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Deans of Public Health Schools to Trump: Triple Daily Covid-19 Testing Now or US 'Doomed' to Vicious Shutdown Cycle

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/14/deans-public-health-schools-trump-triple-daily-covid-19-testing-now-or-us-doomed


Any actual effort by any GOP operative to advance or improve testing will be viewed as buy-in to the serious nature of COVID-19, a position 180 degrees from the Trump 2020 campaign mantra that Democrats and others are over reacting to an illness that is no different than the flu.


"I don’t want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.” Grover Norquist

We are seeing the result of 4 decades of this type of conservative thinking.The repubs do not WANT to govern, thus they do not know HOW to govern. In today’s COVID19 crisis, this type of thinking is proving to be fatal. The only way to get this under control is to have a NATIONAL COORDINATED RESPONSE with vigorous testing and contact tracing. Otherwise this could (will?) go on for years.


“When you test, you have a case. When you test you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing, we would have very few cases.”

Thus spoke trump. You will not find a better definition of ‘ignorance is bliss’ than in this statement.


Trump said Thursday that he believes Covid-19 testing to be “overrated” and suggested it would be preferable for Americans to remain unaware of the spread of the outbreak.

“We have more cases than anybody in the world, but why? Because we do more testing,” Trump [said ttps://thehill.com/homenews/administration/497846-trump-says-testing-may-be-frankly-overrated). “When you test, you have a case. When you test you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing, we would have very few cases.”

Ignorance is bliss, as they say. We certainly do not want an educated and aware society which might have the audacity to vote the Con-in-Chief and his cronies out of office and into jail(s).

Damn! I wish the entire voting populace could somehow be made aware of exactly what those bastards are doing to our country.


We’re going to need a new educational model and it sure isn’t robolearning.

The YMCA is rolling out ten student summer camps. The ten students can have no direct interactions with any other pods of students and they only get one or maybe two camp counselors/teachers, one of whom might be a parent. The lifeguard might not count if she/he stays up there in the chair. Within those limitations, students can swim, hike, make funny-looking arts and crafts and munch sandwiches. For day campers, every pod gets its own bus and nobody else can use the bus.

High school might well morph into the city buying up individual houses or apartments, a version of the one room schoolhouse. The homeroom teacher is the big boss and counselor. Every subject is taught on Zoom by a subject teacher, hopefully speaking to no more than 30 students at a time so the teacher can find out if every student is actually learning the material. One on one interactions with students both during lecture and during practice will be a critical focus. Rather advanced students might be placed for the year in somewhat advanced pods, but we want to get rid of school buses as much as possible so local is better. Lunch gets driven to each pod at the same time each day.

At worst, a pod of ten students and a teacher gets infected and quarantined for two weeks. The coronavirus never gets a chance to be spread by a superspreader.


“There’s no substitute for data.”–Father of WiseOwl

(I sacredly keep the plaque his fellow research chemists gave him upon his retirement bearing this quote in my study.)


“You will not find a better definition of ‘ignorance is bliss’ than this statement.”

Also a good definition for “you can’t fix stupid”, just saying.


If only the Democrats (big D for the political party elite) wanted to govern.

As the struggle over TPP (the Trans Pacific Partnership) was fought between the Corporate Elites of the Democratic Party and the plurality of the Democratic office-holders in the GOP majority senate and Democratic majority house of reps as there was only widespread support among the FREE RATHER THAN FAIR TRADE GOP base and elites who all supported Obama-Biden’s most persistent and strenuous global trade initiative.

That showed us during the Obama-Biden push to get a Democratic majority to join the GOP majority that overwhelmingly supported his failed Neo-Liberal E-CONomic Global Trade agreement along with the Trade Promotion Authority, that would’ve allowed congress to abdicate all responsibility for the final stage negotiations of the TPP. Despite the constitutional precedent for the House of Reps having the power of the purse.

That would have bypassed any role by our elected representatives channeling all decision-making power over to the Chief Executive to sign such deals with other heads of state. Sound familiar? Sound like the cv of current Executive Power Uber Alles activist Attorney General William Barr’s 5 decade long curriculum vitae? Or our current Symptom In Chief’s persistent delusion about Presidential privileges? Trump and Pence’s and Icahn and Mnuchin’s and Wilbur’s hosting leaders from China, India, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and South Korea not to mention Central Asian leaders like the Russian Federation at Mar A Lago?

Terms and conditions that would have cut the sovereign judiciary chambers of the partnership’s member nations out of all legal challenges to labor, environmental, subsidized military and life sciences industrial economy and massive displacement via financialization of real estate and further unfettering of global capital. Those sovereign judiciary chambers of representational government would have been replaced by WTO like Arbitration Panels selected by the trans national Corporate Caliphate to decide on such issues of Health, Education, Environmental and Social Welfare, Military Industry and exemptions to the ban on state subsidies to the Public Interest while protecting Public\Private Partnerships that Privatized profits while socializing whatever costs and risks the Feudal Lords of Finance\Tech undertook to expand even further their private profits.

