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Deadly London Fire Shows How Concerns of Poor 'Constantly Neglected'


Deadly London Fire Shows How Concerns of Poor 'Constantly Neglected'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the death toll from the horrific and "unprecedented" fire that engulfed London's Grenfell Tower on Wednesday continues to climb, some are highlighting the institutional and economic reasons behind the devastation amid concerns that frequent safety warnings were ignored by the British government.


"...the link between severe budget cuts and public safety risks." And the disconnect at the top as demonstrated by Thatcher and all subsequent conservabot austerity-promoting "leaders," May included is represhensible. They live in luxury and have virtually no exposure to the daily lives of the indigent nor do they want to dirty their shoes walking into the dark denizens of the poor. Austerity NEVER works unless the intent is to eliminate the poor one large group at a time....


I'm confused. My government told me that buildings engulfed in flames are supposed collapse pancake style into their own foot print?


If only the poor weren't so selfish and gave more to their politicians, they'd be served better.


Two kinds of wealth: cash and political wealth. If your community is well-organized, you have some political wealth. If you don't, maybe suddenly you're all dead people.

Also, if you happen to live in Cambridge, Massachusetts you have much local political wealth, because in 1940 they switched over to a single transferable vote election system for their city council. That has been running successfully for 77 years. The city council watches the public treasury like a hawk, and they still have money for good public transit, good schools, good bike paths and so on. Some people say they were lucky because they were Cambridge. I suspect they made some of their own luck.

Or, you can have cash but poor political wealth. Wealthy people die like flies from breast cancer because they're too stupid to stay in the gene pool. It's probably because they have the extra money to keep up appearances, so they douse their lawns with pesticides and their driveways with Roundup.

One more example of wealthy people offing themselves: The entire Roman ruling class killed themselves off because of a technological improvement -- lead-bottomed cookware. It was wonderful because now you could heat food up in these pots. The plebians couldn't afford such luxuries.


No values are to be placed before market values.


As anyone who has been to England recently could tell you, they are in a downward spiral brought to them directly by the Thatcherite experiment that has led them down the path of austerity, all the while living under the jackboot of the Wests most aggressive surveillance state.
England is right on the verge of collapsing in on itself. I for one say good riddence to the former "masters" of the world. Their royal family and their insatiable appetite for wealth have destroyed the lives of countless people in the last few centuries. And now their working classes and poor have sat with their thumbs up their collective asses for forty years and watched while the land owning class has sold the nation out from underneath them.
Sound familiar? It's the same thing happening here. They are just a few years ahead of us. The British have always been a despicable people, as are their progeny here in North America. The world could do without us both.


Are you a structural engineer? If you are I can explain all the differences between this building and the WTC. But just for starters, was this building struck by a heavily fueled Boeing 767 going at VNE?

The recent collapse of human reason, a frightening level of distrust in the scientific method, and the rise of mythological thinking - from "911 Was an Inside Job" to Global Warming Denialism, will be the death of humanity.

We should now return to the topic of this article - the situation of the UK poor after 35 years of Thatcherism/Blairism.


My guess is that you have a hard time identifying sarcasm.


Pssssssst.......there was a building not hit by an airplane that day. There is NO basis to your assertion that scientific inquiry supports the official corn-spiracy theory.

Quite opposite actually, but I will go mute now because if I continue, I may just lose my privilege of commenting here, thus your advantage to have the last word.


Thatcher and her US pal, St. Raygun along with any number of GOP curmudgeons also pushed (and continue to push) for privatization of public services/entities/utilities/transportation (Thatcher and the rail system, i.e.), which puts more money in the pockets of the wealthy corporatists and their companies while diminishing and even totally eliminating any and all safety net programs to assist those in need. And the current emperor and his tribunes fall right into lockstep with that ilk.


No "mainstream" analyst or media outlet would dare call this horrific fire an act of "terrorism."

But "austerity" is a conscious, willful program, instituted by people who are aware of the inevitable outcomes.

"Our" "leaders" are terrorizing us.


The problem is that this British building wasn't informed that we henceforth live in the age of post-Newtonian physics. The various components of the building foolishly thought that mere fire would do nothing to remove the structural supports, and therefore it should remain standing. It wasn't aware that for every action, there is no longer an equal and opposite reaction, and that it was therefore free to collapse floor by floor at near freefall acceleration, regardless of the masses that lay below each floor, since this is what happens now to buildings on fire.

Just ask NIST.


I have a sharp eye for sarcasm. That wasn't sarcasm.


It was hit and partially collapsed by the falling debris of the taller adjacent building - but yes, like EVERY complex chaotic physical phenomenon, there is not full agreement on how WTC 7 collapsed and never will be. But, by what logic do unexplained aspects of a phenomenon imply a elaborate, nefarious conspiracy - especially unexplained aspects have nothing to do with such a conspiracy! The origin and large-scale structure of the universe and the rise of life on Earth contain many as-yet scientifically explained aspects for which there is no agreement. So is the existence of the universe a government inside job too?


Benny Hill and Monty Python aren't despicable. Me thinks you doth protest too much.
All e English prove is that economic tyranny is everywhere and besets all working classes everywhere. The West is becoming the new third world. Soon Chinese soldiers will be shipped into the Americas to keep down the peasants, seems quite possible to me. Then see how well you like your Chinese masters.


It seems like people everywhere are suffering from the same things everywhere. Selfish greedy wealthy people getting everything, and the poor getting nothing. Same thing worldwide.


A "state of emergency" the Tories will never espouse


There is no rational explanation for the WTC7 collapse only when we do not use our rational minds. As in all such False Flag attacks, one simply has to look at what happened post 9/11, which bore a remarkable resemblance to the plan articulated by Philip Zelikow in his 1998 paper "Catastrophic Terrorism" i.e. it would be another Pearl Harbor. We could curtail civil liberties and wage the wars of our choosing. Amazingly, said Zelikow was appointed to manage the official inquiry into 9/11, humorously called Truth Commission, or was it Truth Omission? Whatever, the amazing thing about Zelikow's 1998 powers of prediction was the BBC announcing the collapse of WTC7 before it happened, giving the causes you cite I.e. Weakening from fire and being hit by debris. The fact that no high tide ever collapsed by fire is just one more inconvenient truth. Please don't bother to respond. We know the script.


Quack quack quack.