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'Dead Wrong': Sanders Rebukes Starbucks Chairman's False Claim About Medicare For All

'Dead Wrong': Sanders Rebukes Starbucks Chairman's False Claim About Medicare For All

Julia Conley, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) strongly pushed back against Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz's argument—heard for years from centrist Democrats and Republicans, despite a wealth of evidence to the contrary—that a Medicare for All system would be prohibitively expensive for the United States and is not a "realistic" proposal.

"I think his comment is dead wrong," Sanders told Chris Cuomo on CNN Thursday night. "You have a guy who thinks that the United States apparently should remain the only major country on earth not to guarantee healthcare to all people."



Howard Schultz sounds like the ideal Democrat presidential candidate: able to fund his own campaign—and probably a few others as well; aloof and out of touch with the lived reality of the 99%; and able to turn facts inside out with a smile. I don’t doubt he’s on good terms with Billary, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz-for-Brains, Pelosi and Schumer, since he seems to sing from the same corporate hymnal.


When Starbucks was first coming around in Chicago (where I live), and I’m sure other cities as well, it put most of the independent coffee shops out of business. This goes for all of the major chain corporations. They all put independent business out of business. So why don’t we tax these people to cover single payer for all. Their greed to have it all without competition is a good part of the reason income inequality is the way it is. Time to wake up and go after these wealthy people.


What I find particularly irritating is his bland claim that universal healthcare as a concept is based on a false narrative, even though he has provided ZERO proof to back his stance and has not addressed the mountains of evidence to the contrary. That in itself is lying by ommission. Shame.


Starbucks was one of the businesses in NM that threatened to pull out if they had to pay higher taxes, so the state backed down and the children paid by not having access to sufficient books/educational materials/teachers etc. I became disgusted with that company then and have found little to cheer about since. Here in my home town, they just raised their price for a small cup of mocha to $4.25. Stpid-expensive, especially when you can save $1.50 by walking a block.


Who the hell cares what a coffee hack thinks about our nation’s Healthcare Industry?

People must listen to their owns hearts and minds on this issue, not establishment Democrats and Republicans who are paid huge sums from the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Insurance companies to speak lies about Medicare for All.


Well spoken. The big chains are all involved with the elimination of the mom and pop businesses. The tax scam is now a joke among the lower 50%. What’s fascinating is that these cutthroat practices and ceo’s are adored by the very people they screw. Why do people admire Bezos for instance? He’s screwed millions to become the richest man. In my world,(ha, ha) the absolute maximum amount allowed, total assets, would be around $5 million. That would pay for everything in spades. Also it would be peaceful.


“. . . Schultz’s argument—heard for years from centrist Democrats and Republicans. . . .”

Why on earth are we still calling members of the Democratic party who support Republican and other right-wing policies “centrist”? The Republican party in the US today is far to the right (not “conservative,” but “authoritarian” or “royalist” or “tyrannical”–look up the history of the term “right wing”) of where that party was in 1960, and if the Democratic party today is not also to the right of where the Republican party was in 1960 it’s mostly in a narrow spread around that point.

Single-payer was leftist 60 years ago, but on the world stage today it is centrist, as most of what Sanders advocates is. While most of the developed countries (i.e., industrialized) and many others have moved to the left since the end of World War II (with the UK and Germany notoriously schizoid on that point), the US has swerved sharply to the right. Mr. Schultz (“bless his heart,” as we say in the South) is abysmally ignorant of how single-payer works, why every civilized nation has some form of it, and why the only obstacle to instituting it in the US is ignorant ideologues like him. THIS is what makes “America” “exceptional.”


Sadly, the Democratic party is far to the right of where the Republican party was in the 1960s. Bill Clinton is largely to blame for that: driving moderates (called progressives) out of the party, letting DINOs take over the DNC, and ‘reforming’ welfare to get rid of it.

The U.S. has effectively ONE Party that is divided on so-called moral issues.


I would not take issue with much if any of that. I was taking a very cautious approach, making sure not to overstate my case. That is called “conservatism,” or used to be.

And for my money, ALL issues of significance have a large moral component. But of course, not everyone subscribes to the same moral code. Regardless of the validity of the argument supporting any definitions of morality, they necessarily rest on premises or assumptions, which are where the fights begin. Does life begin at conception, or does it not? Are certain people less human than others, or are they not? The reasons I advance for “not” in both of those cases are rejected as irrelevant or simply false by people who wish to argue for the conclusions that follow from the premises that life does begin at conception or that certain people are less human than others.

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Starbucks is one of many in the service economy that wants an indentured labor force.

Health care as a benefit of employment keeps wages down, keeps people from leaving AND provides a nice tax shelter…employer health benefits are NOT taxed either by federal or stste governments.

Obamacare was careful not to disrupt this!


WTF are you talking about? I’ve mostly thought you were coherent.


I thought paying $2 for a small cup of coffee at a starsucks inside the local VA hospital was outrageous. Predatory capitalism knows no limit.


That’s “Morebucks,” or “Star*ucks”–although “starsucks” “is also great and would suffice.”

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Perhaps Jeff Bezos will jump into the Dim race and the race will be between Morebucks and Whole paycheck Foods ?

Bezos is starting an insurance program for Amazon, Whole paycheck Foods and his other employees and beyond so he will be even less likely to embrace any changes to the medical/drug extortion racket disguised as US health care.

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Mr. Schultz is a big fat liar, nothing new to Seattle. I have a big fat answer Mr Schultz, major cuts to the Pentagon budget for starters. End all American wars…etc. Now there is acres of money for healthcare, pharma, dental, higher-ed, etc. Stop lying Mr. Schultz.


NOW I boycott Starbucks.

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Where I live their house coffee is cheaper than most other chain restaurants. Specialty coffees are always more expensive. One thing they have that most others don’t, triple filtered water and you can take home the grounds for your garden. They will gladly give you a glass of water, no charge.

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Deleted by poster.

True enough. You get what you pay for. Remind me again how we will pay for Medicare for All. What our costs will be?