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Dead Civilians and the Language of War


Dead Civilians and the Language of War

Robert C. Koehler

Finally it comes down to this: Some people are expendable.

In certain parts of the world — where we and our allies are waging war — the expendable people come in two categories: terrorists (good riddance!) and civilians, whom we only kill if and when necessary, and whose deaths often elicit official apologies (if there’s no way to deny it was our fault).


Robert, this is excellent writing and flawless analysis of the insanity which pervades our consciousness, our media, and our government! The bitter irony of this perpetual “war”
is this: the more innocent people that we and our “coalition partners” murder, each death
kills another piece of our national soul (what’s left of it).

The big increase that Congress and the Administration want for “defense” would be much
better spent feeding, clothing, housing, and paying reparations to those whose lives, livelihoods, and communities that we have destroyed.


Yes - and it’s about oil - power - defense - offensive capability - all that - reality.

But mostly it is about human beings.

I have found a book which goes right to reality.

“Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn” (by David Gordis, 2014); and a DVD of modern Israel & Palestine;


Together, in both the book and the DVD - human beings are at the center - who we are - us - anywhere in the world.

It is a way to understand - both the Middle East - and also the larger world.


Trump, a mob boss with shady dealings, found a new way to profit,
didn’t care the profits might be considered unconstitutional.
Do we not have enough dirt on him to justify his removal from office?


who is this isis, is or daesh and where do they come from? i’ve read many who claim that the u.s.-led coalition created isis as a result of the iraqi invasion. sadly, most of the publicized political and media “language of war” ignores the fact that this ameican-led invasion was an illegal aggression into a sovereign nation which had not orchestrated the 9-11 attack. did you know the mission in iraq was originally called “operation iraqi liberation”? however the acronym “OIL” came too embarrassingly close to the truth so the name changed, but not the mission. i searched for the history of isis and if wikimedia’s source is correct isis is a military branch of the al-wahhab sect of islam. hmm, the saudi king practices al-whahhab as well as al qaeda founder, bin laden.

koehler writes:

Airwars put the figure, since 2014, at about 4,500, almost half of which have occurred post-Trump, while the official U.S. count is just over 600.
what’s the point in accusing the trump administration of more deaths than under obama? it’s murder–i don’t care what language you use!
105 civilians were killed when an American jet dropped a 500-pound bomb on a building where they sheltered. The U.S. said its forces aimed for two ISIS fighters on the roof, but the entire building gave way — a clear sign, claimed investigators, that the building had been rigged with explosives by ISIS. Survivors and Mosul civil defense officials denied the U.S. narrative, insisting they had seen no evidence of ISIS explosives.”
the corporately owned media excuses civilian deaths explaining that isis uses civilians as “human shields.” i guess they hope u.s. warmongers might care and think before dropping a huge bomb.

an unrelated (?) story from last evening’s news tells of a huge auxiliary police force now in training in new york city. they have a supply of long rifles, military grade armor and other military grade weaponry. these “protectors of democracy” will be a visible presence throughout the city. is the plan to help frightened citizens feel safer? “big brother loves you!” to me it looks like a police state and i’m sure it’s soon coming to a neighborhood near you.

[ R E S I S T ! ]


Blood Money.

Humans are Expendable.

Billionaires are Expendable Too!


Resist is not a motto to always follow.
The sign reads too much drama.
Resist is like a call to arms.
How to instead kindly compel?
Rebuilding? Water and power line rebuild?
River restoration? Resistance is often futile.



i do like that. but i do not mean [resist!] as a call to arms. in fact just the opposite. i mean “resit the fear!” “resist the empire!” “resist the oligarchy!” and “resist the language of war!” and yes, at the same time we must rebuild.


p.s. should add that [resist!] was on my mind because of the newest sticker in my greanpeace mail.



There is enough evidence but not enough motivation. Trump is useful to the .Republicans because he id pushing much of their agenda through, and there aren’t enough Democrats in positions of power to spearhead a drive for impeachment and conviction. To go up against Trump and his allies and co-conspirators would rock the boat and lay the whole neoliberal establishment open to legal action.

The best hope is that President Trump will continue being his willful screwup self and alienate even more one- time supporters who will then gang up on him and trigger his dislike for the demands of the job and he will resign, probably saying the country didn’t deserve him as he packs up and heads back to his Towers.


Innocents victimized by Great Forces was movingly summed up, generations ago, by Woody’s “Plane Wreck at Los Gatos”.

ALWAYS with Greed of a Few as the Root Cause.


If the dead were Americans (white Americans), would the words be so cold and detached? On Sept. 11, 2001, there was an uptick of dead office workers in New York City . .

That was great structure Mr. Koehler… You need not have written any more. There are many USAins that would be offended by “uptick of dead office workers”. Sept. 11, 2001 seems so long ago.


The world is littered with the graves of those who thought they could control and own the world, buried right next to their collateral damage.