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Dear America, Why Did You Let Us Down?

Dear America, Why Did You Let Us Down?

Lisa Pryor

SYDNEY, Australia — On the other side of the world from you, we are living in two time zones. One regulated by the rise and fall of the sun, the other regulated by the American news cycle. In our early afternoon you go to bed, in our late evening you wake again and news breaks afresh. We examine the entrails of the tweets of your president-elect for news of our common future.


Kind of like the scene in Godfather II when Tom Hagan is speaking with Frankie
Five-Angels when Frankie says the Corelone family was like to Roman Empire and Tom wisely observes, it once was…not to rain on the parade, we appreciate the Aussies’ support of the USA over the decades but the good ole USA has been pulling some black bag jobs since the “bombing of the Maine”…Ga-day mate!

I am confused at that clearly remark about the US looking so “modern” to an Australian - Australians not even having cable TV - as recent as 20 years ago! Maybe Dr. Pryor lived in the sticks. I had an Australian girlfriend while living in the DC area in the late 1980s and she used to go on about all the way things were better in Melbourne compared to DC - public transportation, night life, and quality of food in restaurants, politics, healthcare for all, better wages…

But yes, I can appreciate the feeling of the US being a run down place. I regularly go visiting family on Toronto from the rust belt and it really does feel like going from the third world to the first. And I recently viewed a Al Jazeera documentary about cultural/family pressure on single Chinese women - forcing them to rent fake fiancé’s when visiting family - but I ended up spending most of my attention on the footage of the woman getting about the vibrant fashionable shop-filled streets of Beijing and Harbin on their public transit and high speed rail zipping her between the cities - totally futuristic-George-Jetson compared to anything in the US. This is the same country that my mother used to regale me on its starving children when I wouldn’t eat my green beans!


Sort of rich coming from a place that had a ‘White Australia’ immigration policy in place until recently, and spewed out the Murdoch family. Let’s not go even go into the douches they’ve elected like Tony Abbott.


On the other hand they also have Nicole Kidman, Mel Gibson, and Crocodile Dundee. Gotta take the good and the not-so-good.

For all it’s flaws, I’d take Oz over the US any day.

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I’m disappointed at her definition of modern. I would rather a “modern” social system than a modern economic one. One has the potential to last, the other not.

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…and PM Gough Whitlam - ejected by their Governor General for being “too left” in a CIA aided plot.

Also Canada Style healthcare, and a $17.50 per hour plus paid sick leave, vacation and other bennies for fast food workers…


Short answer: I’T OUR SHITTY SYSTEM!!


I was using the word “modern” it its quaint (“vintage” as the millenials say) 1960’s sense - referring to technology and science (and household appliances!) the leisure time it would create. Not in its current day sense as a synonym for neoliberal post-cold war triumphalist capitalism.


Wow…not many people know about this story. Australia turned right about that coup.

Got it!

What differencee does that make? Is that going to change the situation? Sheesh!

Yes, a modern social system that feels more inclusive- perhaps required community service for all regardless of income with a higher sense of purpose.

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Four words: Right wing Republican control.

Pryor’s prism is Murka’s New Deal era (roughly 1935-1985) when the middle class was a middle class by industrialized world standards, not third world standards. The disease in Murka that Pryor describes, did not start with Trump, it started spreading rapidly ever since Saint Ronny’s revolution and the formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) more than three decades ago. Trump is just an advanced case of the disease.


Yes, very advanced. Hey maybe Kelly Ann and Trump will get it on.

I’ve said for a long time that people in the U.S. need to get out and really visit other countries. Not just the tourist attractions but time spent soaking up other places and talking to people. Would be nice if they could see how the world see us. Not sure it would help but it sure wouldn’t hurt.


“Befriending Putin” – horror of horrors!

" befriending President Vladimir V. Putin,

If that is the case, then there is some hope.

Dear America, why did you let us down? Good Grief! That is a dismal reflection on present Australia. Of course, Australia not only fears the yellow peril from the north but scares itself stupid periodically about the Russians and is also extremely frightened that the continent is about to be sunk by a self-detonating Muslim arriving on a leaky boat. But then Australia is run by Newscorp, owned by that former Australian citizen, Rupert Murdoch. We arrogant British once thought Australia was the land of convicts and rabbits; now Australia is the land of the frightened rabbit, as exemplified by this pathetic article. Maybe it’s the good old cultural cringe coming to the fore, again.

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