroglio. I’m sure it helps many of us come to terms with it, somehow. (Also – I didn’t know that about Hunter.)

I’m perplexed with Greenwald’s current focus. Even if it were well-sourced and the whole family deserves exile to St. Helena, it’s really difficult to attract my interest in crookedness on that side (of which I’m sure there has been, is, and will be plenty) when, as Chomsky says, I’d vote for anything, for a freaking lamppost against Orangeman. Even a crooked lamppost.

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Amen. While I am no Joe Biden believer, and feel at best he is the devil we don’t know (even though we do know him) we DO know what devil we have, and could hardly afford another Beelzebub administration.
I really hate this lesser of two evils garbage, but let’s face it, at this point Biden would have to turn out to be the anti-Christ to be worse than Trump.


If you actually support Joe Biden, and came here to mock Trump supporters you are a kettle calling a pot black.

We’ve all lost this election, all those who think there will be a winner among ordinary citizens are equally daft no matter their preference.

12 years ago some voters had the same kind of enthusiasm for Hope and Change that MAGAts exhibit now, and many of those folks are so stupid they think they got it.

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This is from a twitter response to Greenwald’s resignation:

“He has some intelligence, but his ego allows him to think he has far more. I think that a journalist should think about the consequences of helping Trump right now.”

Barry Halls

The fog is gathering in front of the electorate. Remember how democrats shorted us on the impeachment of DJT by disregarding all that went before Ukraine.
Well here we are again. This time all tied up with the covid-19 virus. We are acting like trump’s horrid response to the pandemic is the only bad move on his part. Just about every day something bad comes out of the White House along with yet another lie.
Are we comfortably numb?


Actual Biden supporters who support Biden for what he’s done and promises to do, and who also claim to prefer progressive policies are indeed stupid.

I left an out for people who vote for Biden holding their nose, because Trump is so bad, and also for people who vote for Trump holding their nose because Biden is so bad.

I don’t argue with any complaints about Trump, but I also have zero respect for what Biden has done, and how he behaves. One could match behavior for behavior between Trump and Biden until way after both ought to be disqualified.

By my standards Trump is slightly less bad because he hasn’t started a new war yet.

And finally, there’s the extra joy of thumbing my nose at the Democrat Party who keeps running Republicans against Republicans giving us no democratic choice at all.

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Another PP - Pompous Progressive. Did you bother to vote or are you too busy upholding your high principles? Or, did you vote for the Green Party which is just another vote for Trump? Rome is burning, get with the program. Another 4 years of Trump’s anti-environment policies and we will be toast.


PS thanks for calling me stupid, PP.

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