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#DayWithoutLatinos: Thousands Protest Anti-Immigrant Bills in Wisconsin


#DayWithoutLatinos: Thousands Protest Anti-Immigrant Bills in Wisconsin

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Workers, students, and activists are walking off the job and out of their schools for a massive action in Wisconsin on Thursday, protesting two anti-immigration bills currently advancing through the state legislature.

Thousands of Wisconsinites are converging at the State Capitol in Madison for A Day Without Latinos and Immigrants, organized by the grassroots rights group Voces de la Frontera, among other organizations. The action is being updated on Twitter with the hashtag #DayWithoutLatinos.


Will the Walker (and his handlers, the Kock Bros in collusion with the state legislature) rancor, vilification, objectification, and outright anti-human policies never end? The cafeteria at the capitol will come to a dead halt as will the custodial work in the building...what will all those privileged white boys (and girls) do????


Wisconsin will never recover as long as Walker and the Kochs are in charge.


Immigrant: 'A person who comes to live in a foreign country.'
Right...you're hilarious.


Heating up a cold day in hell


If the USA needs immigrants so do other nations. That means Mexico needs immigrants to replace people leaving. Mexico turns away illegals from Central America so it should not expect the USA to give amnesty to their illegal immigrants. So many illegal immigrants demand they be given amnesty. The people in Mexico should take a stand against corruption and demand the government have social programs to improve the standard of living.


Those bills seem to target illegal immigrants. That is not mentioned anywhere in the article. One million legal immigrants come to the US every year. They don't seem to be the target of this legislation.


Snotty Wanker and the Kochsuckers are at it again. They must fall to their knees because they just can't get enough oligarch DNA or for that matter oligarch fecal matter on the tip of their tongues.


There's one (politically incorrect) catch to this discussion. We have a serious job shortage in a state that got very, very tough the jobless poor. What people have been saying today is that A Day Without Latinos, if extended, would open up jobs that are desperately needed by the poor of all other races. There is resentment over the alleged disproportionate/preferential hiring of immigrants while so many who were born right here are left jobless.


Undocumented workers are not the same as illegal immigrants. The laws would authorize racial profiling and encourage even more anti-immigrant sentiment. The rhetoric in the US asserts that the U S is not xenophobic but when reading some of the comments herein, it is apparent that xenophobia is right below the surface.


rotf lmao...at the witty way you construed the names! Too funny.


It's not about xenophobia. It's about having the means to survive at a time when we have a shortage of jobs and no safety net. When jobs are scarce, increasing the number of people who absolutely must have one of those jobs guarantees increased hardships all around.


This is what WI has been choosing since the 1980s -- hard core right wingers. It shows, too, as our outstanding manufacturing jobs have fled the state and family farms have fallen like dominos. We also have some of the highest rates of binge drinking and alcoholism in the country... not that this has anything to do with our political choices, just thought I'd mention it.


Well, then the people of Wisconsin have a choice to go to the polls and NOT cast votes for candidates who obviously do not have their own (the constituents) best interests at heart...candidates who are unabashedly beholden to corporate interests to the detriment of the people/workers need to be rejected.

Your assertion about jobs and immigrants taking away jobs by moving in is speculative at best, but it is part of the Republican diatribe/script to vilify immigrants. Your statement embraces xenophobia.


These evil governors in Wisconsin and several other States are only there because of jerrymandering, not fair votes of citizens.


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