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Dear Bernie: Thank You.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/09/dear-bernie-thank-you


I second, your thoughts, Prof. Reich. Not having tread a mile in Bernie’s shoes I’ll not criticize him one iota for his decision. He knows much more about the political machinery than do I. Bernie, I love you. You are a mensch!


Four years ago, in the 2016 Democratic primaries, you made it respectable to talk about Medicare for All, free public higher education, and raising taxes on the wealthy. You alerted America to the vast and growing gap in income, wealth, and political power, and its dangers for our economy and democracy.

And since then, what has changed? Nothing.

Sanders is a hood ornament on the Democratic wing of the party of Wall Street and war. He was always a sellout. He was always a fraud.The man voted for billion of dollars in food stamp cuts in 2014, for heaven’s sake. His endorsement of the Russiagate lie over the past several years is just the latest evidence of his culpability.

It is only our desperate need for anyone appearing to be actual voice on the left that gave that sheepdog any credibility whatsoever.


Agreed Robert; now you and Bernie find and recruit others of moral and political clarity and conscience to deliver us from the entrenched corrupted DINO corporate-whore party by founding and building an independent Progressive People’s Party that will oppose the duopoly and its utterly corrupted stranglehold on America.

If you build it, they will come - in droves of millions!
There are surely enough people to become the base for such an effort and more than enough anger at the malignant R’Con trump party of lies, and sold-out DINO corporate/banker/wall street stooges.

There is, I believe, a desert filled with people of good conscience and ability to fill such a party desperately looking for the oasis of leaders/voices dedicated to the Common Good to fight common greed with all our beings - like the Sandernistas - what we need is the beginnings and leaders of voice and dedication unafraid to buck the oligarchy and its sycophant stooge parties!

" A beginning is a very delicate time."**We wait hopefully for our Muad’Dib…


Oh ye of little faith. walk a mile in another’s shoes and swim in the same political sewer they have for decades to attempt change - most would not be able to last a year!
To abandon your resolve and claimed respect so easily and denigrate Bernie shows weakness, and betrayal, not strength. Bernie does not, IMO - When we tear others apart we do so to ourselves - we do the work of the enemy - Bernie Sanders is NOT the enemy and never has been; the DINO sellouts are, and we need a new party to effect change, not weak recriminations.


Burakov You think that a man is what he says, don’t you colonel?

Fetisov : He is, if he talks for a living.

Burakov A man is what he fights for.

Fetisov Well, I don’t fight for anything.

[Burakov I know.

From Citizen X, 1995 - Chris Gerolmo

“Ring out for years” plus three bucks buys a cup of coffee… four bucks in the high rent area Reich lives in.

The only action worth taking in 2020 is to vote for candidates who are championing mid-century Democrats’ platforms that include single payer medical insurance and funding colleges so students like me with zero money in the bank in 1969 could work a minimum wage job and get through four years of college.

Yes, I know that those mid-century Democrats (FDR, Truman, JFK and LBJ) who were universally considered centrists would be called extreme left wing socialists by today’s corporations, their media, the DNC and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP.

Just remember that during the 1960s Canadian single-payer started in Saskatchewan (a very conservative province then and now) and spread throughout Canada. Unless one of the US states starts single payer, it will never happen in the US. The swamp (Washington DC) is too deep to ever allow it starting in the US Congress.


Indeed, thank you Bernie, for your tremendous courage and dedication. Now that the majority of Dem voters have opted for the continuation of “Groundhog Day,” wonder if Blarney Biden still wants to be president, given that he’ll inherit the COVID situation on top of the all of the reich wing stooges in place.


Day 2 since we got the news. I am more miserable than yesterday. I am still in disbelief and despair that the fools of this country hoodwinked by the media vote against their own interests. There is no one else to replace Bernie. 40 years of doing what’s right with integrity and class. I am still voting for him and fuck corporate America and it’s thieves. Bernie 2020 ! I could cry, this is where we are in America.


I am right there with you DGS.

To rub salt in the wounds I come upon things like what I am linking at the bottom of my response to you. This coverage by Rising exemplifies how so many establishment democrats behave. They express disdain toward Sanders and by extension disdain toward us and now we are supposed to unite with them?

This reaction exemplifies their lack of moral compass, their lack of empathy and their sense of entitlement.

Can you imagine Bernie Sanders celebrating a candidate dropping out in this type of malicious manner?

