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De-Incarceration, a Different Drum So Needed


De-Incarceration, a Different Drum So Needed

Kathy Kelly

Along with VCNV companions, I’m part of a 150 mile walk from Chicago to Thomson, IL, a small town in Northwest IL where the U.S. Bureau of Prisons is setting up an Administrative Maximum prison, also known as a Supermax. Prison laborers from U.S. minimum security prisons now labor to turn what once was an Illinois state prison into a federal supermax detention facility with 1900 cells that will confine prisoners for 23 hours of every day.


The US Prison system also houses more juveniles than any other on this Earth , most under the for profit model. There more children under detention at any given time than Canada's entire Prison population.


The prison education idea sounds intriguing. Chris Hedges has stated that it's the key activity of his week and that there are some really intelligent inmates locked up.

And Dear Kathy Kelly... if you visit these threads, like others, I wish to point out what a Divine blessing you are to this world. You are a true witness for Peace; and one that The Master would be proud of.