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'Dead on Arrival': Senate Vote Fails to Override Keystone Veto


'Dead on Arrival': Senate Vote Fails to Override Keystone Veto

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday failed to override President Barack Obama's recent veto of legislation approving the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline project.

The 62-37 vote fell just five votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to nullify the presidential veto.


Obama and the corporate Democrats (by which I mean most of them, excepting only Raul Grijalva, Jared Huffman and a few others - I’ll get to the mentioned proKXL ones below), are well aware that they must hold onto SOME of their constituency, and thus waffle between the BigCheckWriters, and the people.

McKibben and scientists perhaps believe that the dispute is about the climate and the future of vertebrate life on Earth, but what you watch in the US is a mere fight between oligarchy and incomplete representative democracy.
Should that flawed democracy win, it will continue to protect corporations and investors from the majority rabble (I do not even aspire to be a member of that lower social stratum, as I am here for wolf and griz and forest and turtle and pure water and air, wildness, and vast depopulation of paving, taking spewing humans).
Should it lose, hopefully there will be a more socialist uprising, as the Latin Americans also enchained by corruption desire in the Americas south of here.
Unfortunately violence and guns, the mainstay of the human chimp, will likely be involved .
Call me Ferguson - I bear you humans no personal ill will, but like the Wolf that once came to me, afraid of a male human’s voice, I know you well,


I din’t get to cattleman Tester, who was willing to extinguish the North American indigenous wolf, and commit the felony of adding the death-rider, essentially completely corrupting the legislative branch and stabbing the Endangered Specis Act to the heart.
I didn’t get to McKaskill, willing concubine of Big Oil Big Biz, Landrieu, the unsurprisingly corrupt Louisiana dynasty member (have you Ever seen Lake Charles/Westlake Satanic Refineries flaring in the night? I have - that’s about where the last red Wolves in the wild were killed with whiteman guns, steel crushing traps, poisons. That is the most poisonous noncity place I have ever been. Cancer alley).

Similar satanic waste in North Dakota can be seen from space - the prairie pothole region, once home to countless waterfowl, dies under Bakken evil, home of Heidi Deathcamp, er I mean Heitcamp. West Virginia, Virginia, Montana, Wyoming are slaves of massive coal companies, and they are fight for fossil fuel fools. Won’t bother to name them, they are above, Pennsylvania, Ohio, : Rust belt, coal, frack for jesus.
The wear your democrat name, just as Bush and the US military style themselves, “freedom.”

Lies. Purge them from your parties.


If Congress should ever want to treat climate change as real, it would go after the medium-hanging fruit, the renewables products that will be effective in about ten years. Examples:

All of our buildings should store solar heat for night heating.

Solar electricity should work at night. Lead-acid batteries aren’t the alternative. The old-fashioned alternative is pumping water uphill when power is plentiful and letting it back down when power is needed. One newcomer is huge hydrogen fuel cell plants near European cities. Hydrogen isn’t particularly explosive compared to liquefied natural gas.

We need to redo transit.


They must be trying to figure out, how they will handle the reaction/actions of environmentalists and protesters if/when they do pass the thing and start to build the rest of it… cause, they want to figure out a way to make those against the pipeline, look bad, like terrorists… eco terrorists… wouldn’t put it past them to do a, wht is it? False flag operation… just for starters… should I be saying this? …


Any senator who voted in favor of the bill or the override does not take climate chaos seriously. That alone renders them incompetent to hold office.