They despise those of us who want to form a collective that is based on caring for others: wanting medicare for all, putting climate change front and center, confronting corporate greed----“Not me, Us”. They abhor the “us”.

It is a simple as that.

Here is but one example of this neoliberal, Ayn Randian type mentality:

“Krystal and Saagar discuss Hillary Clinton’s bitter response to Bernie conceding from the Democratic race for president, inviting former Clinton staffers to a group zoom call saying, “He’s finally gone (again!)”.”

A far cry from Robert Reich’s “Dear Bernie: Thank You”.


Just so we remember, Bernie didn’t reach out for the job of president, he was recruited by left wing media and the people.


Bernie deserved more from the people of his own generation. We are the ones supposed to set an example for the rest.

We had two shots at having Bernie as our President, and both times we allowed him to be treated so poorly by his “so called” peers in Congress.

We the People are the many, the masses who yield the true power in this nation, yet when someone like Bernie comes along, most of us fail to recognize a true leader, not just another bought and paid for suit.

I guess forgiveness is in order for many again.

I could pray for Biden to fall victim to his rapidly approaching dementia this summer, and a sea change in thinking to occur within the Democratic Establishment, bringing them to nominate Bernie just in the nick of time.

But, I’m a bit of a dreamer, always have been.

I think I’ll keep that dream alive for a while longer, if not for all of you, just for me.


From yesterday:
I normally (actually never) drink this early in the morning, but I raised a glass to you today, Senator Sanders, and to you, Jane.
The movement you’ve leant your shoulders to will live on, thrive, and perhaps succeed because of your work. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for your work. I expect we’re not yet finished hearing from you, and for that, and for your lifetime of service, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Defeat often brings bitter recriminations. Bernie did a few positive things. He brought back into America’s language the words “working class” and he returned to the political discourse the idea of socialism.

But on the negative side he insisted people should vote for the lesser evil - first it was the Wall St candidate Hillary Clinton, now it is the corporate clone Biden.

He should have trusted in the advice of Eugene Debs “I’d rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I don’t want, and get it.”

It is a lesson because it has been around since 1916 the World Socialist Party of the United States has learned well


And then the Democrats (meaning in this case it’s self-identified voters, not the DNC which we’ve always known was hopeless) chose to piss it all away.

Caroline, Thanks. I watch the Hill rising too. Great stuff. Krystal and Saagar. Love it. Krystal hits it out of the park daily ! Smart and so articulate. We must continue on with the movement. I proclaim the. ‘ US ‘. Party !


Wondering what CD’ers reaction to this is:

Bernie Sanders ----The Struggle Continues:

While this campaign is coming to an end, our movement is not. Please stay in this fight with me.


I watched an interview with Dr Jill Stein. Very interesting. She made the point that voter turn out in S. Carolina Dem primary was only 20%, but the DNC and corporate interests/MSM went on a 3 day blitzkrieg to made it appear that Biden had a significant win and surge and Sanders was toast, along with other Dem candidates falling in line behind Biden. It was a corporate coup de grace to finish off Sanders and give us a neurological damaged Biden.

Thank you Bernie for your inspiration and fight for the 99%, and bringing such important issues to the forefront of discussion.


At a time the Democratic Party is facing an existential crisis it has chosen the wrong man, and rejected a better candidate who offered
the party, and the country, a lifeline. We will look back someday at this long national nightmare and see the rejection of Bernie Sanders in the same lens as that of Adlai Stevenson and Eugene McCarthy. All we’ll have is to wonder “what if?”
The Democratic Party has yet again proven itself unworthy of inspired support, and failed itself and the country. It has failed
it’s responsibility in this dangerous time to offer voters the choice of a leader or a ruler.
For decades the Democratic Party’s function has seemed only as to provide an illusion of debate. Its time may be running out.

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When you get over your feelings of betrayal, I hope you’ll be ready to take a more clear-eyed look at who Bernie is, and what he has accomplished, and what there is yet to be accomplished by the people he has inspired and mentored.
You say he “could have been an MLK.” Are you black and over 50, by any chance? Tim Black is, and I suggest he has the standing to discuss Bernie’s MLKness. Check out his YouTube commentaries on Bernie. You’ll get a lot more useful thoughts from him than you will from Jimmy Dore.
I haven’t kept up on what CD is doing with links these days. Here’s a link to Tim Black from today, with some modifications. You can fix it easily if you wish to watch the video:
(h)ttps://www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=j2T53GLXsOA

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