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#DayWithoutLatinos: Thousands March in Milwaukee Against Trump's Immigration Crackdown


#DayWithoutLatinos: Thousands March in Milwaukee Against Trump's Immigration Crackdown

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Amidst growing pushback against the Trump administration's immigration crackdown, thousands of people marched in Milwaukee on Monday to "resist the wave of deportations and immigration raids sweeping the country."


Wisconsin was one of the three states that flipped from blue to red and created this ongoing disaster known as the Trump administration. This is the same state where the Progressive Party began. I don't know what has gone wrong. Scott Walker attacks the labor unions and keeps getting re-elected. This looks like more evidence that the population of this upper Midwest state is turning reactionary. Even Russ Feingold lost his bid for the Senate. Cheese sales are pretty good, aren't they? So what is it, some factories closed down? I hope these protests are effective resistance. Unfortunately life is sort of becoming resistance. Why did all those polls have to be wrong?


I think that one of the most important aspects of the rump resistance should be to educate rank and file law enforcement that we are all on the same side. Will they continue to obey orders that are immoral, if not illegal? Set up a meet and greet with the police in your community.


People need to keep in mind that the undocumented cannot vote, that thirty percent of Hispanics voted against their own interests for Trump, and that being in the US illegally puts any type of migrant behind the 8-ball no matter what their story is. Progressives have to think about whether or not this is an issue worth fighting for since it already has blown up in our faces. Conservatives have the immigration laws, Congress, the White House, and the SCOTUS on their side, so liberals are risking everything on people who cannot vote. Issues such as affordable health care, better paying jobs, protecting the environment, and affordable housing is a priority most people can rally behind, we should focus more on battles that benefit everyone not a few. I never understood why the left so adamantly goes out on a limb on issues which actually hurts the big picture.


Progressive people should speak out against the mistreatment of anyone - especially those mistreated because of their sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin. To pick and choose based on political expediency is not my idea of progressive politics.

Let's take a lesson from those Sacramento mosques that are offering food and shelter to the white conservative "flood refugees" from the area of the Oroville Dam this week. I'm hoping the political irony will not be lost on the public.

On the other hand, the political hypocrisy will surely be seen if the left turns our backs on the African and Middle Eastern refugees.


Opportunism is crap. You're an opportunist.


Something I do not understand about us Libs today is why we support more people over housing the Homeless we have at this minute. In my city, there are 6000 children, women, men who look at refugee camps overseas with envy. How they would even love a proper Tent Camp and they are suffering while rent goes higher and higher with years long waiting lists for Affordable housing. Seniors and disabled SUFFER. But Dems are concentrating on bringing in MORE people BEFORE our own. WHY? Get the homeless housing first.


If the progressive agenda is too broad, we end up getting nothing or worse like Trumpy. Here we all are whining about the loss of democracy, tar sands, the end of the ACA, etc. but by gosh, lets stick our necks out for people who spit on our immigration laws and vote against their own self interests. For me, Trump is crossing way over the line by going after people who were legally allowed in the US but this is what you get when voters do not look at the bigger picture. That is not about political expediency, that is just being practical.


House our own Homeless FIRST. We have a big problem with not enough affordable housing for seniors, disabled, underemployed and sky high rent. HOUSE OUR OWN FIRST. My town has 6000 children, women, men without even enough Shelters


Homeless people in this country and new immigrants are in no way competing for housing. In fact the opposite is true. We need more immigration to make for a more vibrant economy and a more vibrant society.


The Central American Refugees, that I have worked alongside through the years, were, to a man, attempting to escape the Hell Holes that our Government turned their Countries into, by serving connected, Special Interests, when our money could have been spent to improve their Democracies and Economies, thereby leading them to be Good Neighbors, secure in their own Countries, and Homes.


I don't know what has gone wrong? Turn off the television for starters.


Public "Meet and Greet" with Local Police is probably pretty good advice, as the more time that goes by, the more Militarized they get, and the more we, the Citizens (who actually pay their Salaries), will be viewed upon as the Enemy, and Distrusted as such.


So how well did these protest work for Wisconsinites when protesting Walker denouncing and destroying unions and handing taxpayers money over to corporations. 100,000 of Wisconsinites showed up for weeks. WALKER was not impeached and was re elected.

We need to take down money in politics along with the our weak kneed media who is owned by billionaires and only six of them. Fox News is always on the TV wherever you go? Where is the OUTRAGED ABOUT THAT?

We cannot win with a complicit media and one that spews outright lies constantly and never held accountable.