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DCCC Chair Accused of Echoing Right-Wing Talking Points After Calling Medicare for All Costs 'Scary'


DCCC Chair Accused of Echoing Right-Wing Talking Points After Calling Medicare for All Costs 'Scary'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A member of the House Democratic leadership was accused of echoing insurance industry talking points after she raised concerns about the price tag of Medicare for All—without mentioning the significantly higher cost of the current for-profit healthcare system.



can anyone guess how much money this so-called representative of her constituents gets from the insurance companies and big Pharma???



They are the other half of the Empire party supporting war and austerity economics.



The “costs” of Medicare for All, Climate Mitigation, etc. are all predicated on the assumptions that our economic systems are fair and comprehensive (no externalities). They ain’t. The true cost to society is addressed by how much (let’s use a percentage basis to satisfy the non-dimensional bias of this former academic) of society is required to help others live healthy and (socially) productive (screw making the boss rich) lives. Dollar estimates are inherently flawed measured of just about anything at this point in time. Until our decision-making apparatuses change we will be doomed to foolish discussions of “costs” as so ineptly defined.



There you have it. How are you going to “reform” that?

And that’s called, "Democratic Leadership."



Warning to the wobbly Chair: Don’t lean to the right. You’ll fall.




Do you think Social Security or Medicare could have become Law with Democrats like Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.), the chairwoman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee??? NEVER.

These are the type of doomsayers whose BRIBES from the Lobbyists are more important then doing the right thing for their constituents and their country.

Thanks Nancy for putting this Right Wing Dimwit in a position of leadership.

I am sure Nancy knew that this woman agreed with the Speakers position that Medicare For All would eliminate the enormous BRIBES the Democratic Party gets from the FOR PROFIT Health Industry.

Lets remember the Motto of the Dems: Profits Before People.



Bustos sez:
“You have so many jobs attached to the healthcare industry.”

By Jove, I believe you’ve put your finger on the problem, Ms. Chairwoman. How many of those “attached jobs” involve the actual provision of health care?



Waleed Shahid sez:
“I don’t understand why the chair of the DCCC is trying to divide Democrats by putting forward talking points from Republicans and insurance corporations.”

Big Insurance: “Hey, who wants a cushy, seven-figure ‘consulting’ gig when they’re finished servicing the public?”

Bustos: “Ooh … pick me! Pick me!”



But the cost for weapons, killing and war is never scary, only the cost of helping people.



Remember, hippies: The d-party will institute none of the policies YOU WANT but will nonetheless WANT YOU to give them your money, outreach efforts, and votes.

The hell with em.’ If they’re the only game in town, the game is over.



$116,929 from the Insurance industry. $1,677,844 from large individual donors. $1,629,412 from PACs.. There is no breakdown of large individual donors or PACs by industry in these figures, so it’s a little hard to tell how much is healthcare dollars.



Time for big changes in the DCCC. But they are the ones funding people who are running so I guess they have a lot of influence. We the people - not so much but that is going to change. The people of the U.S. are fed up with our government and its failure to provide for the health and welfare of the people of the United States. The Republican Party aided by the Establishment Democratic Party have created this failing government. Their time is over and it is now time for the people to take back control of this government.



How fucking stupid is that argument? Let’s say I want to sell you insurance, and I say I can save you money. I give you the cost of what I am offering. Now, what does a logical person do? They look at my offer, and do what? Compare it to what they pay right now, see if there are any qualitative improvements.

So, if the cost of single payer is large, what would a logical person do (not a corrupt, soulless politician that doesn’t give a fuck about their country)? They would look at the cost of single payer and compare it to the cost of the present system. So, if the cost of single payer is a big number and is scary, and the present system is a bigger number (every study shows it would be, every single payer system costs less and has less overhead), isn’t that scarier? Horrible politicians like this are bad by themselves, but it is worse that rotten, empty people like this get enough support from voters to win elections. That says a lot about us collectively, says a lot about this system, says a lot about the Democratic Party.



“I don’t understand why the chair of the DCCC is trying to divide Democrats by putting forward talking points from Republicans and insurance corporations.”

Well it can not be the dollars flowing from the insurance, pharmaceutical and other wealthy interested organizations that benefit immensely from the current system to the Democratic Party that might influence their position?

Why is that Waleed Shahid just does not say that?



Thank you!



Medicare4All would create a million jobs –

And we’d need to be very cautious about rehiring “healthcare industry” workers who
have been brainwashed to put profits over people –

The point also has to be made that the US costs of medical care aren’t only the HIGHEST
of any nation . . . it’s a system corrupted by profits over people and where the insured get
very little “health care” in return for their money.

We also need retraining of doctors who for too long have been working for Big Pharma in
return for golfing trips and other perks.

But basically we have too many poorly trained doctors and medical professionals.



Well she is correct, it scares the hell out the profits that the insurance companies and big pharma could lose!



It’s the DCCC, the Republican arm of the Democratic Party. What would you expect?



Yeah, how come we never hear about the egregious, scary and wasteful military budget: BUT HOW ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR IT?