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DCCC-Backed Incumbent Henry Cuellar Gets Support From Koch Network As Progressive Primary Challenger Jessica Cisneros Picks Up Union Endorsements

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/14/dccc-backed-incumbent-henry-cuellar-gets-support-koch-network-progressive-primary


That about says it ALL.

But hell, the Koch Bros have been buying the Dem ‘leadership’ since the DLC and Clinton.

Guess I"ll have to send Jessica some $


A check? {snark} Which one?
Good for the future Congresswoman from Mr. Cuellar’s former Congressional District. She’s doing all the correct things. Unlike Speaker Pelosi who is polishing cowboy boots with Koch grease, again.
In the spirit of Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Laredo, dropping into Henry’s district a large money bomb, would someone play The Queen of The Silver Dollar voiced by Emmy Lou, ( sorry Shei ) for her help. Caring is sharing, right Nancy. Oh Nancy, R U there?
Seems only appropriate for the streets of Laredo setting.

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So, are Cisneros’ vendors blacklisted?

for she’s a young cowgirl and she knows she done wrong


Now, that’s a horess of a different color, altogether. Or, Weir’s Big Iron on her hip, to balance out the 30 pieces of silver?

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I’m getting a bad feeling that corrupt Republicrats are going to ensure another 4 years of Trump and Republican control of the Senate -and Supreme Court.


A corrupt RepubliCrat is just what the 1% and Zombie Econ’d fellow citizens are looking for after this long government- dispiriting and crushing term of Tweet-le-dum. The Privatizers from Obama’s corporate shadows, even the Uber-izer Entrepreneurs like David Plouffe may be back looking for some public paychecks since Uber & Lyft’s stocks seem to be more closely reflecting their bid-net losses (and that is after categorizing their labor costs as “independent contractors”).

The news on the harsh words directed toward the Twit In Chief from his Attorney General Barr, who is confused thinking he and not Giuliani have the Prez for a client rather than U.S. for a client and even from the majority leader of the most exclusive country club in the world in the U.S. Senate, that other Mitch (we’re always gettin’ folks confused 'tween us) tells me the corrupt board of directors and the shareholders looking for what works only for them have had it with the drama along with attendant wear and tear of babysitting this U. of Pennsylvania Ivy League elite graduate, who is allergic to books and too ADD for intel briefings.

The Kochs have a sprawling bid-net and global empire beyond Kansas of Private Interests on every side of every Daddy Warbucks war to supply, service and to maximize their profits on. They’d rather have the competence of corrupt RepubliCrat Neo-Lib Econ-ers than the current head case who took a vast inherited fortune and turned it into a small fortune with a huge debt liability to Deutsche Bank. As of 2 days ago our Symptom In Chief’s lender of last resort when no U.S., Canadian, British or even Swiss bank would loan the Trump branding iron any scratch after his most recent in the long serial of corporate bankruptcies, the German trans national whose Trumpian debt of course counts as an asset in the upside down world of High Finance was celebrating this Bloomberg Biz news item date-lined 2-11-20 and carried over Verizon-Yahoo cartel’s Finance pages by-lined Marcus Ashworth and Elisa Martinuzzi:
Deutsche Bank Is Allowed Back Into the High-Risk Club

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Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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But only if the DNCC lets them. We have the votes to beat Trump. We always have. What we have been lacking for decades id a figure to create unity like the unity that got President Obama the White House. It is a pity that he wasn’t able to do more with it.


As we see in an earlier Common Dreams article:

“Sanders Crushes Trump by 18 Points Among Independent Voters in New National General Election Poll”

Rusted on Republicans (and Democrats, for that matter) aren’t going to change their behavior- no matter how many media horses and corrupt politicians (see, e.g. Chuck Schumer’s comment about Pennsylvannia in 2016) say so.

OhBummer did plenty. He didn’t raise the minimum wage, he didn’t fight for the Libertarian-Democrat Garland for the SCOTUS seat, he didn’t quit pushing subversive foreign policies in the Global South, especially in the Western Hemisphere, he didn’t…oh well, he did become the best looking and most popular POTUS since JFK. A guy you could have caviar, a small plate of pasta with truffle oil and champagne with; ya know, something simple and satisfying.


The facade that the Democratic party is opposed to their Republican counterparts is quickly crumbling in front of our eyes.

Biden says he’d consider a Republican running mate. Hillary claims she might not support the Democratic nominee. The Democratic establishment backs a Republican oligarch to stop Bernie. AOC says " In any other country, Joe Biden and I would not be in the same party." The Kochs back a DCCC-backed Democratic candidate.

The need for a new party becomes more compelling every day. More, please.


The face of the duopoly has been exposed to most Americans.

A vote for an establishment candidate of either party is a wasted vote and is against your own self interest.


Obama was the Mayor Pete of his day.

What’s wrong with you Nancy??!!! The last thing we need is representation by someone who has an A rating from the NRA, wants more drilling, is anti-choice, fundraised for GOP, is the #1 recipient of private prison money, and receives donations from the Koch family! Your message in this endorsement is adversarial.

How secure is Nancy’s re-election?