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Dear Americans, Please Stop Dreaming of a Better Nation


Dear Americans, Please Stop Dreaming of a Better Nation

Donna Smith

This political season seems decidedly more bizarre than others have been. It's not just the fact that someone as arrogant and ignorant about real life as Donald Trump is leading on the Republican side. What really troubles me is the assertion that we ought not aspire to achieve the best, most equitable and just solutions to our most serious problems because that is unrealistic, politically infeasible and dooms us to fail. This criticism of Bernie Sanders' platform is really unsettling.


George Carlin on the Troglodyte Playbook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsL6mKxtOlQ .


Of course the Clintonites advocate the deferral of everyone else's dreams. They've got theirs, after all. For the rest of us, justice needs to proceed at a favorable pace to the affluent.

I've long suspected that the Democratic party power center shifted to the right in the rank and file as well as elites with the increasing elevation of white women to positions of power and affluence. This election has borne out that suspicion pretty well.

I've noticed that even my personal relationships--and I"m friends with all sorts--are taking a beating from the Clintonian campaign which is new for me. Most of my friends are wonks and don't take this stuff personally, but the Clinton supporters among my friends are adopting the same nasty tone as their "leader". It's disturbing as hell, but really, just one more reason to hate the %&^$%. She's really practicing an abhorrent form of personal politics that is pure toxin.


Beautifully uplifting piece, Donna. It perfectly reflects my own thinking. Big dreaming with big solutions have always led to big accomplishments in America. Thinking small is a form of surrender.


Great article. I'm 69 years old and was active politically during the sixties. Not since then have I been so inspired to hope and dream of the just and peaceful world we worked for then. I'm insulted when I'm grouped with idealistic dreamers and talked to like an adolescent or told what we want doesn't exist.
Bernie has given us a chance at a controlled and serious political revolution and we need to take that chance. Revolution is coming, we can't go on with a government so entrenched with big money and corporations. We have to fight now and make a difference. We may not get another Bernie Sanders and if we don't jump on this and make it happen we will have revolution in the streets. Ugly and messy.


Such as?


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As a veteran of every populist action from standing with Mario Savio at Sproul Hall a half century ago to 20th century bookend battle of Seattle, I share your sentiments.

However, lets not let Clintonistas or the GOP put ourselves or Bernie inside a box by agreeing to be labeled "dreamers", or have our earned benefits labeled "dreams".

When Hillary tells us we can't afford Medicare for All, the unanimous response needs to be that the first ten years of Bernie's plan will cost less than the amount of taxpayers' money Congress has committed to bail out schemes to enrich the too-big-to-fail banks. Those banks would have never become too big to fail if Bill Clinton had not accelerated financial industry decriminalization (euphemistically referred to as deregulation by corporations, the politicians and media that they own).


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enfranchisement of women.


And no other country has ever done that, too?


Thank you Donna from someone in your generation who still believes we can have change and Bernie is right now the greatest hope.


The message is a good one and an important one but do remember that just as it applies to Bernievision versus Clintonvision when discussing the road to a better future and the embrace of those goals even as the Clinton types claim "Not pragmatic" , it also applies to XXXXvision versus Bernievision.

Again as I stated before i think bernie will be a good first step down there but when those further on the left are then calling on bernie to gut Military spending , nationalize resources , tax excess wealth to the point it does not exist any more , help develop a saner foreign policy and the like voices that concur with THIS article should not be proclaiming "it not pragmatic".


Donna great stuff. In times of crisis and great upheaval what is spoken and written gets stripped away of much pretense, hubris, and outright flummery. This is happening now and in the words of that great American: "Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, free at last."


Social security- the greatest and most effective hedge against poverty for the elderly in the USA ever devised.


The end of slavery and the civil rights movement.


The 8 hour work day and overtime pay.


The right of a woman to vote.


The ending of the war in Vietnam.


And no other country has ever done that, too?