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Deadly Heatwaves Could Threaten Nearly Three-Quarters of World's Inhabitants


Deadly Heatwaves Could Threaten Nearly Three-Quarters of World's Inhabitants

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As a United Nations agency calls attention to the "unusually early" heatwaves gripping parts of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the U.S., a new study brings an ominous warning about more killer heat near certain to come.


Haedes on Earth…and DJT with all other climate deniers can live only so long in their air-conditioned ivory towers and manses for they, too will feel the heat as their money will be useless against the devastation! It is upon us in a big, harmful, irreversible way…no DENYING that. The ongoing loss of life around the globe as a direct result of human-caused environmental destruction is heartrending. What will it take: bodies rotting in the streets, fields, vacant lots or being hauled off in dump trucks not unlike displayed in the Sci-Fi movie, Soylent Green? Where is the sanity, humanity, compassion?

And the orange oaf with his tribune, Wilbur Ross are authorizing fracking/blasting off the Atlantic seaboard to shore up their pals’ profit margins. No mercy, no conscience, no caring…just worship their almighty money god.


Triple digits all week here - 111F. Homeless shelters that are usually closed during the day are open now as cooling places. Of course they are full and not everyone will have the luxury of a cool place to wait out heat.


Heat waves,especially in urban areas will continue to be deadlier as the Earth heats up. Other than catastrophic tsunamis, they are the deadliest natural disaster.

We human beings better get a lot smarter about this.


Why are they always saying “by the year 2100?” Most of us will likely be long gone by then (I am 49 years old). Deadly heat waves are happening NOW! People don’t seem to grasp that this growing heat and destabilization of the climate systems is nonlinear in nature. The deadly heat and collapse of ecosystems have already started and will exponentially get worse. We’re talking death on large scales now and in the 2020’s… not by 2100.


You hyperventilate with hyperbole! 2020 is but two years away and death on a large scale is unlikely. On the other hand your predictions will be correct but not in only two years. Despite your extremely advanced age you will likely begin to see it shift into high gear. This is a very real possibility in a decade or two and while global heating is rather linear and consistent, many other effects of global warming are not linear. So while the prediction of death on a large scale beginning soon is a bit impatient, the nonlinear threats (which bring with them unpredictability, continue to happen more and more frequently these days and are anyone’s guess as to what misery they will cause!

As an example >>> last week a tsunami hit Greenland which had been caused by an earthquake. This may seem ordinary if rare but it was not ordinary at all. This kind of thing does not happen in coastal Greenland. My guess is that due to the immense amount of melt, the lesser weight bearing down on the land beneath the ice then caused the land to suddenly shift or rather flex. This caused the undersea wave which was totally unexpected and unprecedented and deadly when it hit the coast.

This is an example of the unpredictability inherent in radical climate change for which we have no records other than in past geologic ages and then only in general terms. A tsunami wave in Greenland, a calving ice shelf off Antarctica plus the appearance of green plants where only bare rock once stood and meltwater ponds and running rivers draining off the ice cap all are unexpected and bear a warning that we don’t know what the F’k we are doing.

But don’t rush things okay. The dead will be dying soon enough but it still has a few years to kick in permanently. People (mainly the poor, sick and the very young and the elderly) die but as yet the numbers are comparatively few. Comparative to what? How about in twenty years? Or like it says in the article (in an admittedly understated way) - **Three quarters of humanity will be exposed to killer heat waves by 2100!" So assuming a rise in population so typical of our fecund species, that could easily mean 12 billion people or more! A hefty proportion of heat fatalities taken from that number would mean tens of millions dying from the heat each and every summer. Geez is that grim!

Heat baby! Heat!

Summer’s here and the dying is easy.

It will always be getting hotter each year. Always!


Typically researchers using the year 2100 milestone are not taking into account the non-linear ongoing positive re-enforcing feedback systems.


Yeah, 49 years of age is very young among common dreams commenters. Recall the survey they did that found the average commenter here is 75 years old!

Of course, the fact that the truly catastrophic impacts of global warming will take place after we all here are dead is exactly the problem and the challenge. It must be my background in geology, but I have had a sense of concern about the far-future impacts of human economic activity long, long after my own puny life is over. But apparently this is rare. Most people are little Louis XIVs - “près mois, le deluge!”


I understand your reply, Wereflea. But keep in mind, too, that I’m not saying there will be massive death on January 1, 2020. Rather, we will see more deadly and widespread (and longer lasting) killer heat waves more and more so as the years roll onward. Believe me, I don’t wish to rush our demise along. Though I don’t really see many Humans on this planet somewhere mid-century or so. Time will tell.


