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Days Before Talks With Taliban and Peace Deal, Trump Publicly Calls Secret Meeting Off

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/08/days-talks-taliban-and-peace-deal-trump-publicly-calls-secret-meeting

Speaking of that infamous anniversary, there are some new developments from the University of Alaska.



“He is literally the worst deal maker of all time.” – law professor Joyce Alene

Deal maker! New York real estate is mobbed up like Cannolis. This is what happens when you hand over the keys to the Mafia.


What’s next, a staged chemical attack on Afghan civilians??

Laughable how Trump is played by the Neocons.


Trump’s base only responds positively to tough guy war action, not peace deals.


tx for the link

fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, …snip… t the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building.

Meaning controlled demolition. Controlled demolition takes at least WEEKS to set up = Conspiracy. Add, that at the time, there were reports of some ‘authority’ (I forget who) was overheard saying “pull it” just before the collapse.

The ‘official’ story was always BS. I never accepted it

Maybe this will start things up again and shed some light on the truth

I"ll go with the 3000+ architects and engineers world-wide on this one


This meeting was only happening in the mind of Donald Trump. Without evidence, it’s just another bullshit yarn spun by our carnival barker in chief.


Trump better talk with Pakistanis since they pull the Taliban strings. Even after a US withdrawal there will be a civil war feulled by Pakistan since the ordinary Afghans loath the terrorist Taliban. Pakistan fears an independent Afghanistan and plans to use Afghan territories in the event of advancing Indian armies.
Therefore the better solution would be for the US to pull all it’s troops out and let the regional powers like India, Iran, Russia and China find a workable solution for lasting peace. Pakistan is the source of the problems in Afghanistan and the main Taliban supporter.

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President Caligula is just grabbing the “News” cycle again.

And M$M is following him right down the rabbit hole - again


“He is literally the worst deal maker of all time.”

Obama was the shityist deal maker of all time - until now


Yeah we know the US planned 911 with a lot of help from Israel, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Go ask Cheney, he’s still around.


Not so because Trump as a candidate to his credit didn’t want US basis around the globe and war spending.

I look at the area more from tribal standpoints than through geographical borders. If it comes to a conflict with India, I don’t think that Pakistan will have much difficulty getting the Taliban to their side.

As far as Mar-a-Lardass is concerned, who cares anymore? It’s all just a circus with the clowns in charge.

to his credit?
Caligula, as candidate, shoveled a lot of BS and lies to get elected. Not wanting bases was just another lie to get the rubes to vote for him


You mean you are willing to accept the science? How novel these days with climate crisis deniers abounding.
Trump hasn’t made a GOOD deal yet has he? Tpp, negotiations with Mexico to pay for a wall, N.Korea, Iran deal, Tariffs,etc.

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Paul Craig Robert’s website thanks. I have always enjoyed Paul’s articles like this one:

“Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on it’s actions. Washington is the " exceptional, indispensable”. No one else counts. No law, no Constitution, and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington’s will. IN IT’S CLAIMS WASHINGTON SURPASSES THAT OF THE THIRD REICH( MY CAPS) ."

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Just continues to create fake issue he then resolves by claiming he figured better not.

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Mexico to pay for a wall,

If he actually thought that he could do that, he really is insane, barking mad. I don’ think he thought he could do it though.

Well, we’re paying for the wall so, President Caligula must think We’re ALL Mexicans now!
And so must his supporters. I have a couple of Trump supporting ‘buddies’. It drives them nuts when I remind them that theyre Mexicans now.

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Yes, but the real conspiracy of 9/11 is that the cogent and comprehensive alternative theories by these 3,000 architects and engineers many with PH.D.s AND IMPECCABLE CREDENTIALS HAVE BEEN SILENCED! Even Democracy Now! and Common Dreams have been gatekeepers for any alternative 9/11 theories!


If anybody in the west wing knows history, please point them out.
Kindly remember Porkchop Hill in the Korean War.
Caused by the north korea negotiators using a show of force to display that they still had massive military might.

An alternate is that the bombing was not directed from high up Taliban / Pakistan leadership.
A local yokel
Just as we have stupid, insane men using rifle with 200 round magazine to kill many - so do they have really crazy young men who think they are martyrs for some great political / social cause.

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Less we forget all the money that left the Towers 24/48 hours before and all those Saudi’s flying from the coop too.