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Days of Moderate Democratic Party 'Are Over,' Analyst Declares


Days of Moderate Democratic Party 'Are Over,' Analyst Declares

Andrea Germanos, staff writer


Let's just hope that the dinosaurs in the party get the hell out of the way!


"Come on, Charlie Brown! I won't pull the football away, this time!"


Actions speak...we'll see


The headline I would like to see:


When has the Democratic Party ever been moderate when it comes to voting for wars? They are the great pretenders to being the opposition party, but are really the controlled opposition, war party.


Progressives must be wary of Trojan Horses like Obama. Words and deeds must not diverge.


If so, let's hope that Van Jones himself returns to being the cutting-edge champion of truth before he was neutered and tamed by the lures of the establishment. You will recall that he was supposed to be a part of the original incoming Obama administration until it was leaked that--gasp!--he suspected that 9/11 was an "inside job," at which point they cut him loose like gangrenous limb. I'm not quite sure how he was rehabilitated by the Dem party and MSM hacks, since I don't live in the country, but he certainly was recycled and was even heard recently mouthing some far more preposterous conspiracy theories, such as the one about "Russian interference" in the elections.

But, hey, if he's right about this new trend, let's welcome it, and let's hope it brings the old Van back, too.

But I won't hold my breath.


If you liked President Obama you'll love Kamala Harris. They are bright, ethnic, attractive, and talk like progressives during their campaigns. In office they support incremental improvements in social and environmental conditions, but avoid direct conflict with Big Money because at their cores they are creatures of the Established Order in a time of Revolution.


Hope the Democrats can swing this way and push the Republicans out to rejoin the other Republicans who can, in turn, push out the far right.


We don't know this about Harris, but chances are the scenario will play out as you describe.
If the Democrats don't put country over party, the coup will be complete.


"...she's got African-American roots. She's got Asian roots. She's female. She's tough."

Bull. Enough about "roots" and (hyper-masculine) "toughness"! identity politics plays into the hands of the power elite. How about listing some new, truly progressive, policies?


All right, after having sought with the Clinton's to sever wealth from the Rethuglican Party, while suppressing socialism from the Damnocraptic Party, leaving an increasingly insecure public (remember the phrase, "If you don't keep up, you'll fall behind"!) to turn to the fascism of Donald Trump, Van Jones "authoritatively" informs us the "Days of Moderate Democratic Party 'Are Over'". Well thank you Van, and where'n the hell were you during this last presidential campaign? Oh, yeah, you were sidling up to the extremely wealthy, while advising abandoning the masses. Gotcha', you're really a keen observer of what's happenin'! Next question, Van, is there gonna' be a "next election"? Will T-Rump cancel the next election because of a "terrorist threat"? In short, Van, what have you and the Clinton's done?!


"The Clinton days are over," he added. "This idea that we're going to be this moderate party that's going to move in this direction, that's going to throw blacks under the bus for criminal justice reform, or for prison expansion, that's going to throw workers under the bus for NAFTA—those days are over."

How, in the name of all that is Good and Decent, can anyone claim the Clinton-Obama Democratic Party was moderate??

War, war and more war. Record deportations (but we're to fear Trump). Record incarceration of Whistle Blowers. The sharp upswing in overall incarceration rates that began under Reagan went into overdrive under Clinton. Obama issued a few hundred pardons for those outrageous sentences but did nothing to change the laws that put them there. Clinton deregulated the banks, gave them license to commit massive fraud and crash the world economy, and Obama renewed that license with Get Out Of Jail Free cards distributed by his basketball buddy slick suit Eric Holder.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Moderate my ass!


I think the Democrats will continue to be dominated by center left politics at least in the near future. The base of the party includes large numbers of white professionals who benefit from polities that hurt the working class such as free trade and globalization. So the party must try to hold on to these relatively higher educated more affluent voters. I think there will continue to be tension between the center left and the progressive wing. The big problem for the center left is there really is no center right to work with which is the big advantage of the center left over the progressives is that by working with the center right thing can get done. As it now, whether the party is more center left or progressive doesn't matter much because for the most part there are few Republicans to find common ground with and pass legislation. There doesn't appear to be much ahead except gridlock.


Well, MountainMan23, here is the fallacy in your post: You incorporated in the same post "the Clinton-Obama Democratic Party" with "all that is Good and Decent". Simply enough, these two phrases constitute a non sequitur.


I think the emphasis on "roots" is to distinguish it from the body of politics that are rooted in the traditions of the Wealthy, Older White Male club--which Hillary was part of. In that context, I have no problem with it, and I'm a not-so-wealthy older White male. We can only hope their rhetoric matches their actions. I can't say I was too impressed with the results with Obama, but I'm willing to give it another try. One thing's for sure, no matter who the Democrats run, there is absolutely NO WAY we'll do any worse that trump. As a party, we would never stoop so low.


Your persistence at coming up with narratives that distract from the reality of corporate governance is impressive.

That is not a compliment.


Thanks for the warning. The emphasis placed on her gender and "roots" should be the tipoff, I guess. After all, Obama had "roots" and Hillary was a member of the so-called "gentler" gender.

Tell me what she's done, Mr. Jones, not what she looks like.


Yes, when Cory Booker (who identifies as "black") was first elected Senator he was supposed to be the next progressive hope. Now it's clear he was in the pocket of Wall Street from the start, although he does favor mild social progress occasionally. I think Big Money is always on the lookout for talented people like Obama, Harris and Booker. Voters hoping for change are tricked into electing ethnic, progressive-looking candidates who serve Wall Street and the Military/Industrial complex once in office.