P.S. And I got a good chuckle from my “extremely advanced age” remark. Ha! Thanks for making me laugh! I need it more and more these days.

Peace out


Louis never played well with others!

Time for the deep oh so deep pronouncement about the future!!! Drum roll please?

The future… will be annoying!

Best I could do but never a truer word has ever been said. Everything about the future seems hell bent on being a real pain in the composter! So in the words of the immortal bard…‘Can you dig it?’ A geology geoke! Listen you old coot, irony has creased our jeans baby! We of the ‘later for that dude’ generation woke up one day and realized that global warming was landing directly into the laps of those who did the most (as a generational thing) to cause it! We all thought a couple of decades ago that global warming was an end of the century problem but here we are… stuck in the middle of the mess we made. It seems so unfair don’t it?

I am a few seconds older than you (more or less… but then maybe it is more than less but I see no point in knowing math at my age! Besides I use direct deposit anyway! Ahem) but the truth is…our astounding level of greed became a technological wonder around mid century. By now it has become a juggernaut that consumes us and the world. We literally make a profit on our own destruction. How’s that for economic theory?

The long term future …after you are gone …(lol. I am pretty sure I won’t see it personally myself) is truly daunting. We become epic fools who are fully aware of our impending fate and yet remain insistent on it catching up to us nonetheless! I seriously feel bad for those who will follow since through little or no fault of their own…they will be born to suffer.

Can we endure 120F heat? Super destructive mega storms every year? Declining food production and toxic seas nearly devoid fish? Shortages of water to say nothing of groundwater that we poison? Can we tolerate 12 billion people on this planet trying to survive under these conditions?

At 49 there is a reasonable chance that you might see 9 billion. You might even see more but 9 billion is hellacious enough …at least it would be under a republican/oligarchy of dog eat dog at the bottom and ass kiss ass at the top kind of economic system. A world of haves and have nots just isn’t going to work with 9 billion. Bread and circuses had a reason for being once…it may have the same reasons for coming back into existence anew!

The future will be annoying… you can count on it. After you are gone though… kid, the future will be misery.


It’s cool up here in Alaska, folks!


Hey vteyeflyer is inviting us to come stay with him up in Alaska! Let’s pack!

D’ya think you have room for several hundred million?

D’ya think you’ll be able to keep heat refugees from converging on the north?


I understood your qualifications but I think many among progressives are too willing to give up the ghost on climate change. While at the moment when we could do the most good, we, of course, do far too little. By mid century however I believe even the stupidest of deniers will be crying “Somebody do something!” because it will have become unbearably hot for our economic system to continue functioning like it is now. Take a vacation at a Miami beachfront hotel or plan a visit to Venice etc. with sea level rise? Want summer sun? You might think a visit to Nome might be more fun! And so forth.

But by mid century …we will have started to do something about global warming. For good or ill, geoengineering crackpot schemes or high risk gambles, we will do something. Maybe we can actually sequester carbon from the atmosphere and replace our self destructive fossil fuel addictions too?

I believe in innovation and science and sincerely believe it is our God given destiny to ruin nice neighborhoods all over the galaxy! Look out universe… the primates are coming!

If you guys don’t do it… my ghost will be very disappointed!


In early June on the coast of Hudson Bay in Canada it was 89°. Alaska now has many high temps in the summer in the 90s.


At least Mother Nature is seeing that justice is meted out to the nation that was the most responsible for the current climate crisis. For a century the US was spewing out 25% of the World’s greenhouse gases. That is by far the greatest attack on the planet of any nation on Earth. Now, finally the US is frying in its own juices!


You hyperventilate with hyperbole! 2020 is but two years away and death on a large scale is unlikely.

What do you consider a large scale?

As the Associated Press explains, Mora’s “team of researchers examined 1,949 deadly heatwaves from around the world since 1980 to look for trends, define when heat is so severe it kills, and forecast the future.” The data they looked at included the heatwave “in Chicago that killed 740 people in 1995, one in Paris that killed 4,870 people in 2003, and a 2010 heat wave in Moscow that killed 10,860,” NBC News writes.

It’s happening now Bubba.


Warming in AK is a fact of life.


blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Please come. It is a wide open beautiful state where open minded progressive people are desperately needed. We cannot take several hundred million but certainly are open to a few million more. Our home is your home:)


I don’t understand your reply. You sound like you are being a sarcastic smart-ass, but maybe I’m not getting what you are trying to say…