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Days After Orlando Hate Crime, House GOP Blocks Vote on LGBTQ Protections



The allegations made in the linked piece (thanks to LostInStates) that the FBI -you know the agency investigating the mass murder - had "introduced" the murderer to FBI "informants" - AKA agitators and provocateurs - provided by the FBI to run their usual game of prodding and aiding often mentally ill people to commit or plan or speak of terrorist actions.

The possibility that the depraved murderer was influenced or "pushed over the edge" of his hatred or mental illness or "religious" psychosis by FBI "informants" perhaps causing or being complicit to the unspeakable crime MUST be fully investigated - and NOT by the potential perpetrators!


There have also been criminally false allegations made by media, especially Faux News citing an 'anonymous police source", against an innocent man.


These bigots are reprehensible. But we already knew that. Good, I guess to keep on naming names.


You seem to be a bit off topic and stuck on one point.


I'm guessing the Rules Committee members hoped no one would notice. Social media strikes again to hold them responsible.


And your point is? I may be a bit "off-topic" but this "one point" seems very relevant as it may help to explain the murders and mental state of the killer in the larger viewpoint - as well as exposing the potential incitement of the murderer.


Then write your own article about it instead of distracting ever other discussion.


Congress is still something like 95% "Christian" and generally engages in the
most "un-Christian" like behavior.

Organized patriarchal religion underpins patriarchy.


This is a very relevant point --

We should also not ignore the involvement of the FBI in this case where once again we see that they are close to the suspect for a long period of time before the violence.

QUOTE -- "...Michael German, a former F.B.I. agent who researches national security law at New York University's Brennan Center for Justice, told the Times, 'They're [the FBI] manufacturing terrorism cases.'" (The New Yorker, June 10, 2016, "Do FBI Stings help fight against ISIS?" by Evan Osnos)
and --
As NBC News notes: "Records also show that he had filed a petition for a name change in 2006 from Omar Mir Seddique to Omar Mir Seddique Mateen."

"Why is that important? Why is his original last name, Seddique, also spelled Siddiqui, significant? Because of a previous terrorism case in Florida, in which the FBI informant's name was Siddiqui. And because that previous case may have been one of those FBI prop-jobs, where the informant was used to falsely accuse a suspect of a terrorist act. The New Yorker (cited above) has details:" UNQUOTE

Coincidence? The informant in that case was paid $126,000.

We have seen this involvement of our FBI over and again in these violent events where the FBI has been involved long term with the suspect before the violence.
That includes, the first attack on the WTC in '93, the Oklahoma Bombing -- and the Boston bombing.

The corruption of government in the US certainly also extends to the involvement of our CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies.
As Eleanor Roosevelt said of the FBI long ago -- it's a "Gestapo" and long has been.
And certainly that includes our CIA -- and the intelligence agencies spying on the American public.

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This certainly was a HATE crime in the sense that the shooter seems to have been a repressed homosexual.
This is the result of HATE for homosexuals being spewed from the altars of ALL of our male-supremacist
religions. That preaching of HATRED caused even Catholic families to forsake their own children -- often
throwing them out of their homes.

We can see that the father of the shooter is also in denial and probably has felt shame and fear about his son.
But, as a reminder: Everyone -- every couple -- has a 30% chance of having a homosexual child.
Also see the Kinsey Chart which shows us that most everyone is some mix of male/female.

It's also a good time to state again that studies show that it is MALES who are our sexual abusers of children,
but that they are HETEROSEXUAL males. Heterosexual males are 100X more likely to sexually abuse a
child than a homosexual male.
Long ago, in Hawaii, homosexuals were esteemed and honored for their care of orphaned children.
Parents -- and all of society -- need to know who the true sexual abusers of our children are.

Freud actually knew better from his young patients -- both male and female -- who were making clear to him
that their sexual abusers were males in their families -- fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins -- and friends of the
family. Nonetheless, in betrayal of his patients, Freud put forth the Oedipus Complex which makes the
outrageous suggestion that it is the child who is the sexual aggression against the adult.


Sessions probably attended the daily prayer sessions held before Congress goes into session for the day...thus absolving himself from future acts of bias, bigotry, and unbridled bullying of "the other" committed by him on an hourly basis. He and his GOP partners in pathological objectification of any number of targeted groups make the Roman Senators look like pacifists. They feast on fear and hate.


It is not human nature -- rather it is hateful teachings by organized patriarchal religion which seeks to
maintain its superior status by making everyone else inferior -- by exploitation which profits them alone.

Organized patriarchal religion underpins elite patriarchy.
It is from there that we get the teachings and preachings which spread intolerance and hatred for women,
homosexuals, Jews (today, Muslims).

Columbus saw it as his main duty to spread "Christianity" here --
The Papal Bulls called for the enslavement or murder of the natives here and same for the Africans
enslaved here.

Christianity also invented capitalism when Feudal became insufficient to run its Papal States.


Notice that what started as a "terrorist" slaughter is now being referred to as a "hate crime". I guess that law enforcement, the press, and political sensitive elements of US state and federal administrators are beginning to find that labeling very unstable, mostly male, murderous members of the population as terrorists are finding less traction in using the term. Mateen had already been found by many he interacted with, especially a wife that he severely abused, to be a very unstable individual, probably in need of serious therapy. Such people should be recognized and dealt with. This US society seems to be good at engendering such wackos, but then not paying very much attention to them. Oh wait, I have found that state and municipal managers are fond of hiring psychopaths into their police forces. I guess they consider psychopathy a positive attribute for a policeman.

I remember that I once was getting some college cash working for the US Post Office during the Christmas season. There was a USPO worker at the branch I worked who, although a really nice guy, was not functioning with all cylinders firing. He used to go out to escort registered mail deliveries into the building with a gun in a holster on his belt. I asked a senior manager what the story was and he told me it was OK, there were no bullets in the gun. People, I would say, watched over one another and didn't run away from others who seemed to need some kind of care or attention. As Will McAvoy of the TV series "Newsroom" said, "it's not the greatest country in the world any more".