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Dean Baker's Statement on the TPP and Latest USITC Report


Dean Baker's Statement on the TPP and Latest USITC Report

WASHINGTON - CEPR's Dean Baker issued the following statement on the latest USITC Report and the TPP:

“The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) report on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was far closer in its assessment of the impact of the TPP on the U.S. economy to the earlier report from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) than the recent report produced by the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

“Some of the highlights of the report are:



The Peterson Institute? Are you kidding? Their goal is to screw over workers and the American public out of their benefits. The only interest Pete Peterson seems to have is to abscond with the assets of this country, and its occupants for himself and his billionaire buddies. Rich people are the entitled class and will have to be preserved in all of their whiteness at all costs.
Rather short sighted in my opinion.
You are going to miss us when we are gone. No one left to imprison or enslave. No one to buy your crappy products made abroad. No one to speak weird languages and to worship somewhere other than your church. No women will have abortions or use birth control. That is so irritating. No worries about sharing bathrooms with someone of questionable sex. No one to carry your baggage, and you have plenty of baggage Mr. Peterson. No one to wipe your nose, or your "whatever". You'll have the highways and national parks all to yourself. They will probably hold up for the rest of your natural life. Need not educate the public, what public? You should feel right at home Pete. Enjoy yourself. You won. The world is your oyster. Of course real oysters will be extinct by then. Donald Trump will probably survive and keep you company. It will be greater than great!