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‘De-certifying’ the Iran Deal May Be Trump’s Most Reckless Decision Yet


‘De-certifying’ the Iran Deal May Be Trump’s Most Reckless Decision Yet

Phyllis Bennis

Iran is complying with the nuclear deal. Trump, on the other hand, is risking a war — and torching U.S. credibility.


Hopefully, this will lead to Trump’s undoing.


" Many people believe Iran is dealing with North Korea." Trump.

Another big lie, but does anyone besides me have any doubt that Trump wants to start a THIRD WORLD WAR!

It looks to me, like we are on the eve of nuclear, destruction…but I hope like hell I am wrong!


Trump and his


(great smoke’n mirror word of the day) bigly deal making as some sort of deluded notion of GOVERNANCE via predatory capitalism is, as is being DOCUMENTED by journalists all over the world, precisely why and how he can and should be impeached. Salient query being: how do we gird and immunize ourselves and the integrity of governance in dancing health back into local, regional, state and - for the upcoming generation - national and international levels.


As Iran’s UN Ambassador Javad Zarif told CBS:

“You know, the United States is a permanent member of the Security Council. And if it’s not going to uphold a resolution, that not only it voted for but it sponsored, then the credibility of the institution that the United States considers to be very important would be at stake. Nobody else will trust any U.S. administration to engage in any long-term negotiation because the length of any commitment, the duration of any commitment from now on with any U.S. administration would be the remainder of the term of that president.”

Kind Sir: I cannot ignore the impression that both Iran and 90% of the American people are currently being manipulated as pawns by precisely the powers the UN is, most unfortunately, serving to veil in the proxy game of chaos and predation, which in turn would seem at the moment to be best serving the [effete] World Bank, IMF, major financial houses like Goldman Sachs, the stunningly bloated international accounting houses and the orbit occupants of the military industrial complex. It is painful to recognize the absence of this context not articulated in public statements. It would seem that this dearth of accountability also serves globalization.


Sorry, he is a Teflon president.


Let’s back up a bit. In 20007 the C.I.A. said that in 2003 Iran gave up any hope of making a bomb. In 2010, James Clapper, Director of Intelligence that collects the reports of the 30 odd intelligence agencies, “Iran has not done what we would have expected them to do if they intended to make bomb”; namely, they had not made enough centrifuges. Why was this not enough? Answer: Because for ten years, daily, Israel’s prime minister. Benyamin Netanyahu, has been screaming, “The Iranians are making a bomb”.


Thank you Ms. Bennis for writing on quite possibly the most important issue working from ahead, in preventing a disastrous calamity. Unlike the other issues such as the illegal Iraq War, or what is fair to call the congressional conspiratorial lie that we went to Afghanistan to fight Al-Taliban or whomever fit the stereotype as cover to control the region, the Iran political issue has not escalated to a conflagration and chaos, nor into our familiar MO of directly murdering and draining the potential of millions and billions of innocent civilians who would be connected to it.

Clearly the NeoCon-Zionist agenda has long explicitly telegraphed its motive to manipulate America into a war with Iran and we can easily point to former administration cabinet members and first-line think tanks whom those members were associated and have long published irreconcilably similar motives. Our instigator-in-chief (by this rationale) should be held to account on his own words, “bad deal” and those in his cabinet who are on the inside and pro-Israel.

That is why I’d like to point out one slice of your piece that seemed a bit misleading, “…as well as strong outside pressure (from Israel’s supporters, among others).” The fact is that such a small minority would likely not have such influence from the outside, and frankly it seems Israel’s international allies might amount to ISIS and Saudi Arabia, so who and what is serving their agenda on the inside is what I would much appreciate regarding depth of analysis.

Trump certainly is a stooge of Israel first and foremost, which is why his top positions are pandering at best when not given to corporate criminals like Goldman Sachs executives, and his most prominent international agendas follow those expressed by Netanyahoo and the Zionist and racist government of Israel. This would also fit well with his negligent agenda to race-bait and pit demographic groups in America against itself.

I would lastly like to know, with all of the highly, formerly credentialed and steeped/esteemed credible voices among the ranks of journalists in the current clime, why are they not compelled to speak out about the decades old farce that Iran is some sort of threat to the U.S. To add the background gravity to the importance of this point, I’d like to pose a misconception that seems could desperately use focus from the credible/journalist community:

The basis for the patriotic support to antagonize and show animosity toward Iran is a misconception that Iran was somehow attacking American troops while the U.S. was on an illegal adventure killing millions and overthrowing a regime while in Iraq. Rather than the prevailing feeling being, that Iran maintained sovereignty and influenced those that it could to show restraint against an invader, I’m sure that many Americans have swallowed the pig that Iran was killing Americans, as if they are interested in killing anyone never mind Americans with which the majority wishes to have good relations. This farce would couple with the lie that for some time we were also told Iran was an ally of Al Queida, and therefore this behavior by Trump in the mind of average, decent Americans, is in some ways justifiable. Please, for those that have the resources and professionalism to debunk this myth I would appreciate focus and rally.


Sorry Ruckndl,

Teflon President is a cool name, but he’s a “Fucking Moron” and that sure as Hell seems to be sticking.


Israel is a destructive, potentially ruinous, parasite that seeks to control it host, and there are pervasive Israeli loyalists here to help it do so. Trump is worse than useless to protect us from this blatant foreign imposition on our politics.


The Supreme Leader is doing exactly what Israel told him to do. Logic does not come into play here.If a war starts and people die the Israelis are making sure it is not their people but the Americans that they can give orders to.