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Dear Beloved Resistance: We Are Stronger Together


Dear Beloved Resistance: We Are Stronger Together

Sofia Ali-Khan

Dear beloved resistance,

We now have a President and Cabinet who almost certainly have no interest in the safety or well-being of their people. Many of us marched in the streets last weekend in an awesome show of solidarity against Trump and all that he promises and stands for. It was, by several accounts, the largest global protest in history.


Ms. Ali-Khan, you exhibit the wisdom of societies' elders. Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful essay. May we all be guided by your directives as we move forward. May Trump and his Republican henchmen bear the brunt of its results.


Much truth to this. If anything has held the left back it is nit-picking sectarianism. We are, by and large, critical thinkers with strong opinions. Now is not the time for sectarian division or dogmatic idealism. We have to build a broad coalition or we are irrelevant history. We need to focus on common-ground issues and resistance to destructive fascism in ways that attract people who have not been politically active. Issue-oriented teach-ins are important but not dogmatic didactic lectures devoid of action. Most important are concrete action people can participate in and building strong community.


While I agree with the urgent need for coalition, and the importance of being open to differing viewpoints in obtaining coalition, I adamantly disagree with the goal of 'stopping Trump'. There is a list of assholes that will replace Trump if/when we stop him. That will not get us out of this mess. I also do not believe we are strongest when we are 'against' something, but rather when we are 'for' something. We did not get LGBT rights by being against bigotry or bigots. We got them by being for all people.

We can be for socialism, or for protecting the environment, or for social justice and equality, or higher wages. What we really need is an encompassing umbrella that we can be FOR. Dumping Trump could land us in hotter water than we are already in. Pence as an improvement? I don't think so. Frankly, he will just be 'smoother' and less antagonistic in forwarding the same, or worse, agenda.

What shall we be FOR?


Peace, Freedom, and Humanity for starters.


I absolutely dislike using this slogan for all of the obvious reasons but, we are 'Stronger Together'.


Wealth inequality lies at the root of all our grievances. We should be pushing for an economic democracy that will serve as a solid foundation for our political democracy. There's a simple and just way to do this.


I take the meaning of "stop Trump" more generally as stopping/slowing/delaying/subverting much of the planned policies and actions of this administration. This is the most immediate mandate. Delaying them means giving time to build a movement and representation for the positive initiatives mentioned.