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Dead Canaries

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/08/dead-canaries


thank you, robert koehler! i think this is the very first article i’ve read that ties the u.s. war culture into these mass shootings… should be so obvious, but neither side of the “repub/locrat” party nor their spokes people dares go there…

He was playing war. My guess is that they’re all playing war, in one way or another.
remember when kim jung-un launch a few missiles recently? every so-called journalist pointed out that kim was doing this just before the u.s and north korea planned war games in the demilitarized zone… WAR GAMES?!? that about says it all… little boys with great big toys that go boom.


The canaries were in the coal mines to let the miners know that the air was fouling on them and they’d better get out. Poor little birds-----yet you served a mighty purpose.
Somehow, the victims of mass shootings seem to be America’s canaries warning that the air waves and the sound waves are just as deadly as polluted air while the media ignores the reality of these deaths. People as canaries-----as America falls into the abyss! : (


Fine article there Robert Koehler ~

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indeed! i just posted the following on truthdig.

as i tuned into democracy NOW! on monday morning, i thought to myself 'here comes a big push for this corrupted government to knee jerk in with gun control legislation… then we heard the same call from nbc’s lester holt on monday evening… lester did remind us matter of factually, " of course we will have to suffer some first amendment rights losses… " will the police who kill “black” people for misdemeanors lose their gun rights? what about our racist border control agents? do you really think congress has no white supremacists? tuesday you showed us a picture of two police on horseback leading a rope bound “black” man down the street… get a clue, folks!

just like your push to make all cops wear body cams, the evidence and decisions are left to those who have proven themselves unworthy! as long as we dress young men and women in gang-uniforms to invade foreign lands and kill people they’ve never men, we cannot stop gun violence!

read here! robert koehler makes this point masterfully!

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I’ve just finished a brilliant dissertation on Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and the 1930’s - post ‘The War to End All Wars’ era - in Arthur Haberman’s new book, “!930: Europe in the Shadow of the Beast”.

Since Robert Koehler is wrting here on dystopia, effectively, the timing could not be more appropriate for a discussion of same.

Utopia, we learn, was a word coined apparently (Haberman, professor of History emeritus), in 1516 by Thomas More - Dystopia by John Stuart Mill on March 12, 1868, in a speech in Parliament on the Irish land policy.

Of course the themes themselves are perhaps timeless - who knows when the first humans saw themselves clearly and the Jekyll & Hyde personality we all possess ?

Eugenics itself was a Victorian word - a mutant branch, as it were, of Darwinian Theory - in particular, domestication selection processes.

If I seem to be rambling - I am not. Artificial Intelligence - and the idea that we will soon meld with computer technology to create hybrid human/cyborg lifeforms, is in fact eugenics writ large - an Anthropocene take if ever there was one.

Humanists like Robert Koehler, Shakespeare, Aldous Huxley, Arthur Haberman etc… (many of the posters here on Common Dreams), I listen attentively but am by inclination and life experience an explorer and adventurer. But I find the conclusions from both natural philosophy and moral philosophy effectively identical.

Utopia is too good to be true - for long, and Dystopia too bad to remain for long as well.

The middle Ground - the center of the Great Bell Curve - is an attractor that will not be denied. But swings to right and left are part of an evolving Universe as experienced by human beings.

Stasis - in whatever form it is contemplated, does not exist in the world of natural philosophy as I understand it.

It is very possible that this massively dystopian phase we are all living thru on earth is a result entirely of an Earth System at the breaking point - interpret that as you will - too many people at “The Limits to Growth”, a climate about to change state, Frankenstein inventions which threaten life on Earth, be they synthetic chemicals introduced willy-nilly into the environment, or nuclear weapons or commercial reactors, or fascist or communist forms of government etc…

Power for powers’ sake is part of “Brave New World” - that sounds eerily like today.

“Might for Right” - as seen in the Arthurian legends - is what works, and is neither Utopian nor Dystopian.

Robert Koehler is right - there are now dead canaries everywhere.

We will eventually see them, all of us. Greta Thundberg is nearing her leave-taking of home and hearth - and setting sail, quite literally, into our “Brave New World” - for is not Huxley’s dystopia the very world we now inhabit, and the various personalities in his book not the many sides of everyone’s personality, in both thought and deed ? Greta is our Boadicea - and she aims to burn Rome to the Ground ~

I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic - a mountaineer cannot afford this drift into fantasy.

Instead we prepare as best we can for the battles ahead.

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Very good point about how these shooters are dehumanizing those they shoot. It’s always weird to me that terrorists of all forms don’t seem to take into acount the possibility that by killing a stranger they could even be killing someone they would respect if they had gotten to know them.

That said, your point about depleted uranium causing birth defects is absurd. You’re giving too much credence to the crank scientist Busby, who has been on Ancient Aliens several times. There are better scientists and actual legitimate scientific agencies you can get information from.

And you begin your posts with an ad h re Busby ~

And your chosen monicker is ‘SPIN’ - tower.

Pardon me if I refrain from welcoming you.

Excellent column. One of the very best recently. Thank you.

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funny you should mention this… last night just began reading a sci-fi novel about an earth on which every human is schizophrenic…

i do agree that utopia is too good to be true… one law of nature points out “constant change.” if we reach perfection we would no longer be a part of the living universe,

p.s. glad i caught your response… i’ve changed email addresses and don’t know how to alert c-d staff.

I hope you get this straightened out.

I am perplexed - that Epstein thread - monumental interest ???

Meanwhile, Greta Thundberg has been to Germany to support a forest group - and a forest, and just may get a Nobel Prize. The disgraced Nobel Committee could sure turn things around for themselves and restore some nobility to the Peace Prize by giving it solely to Greta.

I see Trump is about to censor the Internet - that was a foregone conclusion. We all, or most of us, still find it hard to believe we have been taken to the cleaners - for who knows how many years.

If the US is really a lost cause for now - maybe the leadership lies elsewhere?

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