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Dear Alabama, Urges Restive Nation, Please Don't Vote for 'Flagrant Bigot' Roy Moore


Dear Alabama, Urges Restive Nation, Please Don't Vote for 'Flagrant Bigot' Roy Moore

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Dear friends and loved ones in Alabama, please do the right thing when you go to the polls tomorrow. Roy Moore perfectly and luridly encapsulates the most shameful parts of our state's history."


As a former resident of the state, I implore you to not consider this child fucker to be a martyr in the “Christian” sense. What Would Jesus Think? WWJD? He would put his toe up his ass*, that’s what.

*remember that temple thing…


It’s all going to boil down to turnout today. Black Alabamans need to do whatever it takes to surmount the racist voting barriers thrown in front of them, including polling place closures, onerous ID scrutiny (for blacks only) and various kinds of passive sabotage, resulting in long lines in black-majority areas. Probably most daunting, their white bosses who will threaten them with firing, and actually fire them, if they try to come in late or leave early to vote.

Of course, it is also vitally important for all women to get out and vote - especially the right-thinking white woman who will not face the barriers the black women will.

But even after all that, I really have no faith in the integrity of the voting process. Does Alabama use paperless touch-screen voting?

Fuck racist Amerikka.


Yes - turnout will be the key and I was glad to see no rain in the forecast during polling hours. There is no early voting in Alabama so it all comes down to election day.

No - Alabama uses a paper ballot. I think Ballotpedia does a decent job of describing voting methods by state:


Maybe hatred is somewhat nonspecific. Cultivation of the ability to despise and mistreat one group of relatively powerless people carries over to the ability to hate all groups of relatively powerless people. In other words, despising people of color in the name of the Almighty can go hand in hand with despising and abusing the 14 year old neighbors’ kids.


I posted this article in another thread, but I’ll repost it here since it is a prime example of what you are talking about:


This is the day when we find out if we have to refight the civil war, and if Alabama (where those Stars fell) is still in the Union.


Thanks, the use of paper ballots is good news…

And pardon the language in my post. It is not good to store pent-up anger. This forum is the only place I can non-destructively vent it most of the time.


Being a sexual predator is reason enough to disqualify Moore as a candidate. This is to say nothing for the fact that Moore, as a government official, flouted the law. - and was canned for it. If Moore gets elected to the senate, why should anyone just go along with the “rule of law” (especially when justice is not served), when Moore simply ignores it when it does not go along with he professed belief.


Thanks for the article. Very depressing.


If nothing else, Roy Moore proves what Chomsky said when he called the Republican party: " THE MOST DANGEROUS ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD"!


Yup. White Nationalists uniting with White Fundamentalists spells a Fascist Theocratic State. Moore’s mythological historical good family, his gun-toting judge with the white hat persona, his hate of Muslims and all " the others " ; men who are not real men. And, subjugated strict roles for good and god–fearing women.
A classic textbook case of an unbalanced Fascist POTUS with an agenda built on official lies and propaganda. Aligning himself with a messianic throwback nutcase, for absolutely the most selfish reasons; patriarchal power, dominance and money.


You lived in Ala effing bama? Wow- at any rate I don’t know why this poop has to run nationally- they should keep him in that state. I hope you live in a blue state now.


The stars? Well, yeah- but I think they never were part of the union- at least the whilte nationalists were not.


At this point in time, I’m hoping for a small rock…


Here’s one: While all this idiocy is going on, mean while the US ( in NYC) experienced the second terrorist attack in six weeks. Has anyone noticed? And the president is too busy campaigning for this piece of crap Moore to even speak to the people. Not only that his sons live there.


You just did a good job of describing the Fourth Reich.


I just hope that we can coalesce and figure out how to make this THING work. FEELS LIKE WE NEED YOU!


The United States of America already has “one” sexual Deviant in the highest office of the Government.

For the sake of our children, People of Alabama, please do not give another sexual predator the power to abuse more children.


It looks like this is going to be a very close election. The NY Times has a great page for following the returns at