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Deadly Oakland Fire Was Symptom of Bay Area Housing Crisis: Advocates


Deadly Oakland Fire Was Symptom of Bay Area Housing Crisis: Advocates

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The deadly warehouse fire in Oakland, California that claimed the lives of at least 36 people at a Friday night dance party was a symptom of the Bay Area's massive housing crisis, artists and advocates are saying.


Hung out in plenty of spots like this in Austin. Lived in one myself on and off as other housing options fluctuated. Most all have been shut down by code or evicted when property owner sold to developers. Not as extreme as the Bay Area but the rent pressure is bad. Condos and "high density mixed-use" going up everywhere. Bleh. A lot of "hidden homeless" in the service industry here.


This is not a new problem.

Graduating high school in the SF Bay Area in the late 60s the only rental I could afford was a tool shed. I headed north from the Bay Area in 1970 and never looked back.

Early this year during a visit to the Bay Area I noticed that there is still somebody living in that now 90 year old old tool shed.


The "free market" at work.

Gentrification and million dollar homes are there because the developers that own the property get better returns off " million dollar homes"

These " million dollar homes" then become a source of property taxes for the city and homes and property priced at a million dollars are lived in by people who see this as a means by which they can store and keep their own wealth.

In short that "free market" has a vested interest in inflating the price of homes. All of this stems from the concept of private property and the market coupled with the inequitable distribution of wealth.

When it comes to housing a much superior system would be one where everyone could afford a million dollar home or no one can afford a million dollar home.


Solution. Since Freedom has migrated to California and the rest of the country isn't innovating anything but dark money Nazi Koch brothers evil playbook, its time to put sanctions on the United States. Allow green innovation to be let loose. California needs to invade the united States.


"[....] They don't understand that we do not fit into the boxes the world tries to sell us. That their world is unacceptable, and that even for all the ragged edges, we need our own world on our own terms.": And they do not want to understand but would rather punish you for your 'deviance'. Solidarity from all of us who do understand.

Today starts the injustice boycott and San Francisco is one of the first targeted cities:


The article neglects to mention the primary reason the Bay Area real estate market has blown up: Chinese billionaires fleeing the cesspool of pollution and state corruption in their homeland have been buying up land like crazy.


In the 1980s, I had a one bedroom in the Mission District in San Francisco. The rent was about 300. In 1974, I had a studio in Berkeley, about 135 or so. Rent control. The landlord lobby hated this, tried to get a local measure passed to water down rent control, and always failed. They went to the state assembly where Willie Brown of SF was virtual dictator and watered down rent control state wide. Now Willie is the toast of the Pacific Heights landlord parasite set. We move to Oakland, bought a house for 120K, and sold it in 2007 for 415K and now it is up to the mid 600s. Rents have followed. We badly need to get the landlord/financiers out of housing.


There is a history in America of letting certain areas run down with no investment or government services. Let the things fall down, trash build up, etc., etc., Then the government, the politicians and their developer friends come in with urban redevelopment - drive all the poor, clean all the trash and put up nice, new condomiuniums, etc. etc. It is obviously on purpose - they don't want to maintain and upkeep certain areas - they want to run them down, destroy them and then build them up in their image. Things like Katrina were a godsend to them without giving a damn about the people dispossessed.

they have destroyed whole communities, cultures and ways of life in this way.