Moreover, whatever farce the concept of a republic has become in the context of the world as ruled presently by oligopoly and plutocracy given the greatest concentrations of wealth into the fewest non-audited bank secrecy protected off-shore and idling capital accounts in recorded history, the senate and house of reps roll-call shows many of the most high profile rhetorical defenders of civil liberties like our Oregon Blue State stalwarts Senator Ron Wyden and Portland, Ore U.S. Rep Earl Blumenauer supported TPP, supported the Trade Promotion Authority that would’ve given the Executive Branch sole authority over final stage negotiations with our Asian trade partners.

No major discussion of the ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) clause that merits its own Wikipedia page if you need to read up quickly or see PUBLIC CITIZEN’s accessible and in-depth warning as that is the non-profit partner or parent of COMMON DREAMS. This web site no longer officially allows links off this site to be added in reader comments, though many have found ways around the automated enforcement. Just search these PUBLIC CITIZEN key words for their take on TPP and especially Trade Promotion Authority and ISDS:
More Information on Investor-State Dispute Settlement PUBLIC CITIZEN

Lori Wallach was the spokesperson and point person for PUBLIC CITIZENS’s lobbying and grass roots activist opposition to TPP and especially to the Trade Promotion Authority and ISDS so it is easy enough to search her name along with the name of organization on YouTube and find those who gave her a chance to deepen the public’s understanding of the stakes involved in this elite trans national business deal on the Pacific Rim and what it would mean to further eroding the U.S. working class and any prospects of reversing the wildly successful trend to SHRINK BIG GOVERNMENT and SHRINK THE MIDDLE WORKING CLASS too!

These TPP clauses and Fast Tracking as sought by our BLUE STATES ELITE minority along with the RED STATE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY would’ve replaced judicial processes with Arbitration via Corporate Panels of the Corporate Caliphate. Even old school CONSERVATIVES rose up against that, with Trump stealing the issue from Hillary and the DNC who flip-flopped on her support for TPP and Trade Promotion Authority when it looked like she’d be the next Executive In Chief and would have all power in her office. Heaven forfend it should be in the GOP’s and Trump’s CEO of State’s clutches!

Regrettably even Bernie Sanders lacked the skills or will to deepen mainstream Main Street U.S.A. understanding of the issues which is what made his support of Hillary so meaningless after the DNC and DLCC cut him out regardless of his ability to grow the voting base of the party. Even Sanders couldn’t win back the too-distracted U.S. body politic after Trump stole the most important issues, like trade and family-raising blue collar jobs, from the Democratic Party’s tool box!

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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Delaware, Minnesota, and Texas just hit new highs for COVID-19 deaths in one day, yesterday the 13th, with +13, +34, and +63 deaths, respectively. Party on, covidiots!

The Italians thought they were too clever to have a problem with something which China was getting on top of. Then New Yorkers thought they were too sophisticated, or something, and wound up setting new a worldwide high for per capita mortality. Now Texans think… someone will need to help me out on that one: I have no idea what the hooray-freedom celebrants are thinking.

I really think the reason for the huge case count in New York can be traced back to when rump man issues orders to all American citizens to come back from Europe. And what airport would most of those land at? New York’s. I remember all the pictures of hundreds of people crammed into airport terminals, the VAST majority without masks and no social distancing possible, even if they had tried. That seems to have been ground zero for our leading the world in case count.

And changing countries for a second, Russia is probably having the biggest spike of all right now. Just 2 weeks ago they were maybe 10th in number of cases and now they are second behind, you guessed it, still the good ol’ USA. Brazil is moving up the ladder pretty rapidly also.


Here’s a competing line for dumbest.
Asking a health professional if it wouldn’t be a good method, to inject disinfectant into our veins.
Gotta get me some of that Lysol.

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You repeated the quote but missed the glaring irony. "Trump said Thursday that he believes Covid-19 testing to be “overrated”… "

And yet he and all in the West Wing are spending our tax dollars getting tested regularly, Trump daily. We are certainly aware of the spread in the White House.

And now see how they feel:


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The excellent article you link makes me feel abashed for generalizing about Italians – I cast about vainly for explanations in the face of metastatic social madness. In the wake of their national tragedy, Italians have been at the forefront of valiantly warning others to take this bug seriously – to no avail, it seems. Boris is now riding his sympathy-ratings to continue with murderous laissez-faire policy in UK.

Remember CAFO’s? That stands for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. The reason that’s a dangerous factory-farming technique is largely because of the pathogenic risk. When a pathogen gets a super-concentrated playground of prey to romp in, it comes up with new ideas (evolves new mutations). Italy did this for the bug before handing it off to New York, the next CAFO.

apparently, there is a medicine containing some hydrogen peroxide that is injected into a persons veins. Slow drip. Kills viruses, am trying to confirm here.

The Abbott virus test is 15% to 50% wrong in active patients. Abbott scrambling to educate method for handling, transporting. to get back to only 15% error rate!