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DC, Maryland AGs to Sue Trump Over 'Unprecedented Constitutional Violations'


DC, Maryland AGs to Sue Trump Over 'Unprecedented Constitutional Violations'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

If the case moves forward, it could help to uncover significant facts related to Trump's business dealings that he has kept hidden from public view.


Watching the presser.

But please, WaPo didn’t receive the documents “in the mail” on Sunday night. There’s so much sloppiness in the White House, let’s please be precise in how we oppose the corruption.


Of course, Hillary Bush-Clinton’s $200,000,000 net worth or Barack Bush-Obama’s $100,000,000 net worth have nothing at all to do with bribes … yeah right.


The Old Post Office Pavilion is a historic DC architectural landmark and is owned by the federal government for use by the public. Someone should investigate the GSA for taking this public space formerly a vibrant space for small food vendors and the leasing the entire property to Trump for his sole personal profit.


And that makes it o.k.


How can earnings (such admittedly exorbitant - but freely offered and paid speaking fees) be considered “bribery” when the politicians you list earned them after they left political office or appointment - and with no evidence of any quid-pro-quo - although there is arguably an appearance of impropriety.

But meanwhile, Trump is worth billions - all of it entirely earned through bribery and bullying of politicians and planning boards - which with his ties to organized crime in NYC and Atlantic City also included subtle threats of violence - or at least a near-certainty of total financial ruin at the hands of an army of crooked-lawyers for anyone opposing his business proposals.

So what, exactly, is your point?


“Never before has a President acted with such disregard for this constitutional prescription” - never before has such a self-interested, ignorant, ill-informed/experienced, narrow minded, dung-headed contempt for Constitutional mandates/precedents become president (arguably)…

Not to distract from the essence of the action by the two AG’s by being too much the pedant, but their quoted comment should more accurately have been proscription not prescription…the entire government, both parties, and political process has become a for-profit enterprise to enrich the well-connected and powerful…corrupt to the core!


Actually, the lease requires them to maintain publicly accessible museum space, still operated by the National Parks Service, and restricted how they could “renovate” it (keep the brass rather than gilding everything, for instance). It also prevents them from selling suites as condos, which is where they’ve made their big money in other properties. The hotel was struggling to fill rooms until the election.

But the big thing in the lease, which I understand is covered in this suit, is that it says no public official can benefit financially from the operation of the hotel. djt benefits (essentially now both lessee and lessor), and so do the Kushners (now both officials, even if unpaid). And the workaround to emoluments that djt promised (profits from foreign officials as guests would be “donated” to the Treasury) is demonstrably being itself worked around, in a brochure that tells staff how not to notice that a guest is a foreign “official.”


Yes, the hotel lobby, restaurant and atrium is open to the public like any large hotel is - all of it embellished everywhere - from big signs to cocktail napkins with the bold name TRUMP.

While formerly, the atrium space functioned more as a diverse public market space with many presumably with preference given to small and minority/women enterprises.


Through the lobby, there’s the clock tower, staffed by the National Park Service, though unfortunately open only Thursday through Sunday. This has a very little bit of information, but includes a link to more on the history and architecture:



How bad of a politician do you have to be to loose an election to Trump or to the present make-up of the Republican party? I loved Ike and voted for Nixon twice and have no regrets, but this present cabal of circus clowns is beyond party loyalty. I use to love Susan Collins, but even she has fallen into the sewage pit. And PoLiquin? OMG


Totally irrelevant.