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DC Press Corps Spins Itself Silly Over Sanders’ Specifics


DC Press Corps Spins Itself Silly Over Sanders’ Specifics

Dean Baker
The Washington press corps has gone into one of its great feeding frenzies over Bernie Sanders’ interview with New York Daily News. Sanders avoided specific answers to many of the questions posed, which the DC gang are convinced shows a lack of the knowledge necessary to be president.


Good story here by Mr Baker. Juan Gonzales talked about the same yesterday on Democracy Now.


All they've to do is to ask, if these journalists and their sponsors - the 1% - know so much of so many things, then how come the country today has the worst healthcare among the world's developed - and many developing - nations? If the ruling class from the two parties, the Democrats and the Republicans - are so knowledgeable and experienced, then how is it that college today has become off limits to so many Americans, that good jobs are so hard to come by and, oftentimes, so difficult to keep? Why is it that the country has money for unending wars but no money to help end poverty, to maintain the country's roads and other infrastructure or safe water supply for every American? Why is it that YOU, the middle class white, find that one major illness is sufficient to drive you and your family to living in the streets? Why do YOU, the poor black/hispanic/persons of color, think that government run by experienced and knowledgeable people could seem helpless in guaranteeing you a living wage, a sound education, an environment where you could be safe from crimes and even, at times, from the militarized police force? If you trust anything that comes out from the MSM, if you think anyone from the present ruling corporate-supported cabal is worthy of your vote, go ahead and vote for him/her. You deserve to be treated with contempt by the 1%.


"People who don't read newspapers are uninformed, while people who read newspapers are misinformed" - Mark Twain


Mark Twain would have had a hay day with this election


If a zealous, ambitious prosecutor NEEDS a murder conviction to make his career, he will use paltry evidence added to lots of bullying to fulfill that objective. After all, a very small percentage of cases actually go to trial; and the THREAT of doing excess time if one does go to trial and loses, has many innocent persons pleading out.

From the article:

"So there you have it. The DC press corps that goes nuts because Bernie Sanders doesn’t know the name of the statute under which he would prosecute bank fraud thinks a guy who calls for eliminating most of the federal government is a great budget wonk."

Why would any intelligent journalist take what's superficially true for the real story and actual motive?

The Press Corps--like the prosecutor mentioned above--are TASKED with finding ANY dirt they can on Sanders. Someone made sure Gary Hart's extramarital affairs were known, and someone else made a big deal about Howard Dean's laugh.

How come Sanders' clear and on-the-mark policies get NO major media attention; but if anything he says can be CONSTRUED as faltering or lacking adequate "professional" detail, it's the opportunity SOUGHT to take him over the coals.

Very few people who support Sanders will be swayed by this Theater. A few undecided voters MIGHT be persuaded to vote for Her Majesty; but for the most part, Sanders' OWN sincerity when heard--added to the wisdom of his positions--speaks volumes more than the journalistic clone squads can.


Many cities have lost newspapers due to low revenue and reduced readership. In other words, people are hardly being addicted to them. As a matter of fact, more people ARE getting their news from alternative sources these days.


The newspaper in my small town is only an excuse for advertising...no actual news. My favorite is when they publish a picture on the front page (and they do this often) of somebody watching a sporting event...not even the actual event itself! What a waste of resources. Meanwhile children are droned to death in Yemen and nary a peep; in fact none at all. You would not know there was such a place as Yemen if you relied on the local rag to be informed. There was an editorial writer about 20 years ago who wrote things of real substance. He was fired after six months. I quit subscribing to the paper and have seen my blood pressure go down several points as a result.


Many newspapers are really shopping papers with a few press releases disguised as news. With ownership consolidated during the past two decades, most papers are owned by right wingers who slant their editorial and news content, driving even more subscribers away.


I read this article inn the WaPo. So obvious!! Pathetic, but people buy it.


There are a lot of them cretins out there.